Drug Intervention FAQs

How do you get someone to accept help when they say they are not ready for rehab or don’t want to go?

Most addicts know they need to do something about their drug or alcohol abuse, but two major factors cause them to continue their abuse:

    1. Drugs and alcohol abuse weakens a person’s mental and emotional strength. They feel emotionally drained and unwilling to experience any more pain or discomforts.


  • And drugs essentially act as emotional and physical painkillers. They take away the discomfort and help them escape reality. But they also eat away their natural ability to feel normal and face reality.


Essentially, There is more incentive and more pressure imposed on the abuser to stay on drugs than there is to get off of drugs.

Your loved one is likely to continue abusing drugs until life, society or family puts more pressure on them to get off of drugs. That pressure can come in the form of a prison sentence, an overdose, or an effective intervention carried out by family and friends.

The purpose of an intervention is essentially to create a safe “rock bottom” which pressures your loved one to make the right decision. When done well, your loved one will feel the love of his or her family and come to the realization that he or she can no longer continue in their destructive path.

There is a science behind interventions, and they must be carried out properly and professionally or they can backfire.

If your loved one refuses help NOW, the worst thing you can do is wait until he or she is ready. She probably won’t be ready until a serious event occurs, at which point it may be too late.

If they refuse help now, then consider hiring a professional interventionist, which is your best assurance to getting your loved one to rehab.

Fill out the form to the right and we will help you find a good, professional interventionist.

Should they choose to go to rehab on their own?

Rarely does a drug or alcohol abuser decide to go to rehab without first experiencing a bad, alarming or a dangerous event. Read the section above as it explains why they continue to abuse drugs and alcohol and to find out what you can do about it.

What if they are afraid of detoxing?

A pro interventionist knows how to talk with a drug abuser and get them to agree to go to detox.

Drug and alcohol abusers dread pain and discomforts. To them, detox means they’ll need to face reality and experience discomforts.

Fortunately we know some of the best detox and rehab programs in the world. They offer smooth steps to come off any drugs, including alcohol, and help your loved one regain their ability to face life's problems and deal with them in a constructive way.

A professional interventionist is your best chance for helping your loved one make the right decision that will change their lives for the best. Fill out the form to the right and we will have our drug rehab expert help you find a competent and caring interventionist.

"We don’t know how to help him any more. What can we do to help our loved one get off drugs?"

The short answer is that you need help from professionals. Hire a competent interventionist and end your struggles in getting your loved one to an effective rehab program.

Fill out the form to the right and we’ll help you find a competent, caring interventionist and tell you which rehab program to send your loved one to, based on their needs.

We find we keep believing his lies and it’s tearing our family apart. What do we do to stop it?

Drug and alcohol abusers will do any thing to avoid pain, discomforts and reality. Most will lie and steal from loved ones to get their hands on drugs.

The only way to make it stop is to help your loved one regain their ability to make pro survival choices and deal with problems constructively. There are very few rehab programs in North America that can do that and we know which one they are.

If your loved one is not willing to get help NOW, then you first need to hire a professional interventionist.

Fill out the form to the right and we’ll help you find a competent, caring interventionist and tell you which rehab program to send your loved one based his needs.

"I can’t stop helping her, and I know I’m enabling her addiction, but I don’t want her to die, what do I do?"

A pro interventionist is first a family therapist and knows how to council you through the addiction that runs through the family.

Each day they continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, they put their health, their future and their lives in danger.

Drug abusers constantly experience physical and emotional pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol. They’ll continue to succumb to this pressure to abuse drugs for as long as they feel they can get away with it. They often seek help only after they have hit a rock bottom.

The idea is to create a safe rock bottom, and that is the purpose of an intervention. There is a science to carrying out a successful intervention and we recommend you hire an interventionist if your loved is refusing to seek help now.

If you truly want to help your loved one, then help them live a drug-free life. That is the only help you can give them.

We can help you find a competent and caring interventionist. Just fill out the form to the right or call our toll free number:

PS: Drug Rehab Advisor even knows professional interventionists who will continue to support and work with you and your family as your loved one goes into, through and out of rehab - even up to a year if needed, all included in their one time fee.

It's an incredible investment towards your peace of mind and your loved one's future success and happiness. Call us today!

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