Can Your Detox Be Painless for Your Type of Medication or Drug?

3-Year Review of Detox Centers: There have been incredible advancements made by a few holistic medical detox centers and doctors in the United States. Hundreds more were sent to detox and rehab centers over the past 4 years.

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  • We followed up with 24 patients we referred to selected holistic medical detox centers.
  • Some of these patients were on high dosages of Bezos, pain killers (i.e Methadone, Oxy, Vicodin, etc), anti depressants, heroin and alcohol, and others were on a cocktail of medications, alcohol and street drugs.
  • 21 of the 24 patients experienced remarkable results, leaving only 3 who left a few days after arriving.
  • All 21 completions reported no painful discomforts and many enjoyed their detox experience. Some carried on business during their withdrawal at the center, using laptops and cell phones. All detox patients left the centers off all dangerous drugs and medications.
  • Many of the 21 successful completions were experiencing poor health, mental break down, blackouts, anxiety and anger issues prior to their detox. Many were quite ill. One case was bed ridden. Another was experiencing Alzheimer symptoms.
  • Average time for medical detox was 4 to 9 days.
  • Holistic therapies were included and many people continued with recommendations after med detox completed.
  • All detox completions showed marked improvements in their health. The bed-ridden patient had a remarkable recovery in attitude and health in only 4 days. The Alzheimer case experienced a full recovery, meaning that all Alzheimer symptoms had dissipated. His full body detoxification took a little longer. (See list of case studies on the Case Study page for more information.)
  • Other reports from these holistic medical detox centers reveal that they have successfully helped individuals detox off over 400 mg of Methadone and others detox off over 600 mg of Oxycontin. They have achieved similar results with individuals on surprisingly high dosages of Benzos, anti depressants, heroin and street drugs, and other various pain killers. These detoxes took longer; in some cases they were tapered over a month or more.

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