Methadone Withdrawal At Home

Methadone Withdraw At Home

An at home methadone withdraw can be safely and smoothly done if you know what you're doing, get the right advice and have the correct nutrients.

Methadone Withdraw at home does require some planning and action. You don't have to be a doctor, a nurse or street smart to successfully withdraw from methadone at home. Methadone withdraw requires you get the right advice from people who want you off of drugs.

To find out How to correctly detox from Methadone at home and the correct steps of How To Withdraw from Methadone At Home see this page to help you understand the most important actions to doing methadone withdrawal

Methadone Withdrawal At Home is not as simple as a heroin withdrawal. Heroin withdrawal is simple if you do it correctly. Many people don't even need medications IF they properly prepare themselves first.

Methadone withdraw at home requires a thought out plan and some research. I've helped almost 400 people withdraw from methadone at home. I know how to withdraw people from methadone at home safely. With the help of many other detox experts, I put a video together to explain the process so anyone could withdraw from methadone.

Nutrients Needed For Methadone Withdrawal At Home

People should take lots of nutritional supplementation when detoxing from methadone. Primarily, calcium and magnesium drinks with lots of B vitamins should really reduce withdrawal symptoms. Most will underestimate how much they need or use cheap processed synthetic nutrients which really don't work well.

Get good supplementation for your detox and drink lots of water.

Many people are nutritionally depleted because of taking drugs and living under the stress of pain, detox, trauma and possibly addiction. I don't believe that the average person realizes how nutritionally deficient they truly are. People withdrawing from methadone at home need extra nutrients to help them comfortably detox at home.

A Withdraw from Methadone at home detox requires you get the correct Plan, Advice and Nutrients. To insure you get everything you need to correctly withdraw from methadone at home safely and confidently see How To Detox from Methadone At Home

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  1. robby:

    my name is robby and im 33 and ive been going to a clinic fir 2 yrs i 100% disabled at33 i finally.went to a pain clinic and got on my pain meds and klonipin again this was on the 6 of may. i admit ive had to take pain meds than i thought i would but not to bad espesially when i relized they reaaly wernt working but quiting 100mgs cold turkey i think was the wrong thing to do.but i trusted the doc at pain clinc and now i hope some one has been here and can help me. thank you sincerly.robby

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      1st step is to decide how you want to live the rest of your life. The next step is to make the appropriate plans and take action to steer yourself in the direction you want to go, not the direction clinics want you to go. All Drug Rehab Advisor programs are private pay, nutritional, natural health type advices and programs. Even the medical treatments are alternative detox & rehab centers and therefore private pay. Some finance is required to pull oneself out of any hell hole. Your next step is to acquire some money so that you’re not the victim of every program you go to. This is my best advice for you personally as until that’s done, you’re at the mercy of paper pushers.

  2. gay:

    i have been on a high dose of methadone for eight years i managed to drop very quickley and the suffering is unbelievable,i am so desperate to be rid of this as the addiction is just pureley physical,and i am ready to detox at home.please could you give me some advice on detoxing at home

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      To properly withdraw from high dose methadone follow the exact program on the at home drug withdrawal on

  3. jason:

    ive been on 160 to 200 mgs. of methadone for 7 years. i have been dropping my dose lately, im not trying 2 get off of it all together but i do want 2 get down 2 a lower dose mab 20-30 mgs. daily ive got underlining anxiety panic, i was wondering if there is a way i could drop dose without making anxiety so bad, and withdraw pain and sickness, i seem 2 vomit every day when i go down and that doesnt seem wright, im taking multi-vits, every day im off everything but the methadone now .please reply.

    • Jason,
      methadone detox and anxiety go hand in hand. The best way to ease the anxiety of methadone detox is to get started on our At Home detox program. It will reduce the anxiety considerably when you start it.

    • Jan:

      I’m so glad much of this is common sense and that I’ve done my own research and have clonazepam, promethezine, and super-mega vitamins, antioxidents, a supplement called Protantin that works wonders, of course plenty of calcium with magnesium and D3, and lots of water and electrolytes. Also, in the morning on empty stomach, B6 with L- Tyrosine. I have a NutriBullet and drinking 2 Nutriblasts a day, would be necessary, I think; but one main reason I’m trying to kick methadone is the simple fact, that I cannot afford it. I became disabled, last year. No doctor will help me because I’m on MMT. I’m tapering and on 47mg a day now. Am I safe to detox? I’m a 47 year old female and not in the greatest health, but cant afford methadone or your program.

      • Jan,

        some of what you’re doing should help, but some of what you’re doing could sabotage your recovery. I would hope you could allocate $20 / week for 2 weeks to start our At Home program asap. The reason you’re on drugs is due to health ignorance. There is much more to know and do especially if you’re on methadone.
        Sign up for our subscription for free tips on what to do.

  4. M. E. Self:

    Hi I,m on day 9 coming off 30mg per day,I was really hoping it would have been over by now. Its the creeping flesh and irritable tension that’s doing name in. Used some codiene which helped though quickly wore off, they’re gone now.
    Is it know if the signal from the flesh are louder than normal or has the brain had methadone ear plugs in. What can I do to stop this torture. It would take 6weeks to get into a maintenance, rehab clinic on our NHS in the UK here. I don’t want to go backwards Help me pleeeeze God…..

    • I find it amazing to read these online comments from individuals putting themselves through methadone detox hell because they believe there is no other way – yet, the links right on the pages they take 5 minutes to comment on, offer at home methadone detox solutions. Many believe they need to suffer to ‘teach themselves a lesson’. Others disagree and simply get off drugs like methadone at home and achieve health and happiness through natural programs . We help people who are able to accept healthy help and take action.

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