"An Advisor for people who think independently and expect excellent natural individualized rehab and detox programs that are successful."

Tibor A. Palatinus, Bio.

"I've consulted over 40,000 people regarding pharmaceutical dependency, addictions, family enabling, intervention, rehab programming and have the experience and connections to help you. I know what its like to be dependant. I help people like you gain health and happiness. Anyone willing and capable of following my counsel can get well and restore life again"

Tibor Palatinus is a Drug Rehab Advisor and works as an independent rehabilitation and detoxification program consultant. As a detox and rehab advisor / consultant, Tibor Palatinus has researched alternative and healthy detox & rehab programs which focus on health, personal improvement and finding & handling underlying reasons people do drugs.

Rehab and Detox centers need to demonstrate several key criteria for Tibor Palatinus to consider them as recommended centers.

Recommended Detox & Rehab Center Qualifications:

  • Properly certified detoxification and rehabilitation center; state and / or nationally accredited or licensed
  • Use alternative or natural health components which far exceed traditional medical center standards and results
  • Client feed back is positive and clients are very satisfied with services and results of the programs / treatments
  • Problems clients went into detox / rehab are fully addressed and resolved through the process of treatment/s
  • Clients are comfortably and happily off unwanted medications & drugs upon completing detox or rehabilitation program. Commonly, clients are taken off all drugs immediately or within the first week or so of admission
  • Pharmaceutically dependent clients are eased off of medications in a gradual way if the client requires a smooth transition off drugs. The right of informed consent is maintained throughout detoxification
  • Clients feel considerably better off drugs and find better ways to achieve health without drugs
  • Also see Confidentiality.

Tibor Palatinus - Detox & Rehab Advisor

Holistic medical drug detox is Tibor's current interest. Combining alternative healthy nutrients, nutritional medicine and integrative, holistic medicine with the best that modern medicine has to offer, makes detoxification and withdrawal from pain medicines, Benzodiazepines, anti-depressants and alcohol comfortable, anxiety-free and healthy.

Most people don't have any difficulty withdrawing after years of benzos use or alcohol use even if attempts at detox were a failure in their past. These integrative detox programs are far in advance of traditional hospital detox programs.

Tibor Palatinus, Drug Rehab Advisor

Since 1999 Tibor Palatinus has worked as a drug rehabilitation and detoxification advisor. Tibor started out as a drug prevention educator. He educated hundreds of groups about how drugs and alcohol work and more importantly how to feel good and get healthy naturally.

Tibor still gives educational talks on the dangers of drugs and shows people why they should pursue natural health and living as good preventative medicine.

Since 1980 Tibor Palatinus has been studying and researching the uses of nutrition, health supplements, food and natural health care to effectively resolve problems people have in life. Tibor's natural health background forms the basis of all Drug Rehab Advisor advices on rehabilitation and detoxification.

As a drug rehab advisor Tibor, researched hundreds of detox and rehab centers and programs and has found about 50 alternative centers specializing in natural detoxification and full rehabilitation programs which fit into his criteria of care, professionalism and results. Most rehab centers Tibor works with are non-12 step, however, several centers offer or use 12 Step in combination with alternative medicine.

Alternative detox and rehab programs use natural medicines, provide education for improving one's health and help people understand how their actions and behavior influence their moods and feelings. Understanding how to achieve health makes all rehab programs more effective.

Searching for natural and effective alternative treatments when researching drug detoxification and rehabilitation center programs helps, but realize that "natural" and "holistic" are simply buzz words many rehab programs are including in their marketing website promotions. To get the real story and an inside look about any detox or rehab program, you'll need to contact a rehab and detox advisor first.

As a professional, successful drug rehab advisor, I will be happy to help you find the right program for you.

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  1. Michal J Pease:

    Need to detox from prescribed meds from VA Hospital pain clinic. Fentynal Morphine Citalopram Clonazepam Baclofen etc. Can this be done safely at home for 47.00? Take Care

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      all withdrawal from any drugs need to be tightly supervised by an MD. The at home program insists that you also are working with the right type of doctor to proceed with drugrehabadvisor at home drug withdrawal. The at home detox program is an assistance to medical help you would also be getting.

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