What is Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic Drug Rehab SuccessA place to recover and gain a new vibrant life full of fun, happiness and health. That's what a true holistic drug rehab should be. I can help you find and get into one of these holistic centers and find you a program that's right for you or your loved one, within a reasonable budget, time-frame and achieve the expectancy beyond what you think is possible.

But first, what is a holistic drug rehab?

A holistic drug rehab is a safe effective treatment center to get off of drugs, alcohol and meds. It's a caring and comfortable environment where you or a loved one can work out serious health issues or life problems. A holistic drug / alcohol rehabilitation center's counsellors, doctors and health professionals work with you to gain complete wellness.

Holistic rehab centers are much more than spa's or yoga retreats. A holistic drug rehab program is a specialized recovery center that exceeds the care offered by traditional medicine and doctors. A holistic program incorporates the best of western and eastern medicine to help you become well.

Close to 90% of our Referrals are Complete Successes

See our Success Page to read several of our posted success stories. Note: routinely, we are assisting several people at a time to gain access to holistic rehabs to ensure each person gets the right help, regardless of how many calls we get. So be sure to call and leave a message if we do not pick up immediately. All conversations and messages are confidential.

A little bit about me:

Tibor PalatinusOver 30 years ago, I suffered from the confusions and ill health effects brought about by taking meds, drugs and alcohol. Other's who were also adversely affected by doctors and psychiatrists were lost and getting worse. I was also miserable. That was then.

Today, I'm embracing a very healthy lifestyle, take the supplements that work for my active life and I also enjoy loved one's who live drug-free and happy lives. I've been living a healthy lifestyle that gets better, and I began that journey 35 years ago!

I've also been professionally referring people to holistic drug rehabs for 16 years. I've toured many facilities, been to many rehab conferences, spoken with countless holistic and traditional treatment providers and worked with many holistic professionals to help people like you or your loved ones recover from drug dependency or addictions.

I'd like to help you to enjoy these blessings but it will take effort on your part to get well and stay well.

Getting Started   

The first step is a client / situation assessment. That means you call me and we both determine what sort of holistic detox and holistic rehab programs would fit your specific situation. We want to help you or a loved one. However, if we can't answer your questions, we ALWAYS refer and direct you to where you can get the help you need.

Therefore, contact us, and know that when we make a placement, you should get an excellent fit for your specific situation.

If you're confused, doubtful, unsure or feel like you've been seeing the WRONG treatment providers, doctors etc, you're right. Because, if they gave you the right treatment you would not have the problems you have now!

You need someone who's navigated through the ocean of doctors, psych's, rehabs, detox centers and knows the one's that work for situations and people like yourself.

Call Drug Rehab Advisor at 800-650-8776 now. All Calls are Confidential

Holistic Rehab: What You Need to Get Well

Resources you will need include insurance coverage, out of pocket expense, time given in rehab, time you have to be away, your or the person's participation in the process. Realize that holistic rehab is not 'done to' a person but, instead a person participates in their own recovery. Therefore, finding the right program is a MAJOR step in getting well.

Every holistic and traditional rehab has different effectiveness for different situations and different people. Every or any holistic program is NOT right for you. However, there is a program that is right for your situation or a loved one, and a program that can be done.

Getting the Right Help 

Remember, you or your loved one are the one's who will be participating in that recovery program. Getting help from a professional Holistic Drug Rehab Referral expert is the right thing to do. Call Drug Rehab Advisor at 800-650-8776 for a no obligation, free consultation and placement.

Holistic means considering all parts of the problem and all the available resources to recover.

FYI, an often overlooked available resource is the willingness to change ones mind about those things one can change one's mind about. You should be willing to change your mind about time and diet.

Eating drugs everyday could be killing you or a loved one. Drinking 5 energy drinks a day or coffee could be stressing you out. Using drugs everyday for 5+ years may require more than 2 weeks to clear your mind and rebuild your life.

What is Holistic Drug Rehabilitation?Holistic Drug Rehab Concept

Holistic philosophy means knowing the parts of your health situation or condition or addiction are connected and your health condition is explained by understanding the whole situation, including what you do or don't put into your body daily.

When a holistic drug rehab treats an addicted or drug / medically dependant person, the holistic rehab program should be taking into account behavioural, mental, social factors, nutritional factors including, biological, i.e. toxic reactions, rather than just the physical symptoms.

symptoms = the drug a person is using to treat their problems is the clue

One example of a physical symptom is which drugs, meds, alcohol a person is using to 'treat' their difficulty. These drugs include all mood / mind altering medications, psychotropics, benzo's, anti-depressants, alcohol, ALL street drugs, marijuana / weed, etc.

Examples of Problems Holistic Drug Rehabs Fix:

Some common difficulties in life are

  • ALL mood disorders
  • anxiety,
  • low energy, low motivation,
  • insomnia, restlessness,
  • out of control thoughts or actions
  • anger,
  • emotional,
  • crazy thoughts, loss of personal control over thoughts or actions,
  • boredom,
  • lack of life purpose
  • feeling like you're going to die
  • most unwanted drug reactions

The above are common difficulties people treat with drug and alcohol dependency and abuse. The result is more drug dependency.

The solutions people use for many personal problems are using drugs, tranquilizers, benzo's, anti-depressants, street drugs, weed, and so on. They either go to their bar tender, doctor, dealer, friend and are given a pill, poison, or potion to handle their problem.

However, that problem is NEVER addressed, but instead the person may not feel the strain or pressure of that problem anymore for a short time. Then the problem comes back or there are withdrawal symptoms CAUSED by the pills, potions, or poisons the person is taking.

The effects of weed are easy to see in others, however, as weed tranquillizes personal reflection for weeks, it's very difficult to see withdrawal effects in oneself. However, if you've seen yourself or another become short tempered or easily annoyed when trying to quit smoking up, you see some of the underlying problems.

Alcohol abuse is devastating to a person physically, emotionally and socially. When drinking alcohol, many people forget and blank out not being aware of their actions. Alcohol abuse can and does destroy relationships, families and even oneself physically.

The people most hurt by alcohol abuse are often the family and friends of the alcohol abuser. The environment a person returns to can be so contentious and charged, those upsets that are there need to be addressed by professional family counsellors. Family counselling for the FAMILY of a drug abusing or addicted person is a very valuable part of holistic rehab programs.

When is a Hospital Needed vs Holistic Drug Rehab?

Everyone is unique and every situation is different. In a holistic drug rehab, people who have medical needs have personalized programs fitted for their situations.

A Holistic Drug Rehab can assist clients medically and physically. Clients are often consulted by doctors, counselors, detox specialists, nutritionists, natural doctors, health care workers / specialists and others. Holistic means treating the whole person, including their lifestyle.

Still think you need to go to a hospital for rehab?

Hospital staff and doctors tend to treat the person's body. I often tell callers that people go to hospitals so they don't die or if they need help in emergency situations. In my opinion, hospitals are very good at ensuring you're not going to die during a catastrophe.

Some detox methods will require a short hospital stay of several days but, most holistic drug rehab center programs can administer meds as needed during a medical detox or taper. Therefore, hospitals are rarely needed even if a medical taper is required to come off of bento's or alcohol.

According to the Malibu Method of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, people recover much faster and stay healthy longer in 'home like' settings, not in hospitals, when wanting rehab.

Trauma Therapy in Holistic Drug Rehabs

One-on-One Counselling

Personalized one-on-one counselling or individualized programs and attention make a major difference for people who want to heal from years or moments of trauma.

Rehabilitation programs using a holistic model specialize in trauma counselling. These counselling methods may include many types of therapy.

Talk therapies: Grief Counselling; Family Counselling (even for family / loved ones); Marriage Counselling; Relationship Counselling. All these type of counselling are mainstays of holistic drug / alcohol rehabilitation programs. You can expect these in all of the rehabs we recommend.

Techniques such as EMDR, Neuro-feedback; use of animal assisted therapies i.e. equine;

Exercise; Sauna; Traditional / Ritualistic i.e. Sweat Lodges, prayer circles.

Nutritional, vitamin / mineral supplementation to build up one's resilience to stress or fatigue.

Diet: such as the use of organic and natural foods, specialized diet best suited to your recovery, clean water, using nutraceuticals and nutritionists are routinely working with you to achieve rapid recovery.

Music Therapy; Art Therapy; Nature walks / hikes, massage therapy also has proven Man getting massage therapy in a holistic drug rehab centerbenefits.  While these look nice, I've spoken with both practitioners as well as program coordinators who routinely see major changes in people during these sessions. The lesson here is pleasurable activity when administered by professionals can and should have very therapeutic value.

Now, if you want to wallow in sorrow or pain, continue doing what you're doing - see your doctor and psych. They have a guaranteed method of ensuring long term dependency on pills and keeping your mental fog. It's called a drug / med. prescription.

Or you could reach for life, pleasure, happiness and success again. Imagine a life free of even 1 or 2 of your current ailments. What would that be worth to you?

Call us to find a holistic drug rehab program that will help you achieve some or a lot of happiness in your life again. It's worth a phone call, it's worth your time and it's worth your effort to take action and become well or at least not sick and tired!

Call Drug Rehab Advisor at 800-650-8776 now. All Calls are Confidential

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tibor A. Palatinus, Drug Rehab Advisor

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