"An Advisor for people who think independently and expect excellent natural individualized rehab and detox programs that are successful."

With Our Strict Rehab Confidentiality Protocols, Confidentiality is Always Assured

Confidentiality allows a counselor or rehab advisor to work with clients without their being concerned over legal, privacy or personal rehab issues. Rehab and intake into rehab is a confidential communication between a counselor and a person seeking honest rehabilitation.

With Drug Rehab Advisor, All Conversations are Strictly Confidential

Rehab confidentiality extends into detox programs. Drug Rehab Advisor has only one interest: to get you or a loved one into the best possible detox and/or rehab program possible as fast as possible.

And we won't permit drug abuse or drug dealers to continue ruining your health or a loved one's life by being permissive regarding continuing to use or abuse drugs or alcohol.

The purpose of contacting a rehab advisor should be to get you or a loved one into detox and rehab as quickly as possible. Addiction and dependency have no place and no justification in the Drug Rehab Advisor recommended and referred rehab and detox programs.

Once you or a loved one contacts Drug Rehab Advisor for help into detox and rehab - with full confidentiality assured, we expect you to have begun the first few important steps in arriving safely and securely into rehab and detox by the end of the call.

Feel free to call me concerning which of the many independent detox and rehab inpatient centers we refer to, would be the best program or center to handle your specific dependency or addiction problem.  1-800-650-8776

A Note on Overcoming Rehab and Detox Barriers

Drug dealers and pharmaceutical profiteers want people to stay on drugs at any cost. Some drug abusers want to say on their drugs, even when they know what they are doing to them. Some doctors just want to substitute one drug for another, which leads to further addiction.

All of these individuals can be a barrier to individuals or their families who are seeking true help and relief through rehab and detox. Even doctors who are well-intentioned, but don't really understand what an effective rehab and detox can accomplish, can act as barriers.

Some substance abusers will outright argue and fight to stay addicted. They need and want to be dependent on pharmaceuticals or street drugs or alcohol and will attempt to destroy the person or the repute of anyone who challenges their drug induced state, even if drug use is killing them slowly.

Confidentiality during our conversations allows you to be comfortable about discussing all the sensitive issues. All conversations will be confidential and only shared with the detox and rehab center you'll be attending.

No other person can find out where you'll be, where you're going or how to contact you while in rehab or detox. Your confidentiality is assured. Completely assured.



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