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*A Guide to Successful Detox *Regain Control Over YOUR Life *Best DETOX Recommendations *Right Food & Supplement Guides *Easy to do Step by Step Program *Find Right Medical Help Quickly *Simple Solutions for Withdrawals *Know the right treatments for you *Taper Safely at Your Own Pace . *No shortcuts messing your detox up *Where to get correct diagnosis No guessing!


  • Limited time offer: Regular cost of program was  $47.
  • This is an all natural program that works with people where they are at despite drug, alcohol or prescription use or abuse.
  • It helps people who have decided to end addiction and dependency to drugs and / or pharmaceuticals.
  • Many people need to taper and to begin feeling better to recover.

Doing this program helps people end addictions over time.


*TODAY  enrollment in program is given without additional costs AFTER placing your 1st subscription order of:

    • Dependencies
  • Program has 2 parts: 1st  purchase of initial supplements, 2nd automatic enrollment onto At home withdrawal guide program.
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  • Have you ever wanted to feel better, get a better sleep, have more mental energy and focus and hurt less?
    Follow these directions and you could begin to get these benefits and more by starting and following our At home drug withdrawal program.
    The key problem we all face and need to handle is at the cause point of ALL DISEASE and pain. Slow thinking, physical pain and tiredness, slowness to heal and recover all lead back to the same cause.
    We found a way for you to improve your bodies ability to reduce the cause of all disease and feed it exactly what it needs to repair and rebuild itself. We also know what you need to do to withdraw from any drugs you're on with minimal side effects.



1st: you will need to purchase  Activated Essentials (3 products) to receive this complimentary instructional at home program. By clicking the above button you will receive an email of instructions of how to get Activated Essentials. It will cost approximately $120US to get started with your recovery, $160 in Canada. If cost is a barrier, the lowest price to start is $70 (1 product) with autoship selected.
2nd: Once you purchase the Activated Essentials you will receive your Complimentary Guide to Withdraw from Drugs Safely at Home!

At Home Withdrawal Program Overview


What Program Gives You  Best Professional Advices
Specific Healing Steps to successfully and comfortably withdraw from:

  • Prescription pills: all Benzo problems - even yours, anti-depressants
  • Meth, crystal meth, speed, ecstasy, etc
  • alcohol (with medical oversight as required)
  • pain pills
  • Heroin, opiates, fentanyl, etc.
  • methadone
  • weed
  • cocaine

The At home drug withdrawal instructional program is a professional at home drug withdrawal program
Accessible on ALL mobile and desktop devices
* Lists what to take, what to do, who to see
* Information, directions, advices

we will create you your ONLINE AT HOME WITHDRAWAL PROGRAM username and password and email it to you. Please be patient after purchasing your Activated Essentials

What You Really Need to Get Well

You'll need to get the RIGHT advice from the BEST health care providers in the USA. That's what we give you after spending over a decade searching out effective at home withdrawal strategies.

The main reason you're having trouble is:
You have had  to guess what you need to do next.

The Solution is Get a Guide and Get Set Up NOW

This program GIVES YOU the best recommended natural and medical strategies from the best health care doctors, nutritionists, medical detox doctors, alternative medical doctors and Functional Medicine doctors.


What the At Home Drug Withdrawal Program Gives You:

  • Your Core Program of supplements to take to begin recovery immediately
  • Methods to  smoothly detox / taper and withdrawal with LESS harsh side effects - even from Opiates, Meth or Psych Meds!
  • Comfortably handle the real issues ruining health
  • Learn how to become your own BEST doctor!
  • Get helpful assistance on your side
  • You can Do it yourself - all you need to know is here!
  • Get Access to better health care professionals right for you

When you start this program you begin to feel better. The choice is yours.  This program is for people who want to REGAIN CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES.

We specialize in helping people withdrawing off of SPECIFIC types of drugs, medication or alcohol. We've helped doctors, benzo addicted, holistic people, athletes, executives, working people, drug abusers, drug dependent and many different professionals recover through detox at home.

  • This is a real program with directions, steps to take and simple instructions to follow.
  • It's for people who want to FEEL BETTER without drugs. If that's you, Consider what you want? Is it a better drug or a better life experience?
  • People wanting a better life do this program!


This online At home detox and recovery program is a professional service proven and guaranteed to work every time! If you want to learn something new and exciting about real recovery, this is YOUR program. It only costs a little money and that is for the supplements to get started on Activated Essentials + any additional recommendations you may receive for your current situation.


The At home drug withdrawal program is a professional at home drug withdrawal program that works by following easy to do directions given for your specific drugs and issues.

After you are set up, recovery times can take between a week or so for most street drugs but longer for difficult pharmaceutical dependencies such as benzos and anti-depressants. Note: most street drug abusers experience few or no withdrawals IF they follow this plan. Do this and your recovery will be MUCH smoother and more successful following all our advices!

We've helped about 1,000 people end addiction or dependency at home Get Strategies used by the BEST natural health Doctors in USA. Want a smooth detox, Get started while you're still capable!

Important: we will create you your username and password and email it to you. Please be patient after ordering!

What about people who have tried different detox methods already and are still having trouble after detox? We know why and show you how to begin repair today. No matter where you are with detox - this will help.

Professional Advices From Detox Professionals & Health Doctors

We give expert instructions taken  from SUPERIOR detox PROFESSIONALS to trouble shoot common and very difficult situations (not junk advice from drug abusers). I personally consulted with some of the very best detox and health practitioners in North America, Europe and Russia to find out 'what detox protocols works best for each type of drug, medication or alcohol.'

These detox pro's told me everything they do to achieve success and then we tested them with people everywhere in North America, EU, Asia and Oceania. We ensured everyone was able to follow the program at home and succeed, even YOU. You can do it!

Best part is, you can afford to follow program instructions and feel better fast, if you can afford the unbelievably inexpensive 1 time membership.


*Strategies used by the BEST natural health Doctors in USA, Canada and UK

*Get Online Member Access in minutes after ordering and creating a username and password or we create one for you and email you info. (subject: at home withdrawal)

*Step by Step process helps you End Dependency Each Step of the Way

*Newest Effective Methods to REDUCE Your Problems Now

*Successfully REDUCE Withdraw Feelings at Home Now

*How to Taper & Withdraw from YOUR specific Drugs smoothly


You Can Read The Successes Here...

At-Home Detox Successes

For frequently asked questions: FAQ At home program


Are you on meds, drugs, alcohol? Or, are you still suffering even AFTER coming off meds, drugs or alcohol? Are you mid withdrawal or tapering?

People like YOU have successfully stabilized and felt better immediately.
Others improve DAILY for a couple of weeks or months using this program!

We consulted 1000s of of our clients withdrawing from each type of drug and modified the program until we got total satisfaction! If you're tapering, failed in the past or already off meds /drugs, this program works!

Online At Home Withdrawal Program - What YOU Get

This Online Member Program can be done at home and is instantly accessible to you online anywhere in the world


The At Home Drug Withdrawal Program accessed Online is Described Below

    • Access program anywhere
    • No membership fee.
    • Is easy to follow.
    • You will KNOW what to do right away and know how to get extra help
    • 24/7 access to this online members program as long as you need it!
    • Easy to understand and follow short video instructions and written steps giving you exact directions to do for YOUR situation.
    • Can be done anywhere YOU live in the world, American's are in perfect place to do this program.
    • Expert recommendations to smoothly come off drugs or alcohol.
    • You'll find out exactly what to get! You'll learn about all the right supplements, herbs and over the counter remedies for your specific condition.
    • Starts you using some immediate remedies you have RIGHT now to get you feeling better right away.
    • Program can be done a little bit at a time or all at once.
    • Does NOT require you stop taking all drugs right away, it's better if you begin the program before starting your withdrawal. You'll learn why when you start the program
    • You can and should start this program NOW especially if you're in withdrawal


On-Line subscription membership, What You Get:

  • Easy to use 15 min 'How to Video' overview of how to withdrawal
  • Step by Step 'Quick guide of What to Do' Document
  • Online Direct Access to us to answer YOUR Questions by email
  • Totally Accessible Natural Remedies for Your Withdrawal Programs
  • Specific types of Experts to Consult for the RIGHT medical advice
  • You won't need your doctor to be your dealer any more!

Members Can Upgrade:

  • Telephone consultation available to members only, upon acceptance and enrolment onto weekly calls: $240 / week for 1 hour call.
  • Note: All requests for telephone consultation need to be made from members area and paid in advance by PayPal 3 days prior to consultation.

This program is complimentary after purchasing the CORE PROGRAM of nutrients. Next  you get EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! It's a 1 time cost and you enjoy access as long as you want.

Become an Online Member Now by Ordering

Testimonial on withdrawal from Oxycodone and dilaudid at home
Testimonial on withdrawing from Benzo at home
Testimonial on extremely useful information for withdrawing and detoxing from drugs at home
helpful information on detoxing from drugs at home

As an ADDED Bonus You'll Get

Get specific DIRECTIONS to WITHDRAW from YOUR MED's or Drugs: advanced at-home-withdrawal program includes specific strategies to detox from the following 5 types of drugs: Includes previously unknown strategies that could EMPTY rehab centers they are so effective!

Don't believe me? We've helped people feel better in 1 week after attending a 'good' rehab for 30 days. They still felt awful after rehab despite being off drugs. Our at home program got the person healthier faster than the rehab, and at 1/200 of the cost of that rehab!!


  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Anti-psychotics / antidepressants
  • Heroin, painkillers, opiates, methadone
  • Cocaine, methamphetamine, stimulants, marijuana

Bonus, You'll Also Get

Instant natural or common remedies to ease your symptoms without having to go to the doctor or hospital!

So, we've also including over 50 solutions for common withdrawal problems:


  • digestion, gut problems, allergies
  • constipation
  • Headaches, not well, nothing seems to be working, etc
  • Depression
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Mentally not properly functioning
  • Sleep problems
  • pain

Order NOW above and You'll Also Get

Included in this AMAZING Online Program:

How to safely detox at home especially from drugs like methadone, benzodiazepines, alcohol, Suboxone, Oxycontin, cocaine, crack, heroin, crystal meth, pain killers.
How to prepare your body before withdrawal and dramatically lower withdrawal symptoms.
How to resolve physical problems related to withdrawal like gut problems, constipation, headaches, pain, etc.
How to resolve emotional and mental issues related to withdrawal like depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and mentally not functioning well.
The dangers of withdrawing from methadone, benzodiazepines, alcohol, crack, cocaine and opiates, and how to avoid them.
What to expect when going through withdrawal.
How to make withdrawal easier and safer.
The best way to overcome sleeplessness when withdrawing.
How to alleviate depression when withdrawing.
What factors could cause you to have more severe withdrawal symptoms and what step to take to address them before attempting withdrawal.
The difference between withdraw, detox and rehab.
What to look for when comparing detox centers.
Why some have more severe “withdrawal symptoms” than others and how to best avoid them.
steps to take to avoid panic attacks.
The one mistake that others do that intensify their withdrawal symptoms and cause them to fail.
How bad are methadone withdrawal symptoms when the right steps are NOT taken.
What could cause death from methadone withdrawal and how to avoid it—it's not what you think.
What could have caused your depression, low energy and many other symptoms that led you to abuse drugs and alcohol and what you could do to resolve these factors BEFORE attempting withdrawal.
Herbal formulas that you can take to effectively calm your anxiety (formulated by a doctor)
How to avoid violence and psychosis connected to withdrawing from stimulants.
Nutrients you can take to eliminate unnecessary pain during withdrawal.
What's the best way to overcome sleeplessness and lack of appetite.
Why some have an easier time withdrawing from drugs while others struggle for months.
An important step to take to resolve the underlying reason why you used benzodiazepines in the first place so your original symptoms don't come back to haunt you.
What can you do to stay off drugs once you are done your withdrawal.
What can you do to stay off drugs once you are done your withdrawal.
It gives you the confidence to get it done NOW!
You get immediate access to the 15 minutes video instructions, a downloadable 25-page ebook with instructions and troubleshooting tips
If you are able to watch the video above, then you are set up to watch the video interview. Buy it now and gain immediate access.
For more details on cost, watch the video above. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Why Integrating Natural Remedies to Traditional Medicine Is Essential

Drugs provide specific benefits such as minimizing pain and controlling some function of the body to keep us alive, but with these benefits often comes unwanted side effects.

That's because drugs are essentially toxins that provide some benefits, but which also erode our natural health. In fact drugs can create deficiencies, therefore depleting our body of elements necessary for its normal functions. Long-term use of drugs often lead to weakened health and more health complications.

Individuals experiencing deficiencies, poor health and with undiagnosed medical issues experience much stronger withdrawal symptoms and their detox program take much longer.

Resolving these deficiencies and rebuilding your physical, mental and emotional health IS the secret to a smoother and shorter withdrawal - period! Drugs do NOT improve health. They simply regulate some parts of your body to keep you alive or comfortable. You will continue to need these drugs unless your body becomes healthy enough to properly regulate itself.

Your doctor may prescribe you some medications to help you get over the hump, but with a body that's deficient in some nutrients and other elements, you may be compelled to use that drug long enough to get addicted to it and may find it difficult to get off all drugs.

The secret to a smoother and faster withdrawal is a healthier you. This program will help you resolve or direct you to get help with emotional or mental challenges. Doing ALL the suggestions on our program helps you resolve your physical deficiencies and many of the health issues that are connected to the painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

How Is the Course Done?

You can watch the first video on step 1 (15 minutes) and go apply the knowledge you have just learned. Then read the sections in the downloadable ebook that relate to your situation and further improve your withdrawal experience. The course is designed so you can start applying the right detox steps for your type of drug within 15 minutes after accessing the course.

That way, you can begin to resolve the causes of painful withdrawals while still going through the course.

If you lose that email, then just contact us at Drug Rehab Advisor and we will initiate a refund on your behalf. Make sure to include your full name in your email.

I am certain that you’ll find the information VALUABLE.

To your health,

Tibor Palatinus
Drug Rehab Advisor

Imagine following an online member program that 1000s like you have already successfully used to quickly or gradually come off drugs or alcohol. Everyone who's detoxing wants to know they can make it. We make it simple for you to detox without going through hell.

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