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7 Steps to Overcoming Addiction that YOU Can Take Right Now

In this video, the Drug Rehab Advisor, who has helped hundreds of people get the help they need to become truly and permanently drug free, explains what addiction is and how to overcome it.

No matter what drugs are involved - medications, pills, street drugs of all kinds, alcohol, etc., learn the major problems you have to overcome to end addiction - even without going to 12 Step meetings. This rehab video also gives an overview and explains social, educational, rehab programs using holistic rehab and detoxification processes which are achieving true rehab success rates of 60%-80%.

Call the above phone number or the phone number in the video for more information about these thorough, holistic drug rehabilitation programs. Drug Rehab Advisor can connect you or a loved one up with the Rehab programs, center and doctors that get proven results. It is entirely possible to overcome addiction without simply substituting other drugs which lead to even further problems.

Watch the "7 Steps to Overcoming Addiction" video now and start on a successful journey to becoming totally drug free. Then call the above phone number or the one in the video itself.


  1. A:

    I find the Advisor and 7 step video’s are very helpful and inspiring.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      people overcome addiction everyday. There are many ways to achieve long term sobriety and by happy. That’s all I want for people. The rehab video on drug rehab advisor shows how rehab success is expected.

  2. James:

    I really like this video. I am an addictions counsellor in Canada and wonder if there is training available to learn how to got through the seven steps with a person. seems like it would be a lot of training.

    • James,
      send in a submission to me on our website with your contact info, where you’re working etc. I’ll be able to give you some recommendations that should help.

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