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"An Advisor for people who think independently and expect excellent,

rehab common area

Colorado holistic rehab common area

natural, individualized rehab and detox programs that are truly successful..."

Arizona drug rehab center holistic

Arizona drug rehab center holistic

Drug Rehab Advisor refers people to Holistic Rehab Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada,  Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts and Colorado. We also find holistic rehabs in other states.

Primarily this rehab advisor site focuses on rehab programs and centers which we have monitored and reviewed for years. We toured several  Colorado rehabs getting excellent heroin rehab results. I'll get links to those videos up soon. In the meantime, contact us for a personal phone rehab consultation about recovery options.

Rehab Advisor gives recommendations or placements to rehab programs. We personally visit holistic rehabs and receive numerous commendations by the clients sent to those rehab centres. In conclusion we give you a personalized holistic rehab recommendation.

Holistic Rehab Programs: High Success Rates, NO Substitute Drugs

Private pay rehab center costs less than traditional rehabs. Holistic drug & alcohol rehabs offer much higher level of modern detox and rehab approaches. The 12 Step and medical model processes are fine for some individuals, but do not work for everyone. An alternative rehab and detox program gives a person the best rehab and detox for their specific situation.

Speak with a professional advisor on a private line for consultation at 800-650-8776

Both 12 Step and non 12 Step programs are recommended based on what the caller requests and their personal situation.

Drug Rehab Center in the country

Rehab away from the city

Holistic rehabs  will discover the cause of your issues and problems on a physical, mental and emotional or spiritual level and resolve that problem naturally, without medicating over top of it. Simply put, holistic rehab and detox programs eliminate the sources of conflict and upset at their roots.

We have met many of the people working at these rehab centers or worked with them in the past. Also, we have created  relationships with rehab staffs spanning 15 years and assisted thousands of clients.

We only want the best for each individual who visits our site and have sought the best rehab program prices and in some cases the best services.

However, for private pay options see rehab program for rehab centers costing less yet providing incredible successes.

Your Investment in Rehab and Detox - Residential Holistic Rehab Programs and Detox Centers

Insurance Coverage, special note: PPO or preferred insurance cover costs up front. 

Discovering holistic rehab programs for the fist time sets a person back. I personally tour holistic rehabs USA locations. I meet people in rehab who are happy, looking healthy and very in-communication with me. These holistic rehab programs offer more than words and hopes. The rehabs I toured deliver holistic rehab results. The rehabs getting the best results actually address internal problems directly. Effective treatments help end long-term addiction problems faster.

Middle Level Rehab Program Costs

Middle level rehab program costs can be covered entirely by PPO or POS insurance plans in the USA. Rehab program costs include insurance deductibles costing a couple of hundred dollars to $1,000 or more. Therefore these rehabs comprise the majority of centers in the USA. Contact us for details on finding better ones offering success and satisfaction.

Recommended top rated executive rehab programs have 1 to 3 months minimum stay and rehab program costs are $20,000 to $65,000 on average. Some provide long-term care, all provide real results.  These recommended centers often produce better rehab results than some well rated but medically oriented Arizona rehabs like Sierra Tucson or The Meadows. However, with service and results that exceed these medical model / holistic rehab programs.

The Rehab Program Costs for Top Rated Rehabs for less cost offering amazing relative services at this price range start at $9,500 per month. Note: for specialized benzo detox centers, expect to start at $10,000 / month.

These rehab centers recommended by the Drug Rehab Advisor are independent and smaller exclusive centers that excel in performance and offer unique and specialized services without the big price tags.

Top rated integrative medical doctors, alternative specialized therapists or rehab professionals staff these programs. In summary some of the services they may offer (each center offers different services) are:

Rehab Program Costs for Top Rated Centers

Executive Level or top results based holistic rehab centers deliver unique and alternative programs. Some insurance covers these rehabs, OR out of pocket rehab center costs between $20,000 and $30,000 per month with exceptional extras. Some top rehabs can also go up to $65,000 or more. Speak with a professional advisor on a private line for consultation at 800-650-8776

  • Highly unique breakthrough holistic detox medicine as well as glandular revitalizing and health rejuvenation
  • Specialized counseling and educational programs which nullify root issues and help build a new life
  • Recreational opportunities which enhance your rehabilitation and speed recovery
  • Excellent to order meals by chefs who bypass expectations
  • Wonderful settings in executive level comforts
  • Smaller private centers with no more than 18 people serviced at one time
  • Some rehabs servicing only 6 clients at a time.

Executive Rehab Program Costs

The executive rehab program costs start as low as $20,000 / month and go up to over $65,000. Rehab program costs include amenities such as use of cell phone and lap top, private suites and full bathrooms, discreet locations and services, and a menu of add-on holistic treatments or protocols for results far exceeding those of the traditional psych or medically based programs.

Executive Drug Rehab Center

Executive Rehabs

Some executive level rehabs we recommend offer 15 - 25 hours of 1 on 1 counseling per week, and may cost starting at $30,000. For centers exceeding expectations in both amenities, privacy and personalized counseling, expect $50,000 per month.

Based on my research and reviews, these centers rival rehab centers costing 50% and 100% more.

Reducing rehab program costs on the second month: Some rehab centers we recommend start at a higher amount for first month and may go down in price by 35% to 50% for the following months.

Long Term  Rehab & Detox Centers Offerings: several very different models

  • Unique personalized rehab programs correcting the root causes of out of control or destructive behaviors
  • Educational programs and processes designed to elevate your level of successful living above addictive urges
  • Health and fitness programs designed to elevate your wellness and body image
  • Life skills training and experiences which break you free from past limitations and fears
  • Life changing discoveries you will gain which destroy your addiction forever

Long Term Rehab Center Costs - Economical Costs

Long Term rehab centers offer the best value and incorporate comfortable

California luxury rehab

California luxury rehab

accommodations, good food and caring professional rehab specialists. These long term rehabs are generally 3 months to 6 months in length and cost $22,000 to $35,000 for the full term of rehab. Minimum deposits start at 50% of total price on arrival.

Medium Length 1 to 3 Months: several offering here

  • Spiritually or non spiritually centered programs
  • Specialized environments and therapies uniquely matching an individuals personal needs
  • Home like environments or professional therapeutic settings
  • Personalized counseling or life coaching sessions focusing on learning new ways of thinking, being and living. Changing from the inside out

Medium Length 1 to 3 Months, Mid Range Pricing

Some of the rehab programs we suggest have variable terms and cost more for the first month and less for successive months. a 3 month program at these middle range centers is about $23,000 for full 3 months or $11,000 for the 1st month. Other rehab center costs price in just under $20,000 / month and drop in cost the following months.

We can also give you other options and help you select the exact best rehab center for your particular situation and needs. However, first tell us about your condition so we can get a full understanding of the situation. We will need to find out your former treatments, what medical conditions or abuse issues are in the present and of course, what you expect and desire in the detox and rehab service.

Contact the Drug Rehab Advisor now for a consultation about rehab center costs, pricing and options.



  1. Regile:

    Is there any rehabs for methadone detox that cheaper in $

  2. jodi:

    Are blackberries, laptops and cell phones allowed?
    can you stay just 2 weeks if schedule won’t allow a month?

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      at many of the Drug Rehab Advisor recommended Holistic rehab/detox centers, cell phones and laptops are allowed as long as agreements are kept in regarding use.
      You or another can contact us about admittance into one of these recommended holistic rehab centers 7 days a week. Some accept PPO insurance and will accept cash pay.

  3. Rivers:

    Are there options for people detoxing without insurance and not much money? I know someone who is unemployed with no insurance and in desperate need of rehab for alcoholism. The holistic approach seems the best for the person as well and they are located in Virginia but have some family in PA. Any suggestions?

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      Aoptions for people detoxing without insurance and not much money
      The At Home Drug withdrawal can be done by anyone detoxing from alcohol who is willing to take responsibility for their alcohol rehabilitation.

  4. Patricia T:

    ‘Looking for detox from lorazepam in the San Jose Ca area.
    Thank you.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      we can help with lorazepam detox in CA. Some of the Holistic Benzo Detox programs in CA and in South West US are excellent. Contact Drug Rehab Advisor for help.

  5. Jacob S.:

    Hi, i’ve a recovering alcoholic who was given Klonopin about 8 yrs. ago. Since then, i have been on anywhere from 2-6 mg of it. I’m currently taking 3.5 mg and desperately want off it. I’ve been to countless rehabs & detoxes & have tried tapering myself off but without success. 1 of the rehabs even put me on Subuxone 3 yrs ago even though i wasn’t addicted to opiates, so now i have that to detox from as well. Let me stress that my attempts at benzo withdrawal have been pure HELL. I live in Nevada but will travel. I’m sure i need a medical detox /thorough healing process. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks. I have PPO but they traditionally don’t cover ‘residential’ and do cover more ‘hospital-like’ treatments.

    • Jacob,

      I think I have several holistic Klonopin rehab programs which would be appropriate for your detox and rehab. Call me to discuss realistic and effective holistic detox / rehab help.

  6. Sarah:

    a family member is addicted to crack, and many other substances. he has been trying to fight this on his own, going to AA meetings, however, he can´t seem to stop and things are getting out of control. he has been to rehab in the past, however, has fallen back into it time after time. i am wondering about a holistic rehab in MA. CT. area. he doesn´t have much money left, and we are willing to help, but can´t afford a “luxury” rehab program.

    • Sarah,
      the programs that I recommend are outside of New England. They are long term holistic rehab programs run as non-profits, but do charge enrollment and living fees for their program. Let me know if you’re able to consider this. For now, apply all intervention rules and stop any / all financial enabling. Contact me if inpatient is an option.

  7. Marsha:

    willing to travel; however any facilities for ativan detox in the Pgh, Pa. area?

    • Marsha,
      I do have an ativan rehab / detox I can recommend in PA, it is an executive level rehab, out of network. Let me know if this is what you expect or are looking for.

      Best to phone me about these detox from benzo in a private rehab center directly as they are always more intricate than a traditional detox.

  8. Michelle:

    I live in Chicago and have been on Ativan for panic disorder for roughly 4-5 months. I want off this badly and looking for a holistic approach and considering a rehab do to deal with withdrawl as well as dealing with the underlying feelings. Can you help? I can’t afford the 20-50k a month. I have the finds, but not in that range.

  9. jo:

    I am in desperate need of a rehab program that will work for me:

    1. I do not believe in the 12 step program.
    2. I don’t want to surrender and let a higher power help me.
    3. Not interested in feeling bad about myself. Just want to figure out why I feel Depressed, Bored, and want to party
    4. What are my issues? Why do I get irritated and restless. I can’t figure out what can help me besides drugs.
    I want to fix myself but don’t know how.but would like to identify what they are and work on the,, tweak your own like. I want to be comfortable and happy on drugs then sober.

    I would like a place that is peaceful. That focuses on why you need substances to cope. A program that requires therapy, and figuring out why using makes me more normal and functional. I want to fix/resolve the problems without using drugs. I would like something that is outdoorsy and nature inspired. I like to eat healthy, exercise, and be active. Need a place to detox and be comfortable. After detox I want to FIX myself. I live in So-Cal, I currently only have medical. I have three wonderful boys. Twin 8 year old and a 3 year old. I am in the storm of a a financial nightmare. My husband lost a VERY lucrative job about a year ago. I encouraged him to pursue music since that is what he truely is very gifted at and is passionate about. This last year has been the most ]difdicult year to get past/\Just sold my beloved home. DCFS took my children and my parents are with them.filnghbankrupsy soonb

    • Jo,
      we have alternatives to 12 Step and holistic detox / rehab centers which would fit the needs and wants of you in your prior life before drugs / alcohol abuse ruined it. I’m posting your comment to hopefully encourage people to seek holistic rehab treatment before they’ve devastated their lives and families through drug / alcohol abuse. I hope you are willing to seek treatment soon and work on rebuilding and repairing your own life and your family.

  10. Howard S:

    Im a Kaiser member addicted to multiple (5!) psychotropic drugs, including Ativan prescribed by doctors for sleep, initially. In my research, natural benzodiazapine detox/rehab usually mention amino acids and nutrition, promise much – but there are virtually no peer reviewed studies to confirm these claims. And they are all expensive. N. Cal Kaiser’s rehab it minimal and uninformed. What evidence is there besides anecdotes, that these methods really work? Healther Ashston says the core problem is the BABA receptors no longer respond very much to GABA. I cant see an alternate to slow nervous system change, but as you say for a person with multi-drug problems slow withdrawel, one drug at a time is almost impossible. If I spent the 20k or 30K and it did not work, I would be plunged into poverty.

    • Howard,
      If you’re looking for certainty in detoxing off of psychotropics, I believe we’ve identified the reason your on drugs.
      Being on 5 psychotropics indicates to me that you need to start acting affirmatively on your own time through following At Home Drug Withdrawal programs via different MD supervised protocols.
      Minimally get onto our At Home program and gain as much as you can through all of its resources and recommendations. Don’t believe Ashton – 40% success after 3 years. She only had a piece of the puzzle.

  11. Andrea:

    Hello, i am in desperate need of help here 🙁

    My prents are sending me to rehab for weed and MDMA use, they want to send me to a place down in Honduras which they like because it is directed by Christian people and they do not use alternate medicines to help treat addiction. The only think is that it lasts SIX months and that is way too much for me. Aso they are not very well economically and they love that the people in this place do not charge big amounts for helping people like me…

    PLEASE PLEASE help me find something similar that lasts three months at most, I really can’t leave for that long

  12. Marija:

    I am desperate for help!
    I am extremely sensitive to benzos. I was taken off 1 mg of klonopin, off almost 8 weeks, and continue to suffer. The emotional pain is horrific! I need a medium stay facility to help heal this emotional pain and taper off 8.4 mg of pheno. I am completely incapacitated and fear for my life. I have tried several at home programs and am unable to regain my life.
    I am in need of an alternative solution.
    Thank you.

    • Marija,

      call me when you have decided that you can move forward into an inpatient setting. You will need to face your fears and move through your withdrawal under the expert guidance of medical and holistic rehab experts.
      Call me when you’ve decided you want to move forward into rehab. 888.840.0927

  13. Jenn:


    I am desperately trying to find someone to help me safely withdraw from psychotropic medication. I have been overly prescribed, and have naively taken, antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and sleeping pills for over a decade.

    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada and I have been unable to find a doctor or program with enough expertise to assist me with the grueling process of getting off of these drugs.

    If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,


    • Jenn,

      the best thing to do if you can not find or get into an inpatient program right away is to start onto our at home program. You can get healthier and begin to sort out your recovery.
      See the At Home Withdrawal tap and start on line

  14. Roberta:

    I have been on xanax and klonipin for almost 28 years taking 4mg of xanax and 4 mg of klonipin a day the last 2 years. The past 7 days I have taken myself down to 2mg of xanax only but am having horrible withdrawal symptoms and fear for my life like above. I have no money and no insurance and live at home with my parents. I am 48 years old. I recently applied for mental disability in Texas. What do you suggest? If I get approved is there a facility in Texas?

  15. yes centers that specialize in alcohol detox / rehab are of course better suited to alcoholism recovery.

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