Medical Detox Case Studies

These are a few medical detox case studies of some of the individuals we have sent to holistic medical detox centers. We will add more later.

Case #1

Lisa D 40 year
Daily Dose: drinking to intoxication and /or blackout
Situation: anxiety / mental breakdown
Type of drug: alcohol, wine / hard liquor
Detox Duration: 10 days
Outcome: Father and client were very satisfied; They were appreciative of genuine level of care and compassion for her condition. Client went willingly onto rehab.

Case #2:

Ted B 56
Daily Dose: using 15 different Rx pharmaceuticals, 30 years on different medications for mental / anxiety issues
Type of Drugs: benzo's, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, many other medicines
Situation: showing signs of Alzheimer, and worsening mental and physical health despite, or due to medical interventions.
Detox Duration: 8 days
Outcome: fully off of all meds & drugs. Mental and physical condition improved during withdrawal. Stayed on for 3 more weeks for intensive sauna detoxification and physical rehab. His Alzheimer condition is completely gone after the sauna detox. He left the detox center feeling like a new man. He however, did not get any counseling or rehab for mental issues. Instead he elected to take a mild sedatives for sleep after a month being back home.

Case #3

Ken M. 56 year old
Daily Dose: 60 mg of methadone,
Type of Drug: Pain killer
Situation: 2 years of use, abusing. Became dependent on methadone despite healing after an operation.
Detox Duration: 8 days
Outcome: Client and brother were very happy with results. Got exactly as was promised. Only minor discomfort experienced during detox for part of a day. After returning home he continued to enjoy and appreciate new healthy condition. Voluntarily went to rehab counseling.

Case #4

Gene W. 50 year old
Daily Dose: 1 mg tapered down to .5mg Klonopin, but was having real problems and unable to continue tapering down. He then sought medical detox.
Situation: anxiety, anger, irritation. Repressed feelings regarding military experiences, often taking out his upsets on wife and kids.
Type of Drug: Benzodiazepine
Detox Duration: 12 days
Outcome: Very smooth detox, no complaints; said it was good. Significant improvements. Sought further holistic detoxification 2 months later to eliminate other toxic build ups from service in the military and medical drug intoxication. Experienced significant improvements to health, reductions in anxiety and elimination of anger issues.

Case #5

Rod B
Daily Dose: daily abuser, unknown amounts
Situation: motor vehicle accident resulting in need of pain pills. Was emotionally unstable.
Type of Drug: heroin and Percocet
Detox Duration: 6 days
Outcome: Positive: happy with program. Voluntarily continued to use holistic medicine for physical pain sustained in an accident and for emotional issues.

Case #6

Cameron B. 21 year old
Daily Dose: Abusing pills, unknown amounts of Oxycontin and Paxil
Situation: Bed ridden and quite ill
Type of Drug: Pain killer and anti-depressants, weed
Detox Duration: 4 days.
Outcome: Mother and Cameron were amazed at turn around in health and believed they experienced a miracle recovery due to change in attitude and health.

Case #7

Daily Dose: 100 mg of Metadone
Type of drug: Pain killer
Detox Duration: 8 days
Outcome: Reported that he felt good.

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