Why is Holistic Medical Detox So Effective?

Holistic medical detox programs target the underlying causes for mild and severe withdrawal symptoms, so you detox painlessly.

Have you ever asked yourself why some go through detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms while others on the same dosage, and on the same drugs, experience apparently unbearable withdrawal symptoms?

You can hear and read similar stories over and over again from people from different walks of life, ethnic groups and nationalities, regardless of the type of medication or drug...

“A husband and wife are both on the pain killer Vicodin. While the wife was on a higher dose, she sails through withdrawal without a problem while the husband practically goes insane from the withdrawal symptoms.”

Why is that?

What Causes Severe Withdrawal Symptoms?

Severe “withdrawal” symptoms can be the result of undiagnosed medical conditions and deficiencies.

Example #1:
An undetected and untreated thyroid condition often mimics the symptoms of depression. Such a condition is often undiagnosed by traditional detox centers and doctors. As a result, they unnecessarily prescribe highly addictive medications such as anti depressants and benzos, turning an already difficult situation into a monstrous problem.

Holistic centers and doctors do more tests and are more likely to diagnose that condition before you begin your detox. They can then begin treating the condition right away, using traditional and natural medicines. Treating underlying medical conditions results in a smoother detox experience.

Example #2:
Medications, street drugs and alcohol often cause severe deficiencies. Such deficiencies are made worse by the individual’s lifestyle. The pain killing effect of most medications hide the painful symptoms that could be caused by these deficiencies — until you begin your withdrawal.

Vitamin tablets often don’t resolve these deficiencies. The holistic detox programs that we recommend use proprietary nutrient-dense IV drip to replenish the body of its nutrients and eliminate any deficiencies that may intensify your withdrawal symptoms. They do that BEFORE you begin your detox and during your detox. The result is often a painless withdrawal.

Other holistic medical detox centers and doctors we know use what are called “bio-identical hormones”, natural medicines mimicking anti-depressant and benzo medications, “targeted nutritional repair” and advanced testing to address the root causes of depression, anxiety and sleeplessness.

In other words, holistic detox professionals can now undo the damage your traditional doctor got you into.

Traditional detox will usually only mask the painful symptoms with a pain killer, a benzo, or anti-depressant. The problem with such an approach is that it doesn't resolve any deficiencies and when they try to detox you from that second pain or emotional medication, the painful symptoms appear again. The traditional doctor is often substituting one drug with another.

Do Holistic Detox Centers Use Traditional Medication?

Yes they do, but only when needed and only for a few days to ensure a painless withdrawal.

By resolving any medical conditions and nutritional deficiencies, before and during detox, you can avoid most underlying causes of painful withdrawal and get healthier.

But there are some drugs such as Methadone, Benzos and anti depressants that are so powerful that a medication may be needed in addition to the standard holistic steps taken to minimize your withdrawal.

Holistic detox center doctors plan out the healthiest and most painless detox off all drugs. Your case is assessed individually to ensure excellent detox results.

Can I Stay on My Needed Medications?

What if you are diabetic, or you have a heart condition, etc?

That is no problem at all. Holistic medical detox doctors will monitor your condition making sure necessary medications are continued as needed, while the harmful drugs are discontinued.

As a patient, you have the right to ask questions. Your rights as a patient are respected in these facilities.

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