Advice to Parents of Family in Rehab - There Are Things You Need to Know

Do you have a family member in rehab? Are you looking for good advice and guidance as they progress through rehab? Getting and following the wrong advice can be very costly and worrisome. The right advice can help prevent needless anxiety and worry.

We have advised countless parents who have a son/daughter in a drug rehab or alcohol rehab program, and helped them avoid unnecessarily high costs and sleepless nights.

The facts about how to overcome addiction are in and available.

The feedback from numerous surveyed families whose youth are, or were, addicted is now here on this site. Every parent wants to know why their kids got hooked. Was their kid's addiction caused by something they did or failed to do as a parent? Is drug or alcohol abuse genetic?

According to the thousands of parents I speak to and survey every year, there are 3 major causes leading to drug abuse and addiction...

The 3 Main Causes of Drug Abuse and Addiction: Why Addiction Never Seems To End

    1. Parents of addicted kids were often caught unprepared. They couldn't or didn't see signs of drug abuse in their kids or know what signs of addiction to look for. The resulting confusion and dismay of finding their kids and family in crisis only added to their problems.


    1. Parents believed that family doctors could help their kids beat addiction. This belief is false according to thousands of parents who call me and tell me their kids are now taking 2 or 3 times as many prescribed drugs as well as street drugs, after seeing their family doctor. (The reasons why family doctors are not qualified to deal with addiction will be given later). Pharmaceutical drug abuse is now a major cause of people going to detox and rehab.


  1. Parents or family members were told the addict has to be the one to decide to change – that nothing can be done until they decide to change, all by themselves. Parents are told that one day, when the abuser 'hits bottom', they will suddenly become rational enough and magically seek help. Yet, doing nothing to encourage or effect a change in another's life is called apathy. Entire races and societies have apathetic beliefs about how to deal with difficult situations when they don't know exactly how to handle those complex situations. Effective methods exist to get people to desire rehab, but need to be applied precisely to get desirable results.

Get more facts about how to overcome addiction and how to help another end addiction, even if they haven't come begging for help yet.

Contact Drug Rehab Advisor at 1-800-650-8776 to discuss your unique situation and a way to end addiction for life.


  1. MD MD:

    I have heroin problem I am Burundian, staying in South Africa, I have no one in my life my families killed in genocide 1994 I was kidnap as child soldier. I escape and down here south I found myself on the street and wasn’t long got hooked on the drugs. I wont,need I have to stop this, I went to public hospital I didn’t get any help, as foreigner some time people have attitude toward me,in most cases I don’t get service in social service, I am on point of killing myself I real need help, Police refuse to lock me and I don’t wont to commit crime so I can go again to prison. what should I do please serve my life by you help,

    • MD,
      I responded to you in a private email. I think following the instructions I suggested should get you to a better place in life soon. Good luck on taking those next steps.

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