The Drug Rehab Advisor's "Holistic Rehab Programs Rating and Referral System" Can Provide You with the Best Possible Rehab Program For Your Needs

I'm a professional holistic rehab advisor. My objective is to help you find the right holistic rehab and detox for yourself or a loved one. The key is to get the rehab and detox services you need and want to get your life back or help save the life of a loved one.

Rehab is a place of recovery and rejuvenation. When rehab services, environment, even the attitudes of the other clients align with your desire to live successfully drug-free and happy we have found a great rehab match for you.

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Then contact me at the Drug Rehab Advisor
and I'll help you get started on the best holistic rehab or detox program for you today.

My objective is to help you find the right holistic rehab and detox for yourself or a loved one. The key is to get the rehab and detox services you what and need to help yourself or help save the life of a loved one. I'm a professional holistic rehab advisor and I recommend the best inpatient rehabs.

Rehab is a place of recovery and rejuvenation. When rehab services, environment, even the attitudes of the other clients align with your desire to live successfully drug-free and happy we have found a great rehab match for you.

For placement into the best Holistic Rehab programs in the US and Canada contact Holistic Rehab Advisor at  1-800-650-8776

The Holistic Rating System: I've already rated Holistic Rehabs for you

I've already rated all the rehab and detox centers that I work with for you, so I'm not giving you another task when you contact me asking for a recommendation to a private holistic rehab. The idea is to let you look over my shoulder as I determine the major contributive factors in recovery and let you know how I arrive at that conclusion and present it to you.

* Some of these categories are far more important to you than others. I make your concern the major determining factor in the recommendation process. And I will still tell you about the other benefits of the center program. *

For those of you who want to learn how to rate a center you've been to or are considering, you will need to learn this rating system to make the best choice for your recovery plans. I've described the system below to help all those looking for effective rehabs.

What is Holistic Rehab?

Holistic means addressing the whole person: socially, emotionally, mentally, educationally, nutritionally, medically, spiritually. The person's well being is connected to many facets of living and highlighting these categories will help you evaluate a successful vs an unsuccessful holistic rehab before arriving at the front door.

Conversely a non-holistic rehab program tends to focus on behavior and perhaps medical assessment. These non-holistic rehabs may include meetings and medication, that's not holistic; even if they have an exercise or yoga class and call themselves 'holistic'. Often a for profit or insurance based rehab program is about numbers. I'll help you spot those and avoid them before even calling them up.

Rehab means rehabilitating a person back to health and recovery while in drug rehab. Achieving a healthy recovery requires more than dry or clean time plus meetings. For instance alcohol is a very destructive drug and therefore alcohol rehab should be even more holistic than traditional medically based rehabs.

A holistic rehab program can be excellent when the staff truly incorporate all aspects of rehabilitation into a cohesive integrated whole. I'm only going to write about in-patient private pay holistic rehabs as these are the ones that are fully accountable to the public and are ones that I can help my rehab clients gain rapid access to.

If you're unconvinced about the need for inpatient rehab and detox watch this 7 minute video which explains 'How Drug and Alcohol Abusers Think'. This holistic rehab video should help you discover the need for rehab. Then finish reading this Holistic rehab rating system and complimentary placement placement service.

Rating A Rehab Center: Holistic Rehab Program Components

Holistic rehabs categorized into several distinct types for rating, ex. 4/4 x 5 categories = 20/20 possible rating:

  1. therapeutic attention, therapies focus on relieving guilt, depression, grief or loss associated with life, drug or alcohol abuse
  2. health centered, all processes build a person up physically and correct dysfunction naturally and holistically. Healthy environment, use of integrated natural medicine, drug-free focus, food and supplementation are key factors
  3. learning models, cognitive discovery education, coaching and counsel teaches people to retrain themselves to handle their lives differently and gain satisfaction drug-free
  4. program centered, an effective program structure with proven effectiveness. The rehab program would require many facets to specialize or focus into specific parts of a persons life and repair those areas fully. Often program centered rehab have a longer duration such as 3 months lengths
  5. success oriented, with many on-site praises and available placements to speak with is a way of rating a rehab program. These centers expect very positive recovery outcomes and promote healthy pleasure

Using The Holistic Rehab Rating System

A lower rating would be given a rehab center program expecting outpatient work to be done elsewhere if the rehab process was not completed in the rehab center. Outpatient work differs from job training, schooling or job hunting. These services are added benefit to the client and properly done in an outpatient environment.

For example: Often a program centered rehab includes other types of programs which include one on one, health classes or other types of adjunct therapies. These can be great  'holistic rehabs' but get a high or a low score for program only when considering the efficacy of the program structure. All holistic scores are rated only for that specific category.

Holistic Rehab Rating System: How to Use this rating system

A holistic rehab program is a type of rehab services which many centers may provide you. A particular rehab center may offer or promote itself as a holistic rehab but this may be lip service only.

An easy way to determine if a program is truly holistic is to rate the center on a scale of 1 to 4 for each of the above 'holistic types' listed from 1 to 4 above.

A '4' would be given if the center excelled as a top center for that type or category of rehab service. Amount invested in rehab may or may not correlate to a 4/4 rating in any particular holistic category. Some holistic rehabs are far more effective and much less financially demanding than traditional rehabs that charge 2 to 3 times as much.

For #2 Health Centered: An example would be a hospital giving medical detox only, in a hospital or clinical setting. Regular meals served. This would get a holistic rating of 1/4 if the medical service and food was very good. A hospital is not the best location for rehabilitation. The hospital or clinic may neglect correction of deficiency, nutrients, vitamins, amino acid, natural detoxification, exercise, etc. Note: I consider health care different than medical attention.

A 20/20 rating may not guarantee a perfect rehab center fit for you. One category may hold much greater value than another; ie, medical care vs program structure. Some holistic rehabs may offer the benefit of a much lower cost than others and therefore be a far better choice if finance is a barrier. Factually, all the centers I work with are 15/20 to 20/20 rated with many rating 18/20 and above. Note: a 15/20 holistic rating at lower priced holistic rehabs could best most pricey and fancy real estate rehabs in results.

High end, executive rehabs may be the only fit for some clients as these executive or luxury level rehabs focus on practical skill levels for individuals needing top end coaching. These executive level training programs are an effective educational boost for higher functioning producers.

Investments and Rating System of Holistic Rehab Programs

Executive, Middle ranged and lower priced holistic rehabs are highlighted in this section with a description and costing for each type. None of these rehab services cater to welfare or non paying clients. All are holistic private pay only.

Executive Rehabs: Executive level holistic rehab programs are from $20,000 to $50,000 per month and some exclusive rehab center programs are a greater investment than this. I will focus on holistic rehab programs which include rehab services which directly lead to long term recovery as opposed to short term luxury or indulgences.

Rating an executive holistic rehab program

This is the most rewarding rating system as one gets to truly cut through the rhetoric, pretty real estate picture and sales lines and begin rating. The trick is not to hand out points because the intake counselor praises the services are command a bigger investment. Your focus should be on effectiveness and results. Remember a rehab which churns out 20 or more recovered people a month should have lots of successes.

An example of rating an executive holistic rehab on #1 therapeutic counseling: is one on one and group included in time given to clients? Is one on one more than 10 hours per week? Is the one on one targeted to resolving key issues of guilt, irresponsibility, sick thinking? Simply reading, 'lots of one on one' attention means little or nothing if not backed up by a philosophy of service and real time spent with people in effective ways.

30 hours of group plus one on one may get a 2/4 or 4/4 here. The group activities may be outings, video play, 12 step meetings etc. The group programs may be wonderful, yet only one or two hours is spent one on one with the client resolving real issues, giving that center a 0/4 or 1/4 for #1 therapeutic counseling. A note: some detox and rehab centers deliver many hours per day of targeted one on one therapies. They would be given 4/4 rating.

I've learned that empathic listening and effective therapeutic processes are more valuable than therapists with degrees. The specialist who is doing the one on one and are qualified by their ability to get meaningful resolutions to the problems plaguing clients in rehab. A degree can help a counselor and client relationship, but it's always good results which matter.

Example: working one on one with a nutritionist or a health expert may have many times greater benefit to a person sensitive to foods and medications than a double masters of psychology and clinical counselor. Or working with an ethics counselor to correct destructive behavior is far more effective than a medical doctor or psychiatrist.

Best Holistic Rehabs 1 to 4 months

Mid Range: The good news is that some holistic drug & alcohol rehab programs can be found for a total cost of around $20,000 to $30,000 for a length of 3 months or longer. These are a rare find and may rate as high as a 15/20 to 17/20.

Monthly rates can start at $10,000 and the investment can decrease dramatically for the second and following months in rehab.

If you are looking at keeping the entire cost of rehab under $30,000 for the entire extended program, 6 months or longer, a luxury rehab is often impractical.

InNetwork PPO Insurance Covered Holistic Rehabs

The greatest competition between rehab center programs, even those carrying in network PPO insurance coverage, are priced in the mid range. I developed this rating system mostly so you as a client could rapidly and accurately assess the merits of a rehab and detox program and center before committing to a 30 to 120 day program.

An example of rating a #5 Success centered rehab: rating a holistic rehab center program is volume vs successes. Success centered means the program expects successes and is working toward a successful conclusion in their rehab structure. These centers may use tough love rules and expect clients to involve themselves in the process of recovery. People attending these rehabs are demanding improvements in their lives and working toward success.

Warning: If the center is churning out 30 or so clients per month and they've only got a few successes available and no referring clients to speak with, watch out.

Inpatient Holistic Rehab centers which are longer in duration may be the better centers to go with if the program rates high above others on the holistic rehab rating system.

Another example #3 learning models: a rehab program which uses learning models of recovery are very effective. Addictive behavior follows choices and learned ways of avoiding real life issues. Gaining greater awareness or cognizance of oneself is a key factor to overcoming addiction. Often people just don't know a better way and rehab learning models teach and train in better ways of thinking and living.

A holistic rehab program may rate a 4/4 for #3 learning models by effectively targeting specific areas of life with learning processes and systems in place.  A 1/4 rating would be given for a '12 Step only' program with counseling or medications. A 3/4 rate for a life skills coaching, educational focus but missing a solid learning program in place.

Holistic Rehabs Outperforming Traditional Rehabs at 1/2  the Investment

I'm including lower investments into private pay holistic rehab programs for under $20,000 for a long 3 month program. These centers outperform traditional rehabs by results, but won't be able to compete with executive rehab centers in certain areas like queen sized beds and chefs. However a lower costing holistic rehab can rate higher than an executive rehab costing 3 times the price.

Monthly inpatient holistic rehab rates may be as low as $6,500 / month when the rehab center allows these options. I have a few high performers in this price range that are located in BC, CA, AZ, FL and TX.

An example of #5 success oriented rehab rating higher at a holistic rehab center than a high cost center. A 1/4 is given to a rehab with a good name and many contracts but the center focuses on relapse, disease, pharmaceutical therapy. That rehab center would be given only a 1/4 if clients were not taken off of all addictive drugs including benzos, sleeping pills and opiates including methadone and suboxone.They'd receive a 0/4 for putting people onto methadone, anti-depressants or benzos.

An example of a good holistic rehab, costing about $6,000 per month, rating a higher score by achieving successes and taking people off of all addictive meds and drugs. A 4/4 rating is given for many successes, placements given on request and an expectation and programing for full recovery.

I have not rated nor do I consider rehabs which charge less than these amounts as the center becomes dependent on external funding or will have to dramatically cut costs in key service areas such as one on one attention, health centered or success oriented.

Getting A Holistic Rehab Referral

I'm a professional holistic rehab advisor. My objective is to help you find the right holistic rehab and detox for yourself or a loved one. The key is to get the rehab and detox services you need and want to get your life back or help save the life of a loved one.

Rehab is a place of recovery and rejuvenation. Rehab services, environment, even the attitudes of the other clients should match your desire to live successfully drug-free and happy

Full Rehab and Detox Centers. For more details, click the picture on the left for "Rehab" or the picture on the right for 'Detox.'

holistic drug rehab center

Then contact me at the Drug Rehab Advisor
and I'll help you get started on the best holistic rehab or detox program for you today.



  1. holistic nutrition:

    Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this topic so thoroughly. I look forward to future post.
    The Natural Health field is growing at a phenomenal rate throughout the world. And millions of Americans — aware of the detrimental effects of drug-based western medicine — are joining health oriented people around the globe in embracing an alternative natural approach. Encompassing the core building blocks of all living organisms, an holistic lifestyle promotes the building, repair, and maintenance of health.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      I agree. The natural health field must overtake the current pharmaceutical drug based treatment model. Holistic drug rehab is the most popular method of recovery from alcohol and drugs because people factually heal in holistic rehab. Holistic Detoxification is the natural choice for ALL alcohol detox and drug detox. I think everyone in the holistic field will prosper for more than the next hundred years. Good luck

  2. degrees in holistic nutrition:

    Thanks for the information you shared.

    While some people think of holistic nutrition as a fad, nothing could be further from the truth. Good jobs in this field require commitment to learning the skills needed to help others. If you want a good job, you should prepare to earn your bachelor’s degree. Many colleges and universities offer relevant degree programs. You can also find degrees in holistic nutrition programs through online schools.

  3. gayle:

    please help me I am coming off valium and having a heck of a time and on 4 mgs now and having bad withdrawals and looking for a rehab holistic that would help me I am in vegas and willing to travel.
    I have to go to a low cost facility as I am on disability thanks to the benzo wds for all these years…
    help me please

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      Continue on your current course of action.

      people who successfully end benzo addiction have to make some major decisions:
      1st: decide you want to live and that you will live better off drugs
      2nd: make a greater effort toward rehabilitation than to feeding your fears.

      Benzo addicted individuals are imprisoned by their own fears and benzo withdrawals. Benzo addiction will factually drive people insane. Many benzo users have become chemically insane.

      The greater the problems and the longer on benzos usually means a greater and more intelligent effort by the person is needed to eliminate the chemical intoxication and the emotional turmoil. Most of the social turmoil inflicted upon others is discounted. The right thing to do is invest as much and more into repairing self without dragging others into one’s own personal disaster.

      The longer you put yourself on benzos, the longer it usually requires to undo the damage created.

      So my recommendation is to invest as much energy and time into your recovery as you’ve invested into your fear and avoidance of benzo withdrawals.

      Start there and you’ll be correctly estimating what it takes to end addiction to benzos

  4. Venetios Polychronakos:

    Speaking of vitamin D, it functions a specific way in your body that researchers have considered it a hormone. It is involved in an important task known as the mineral homeostasis that deals with the regulation of the gene expression and also that of cellular differentiation.

  5. vitamin d deficiency symptoms:

    You should seek to get at least 15-30 mins of sunlight daily. the reason is , your body will naturally produce the Vitamin D the minute your skin is exposed to sunshine. If you normally wear sunscreen constantly, skip wearing it while you’re attempting to absorb the nutrient. the reason is , the chemicals in this sunscreen will block a person’s body’s natural absorption of sunlight. Another great benefit for sunshine is that it truly is wonderful in fighting weakness and depression. If you might have medium to dark skin color, then you should endeavor to stay out for 10 minutes more inside the sun to reap being full benefits.

  6. C. Douglas Hayes:

    In spite of your display of the Caduceus, your percentages, (Which would get me fired as an engineer). What are you made of.
    Signed: Desperate 10 Year Benzo addict.
    Product of a ignorant disregard of the medical field.

    • Douglas,

      people contacting Drug Rehab Advisor for holistic rehab healing want to get well and end dependency on drugs or alcohol. Individuals who want to be drug-free and live a more holistic life love Drug Rehab Advisor’s services and message. We are fortunate to attract people who want transcendence from illness to health, and usually achieve wellness in several months.

      Thanks so much for this opportunity to share with like minded individuals that holistic healing programs work far better than drug taking.

  7. sheila:

    i need an out patient rehab can not go in patient at this time

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