We Help You Find Holistic Alcohol Rehabs Which Accept Your Insurance, Are Within Budget and Successfully Prevent Relapses

Your call to us is free.  We are a non profit here to help, but please read this page to take full advantage of our help. There is information on this page that will help in your search for a holistic alcohol rehab program designed for your needs.

You might have heard that drug abuse is just a symptom of a bigger problem.

Like you, your situation with drug abuse is unique. Until an alcoholic discovers the true causes of their alcohol abuse and fully treats those issues as part of recovery, those ups-and-downs they battle with go on unresolved.

To successfully treat alcohol abuse, one must identify these underlying causes, whether they are medical, emotional or mental. Then, a holistic alcohol rehab program needs to successfully deal with these underlying causes.

Therefore, one needs to go to a holistic alcohol rehab program that is uniquely prepared and designed for your or your loved one's needs.

Why some treatments rehab fewer alcohol abusers

Regular Rehabs focusing on symptoms get only 10% to 20% of alcohol abusers truly feeling better and not on other meds. That's because many of these programs are  30-day dry out programs that often rely on medications (more drugs) to treat symptoms and on group meetings.

After leaving rehab, programming expects your loved one to go to meetings or aftercare while back at home amidst all those unresolved triggers.

This is why people relapse after returning home.

The causes that drove them to use in the first place are still there.

On the other hand... Holistic Alcohol Rehab that treats the underlying causes of alcohol abuse achieve success rates between 60% to 90%.

Selecting a holistic alcohol rehab program with 4 times better success at preventing relapses

The newest and most exciting advances in rehab is the emergence of holistic alcohol rehab programs. These programs specialize in treating specific causes of addiction and drug abuse.

These alcohol rehabilitation programs may briefly (3- 7 days) use medications for immediate medical attention. However their focus is easing those problems. Therefore REAL rehab finds and helps the person face up to the underlying causes. Then the causes that created the anxiety, cravings, lying, avoidance of problems discharge.

They address...

  • their physical health, such as chronic pains, using specialists in physical rehabilitation,
  • deficiencies, using nutritional protocols and specialists,
  • their social, emotional and mental difficulties such as low self esteem, lack of essential life skills, depression, moral issues, etc., and deal with the underlying causes of your loved one's addiction.

In essence, we now have rehab programs, specializing in specific underlying causes as opposed to only addressing the symptoms.

Our holistic alcohol rehab advisor will help you identify the underlying causes of continued alcohol abuse. Next they will find a program that repairs you or your loved one in recovery.

Our simple process:

  1. Once we have you on the phone, our holistic alcohol rehab advisor will ask you specific  questions. They will zero in on the underlying causes of your or your loved one's alcohol abuse.
  2. Once our rehab and detox advisor has the full picture of your situation, he or she will tell you which center is best equipped to deal with your situation. Also he will check which rehab accepts your insurance or is within your budget.
  3. If you're interested in knowing more about the recommended program, the advisor will also facilitate a phone meeting with that center.

Call our toll free number and we will help you identify your loved one's underlying causes of drug abuse. One of our Alcohol Rehab Advisors will ask you several questions and connect you with the right rehab or detox program 800-650-8776.
(This is a complementary service - there is no charge.)

Do these rehab & detox programs cost?

Yes they do, and fortunately, most accept private insurance, especially types designated PPO, POS and some HMO. Sorry, Medicare and State insurance do not cover these programs. We could be able to refer you to someone who can help. Call us with your specific situation.

Private insurances may cover all or part of an effective drug rehab program. We also regularly recommend centers at excellent value for the results and service. If you need an executive center, we will help you find a center that permits cell phones and laptops. Therefore you can conduct important business communications as needed.

All recommended rehab centers, whether they are executive or affordable, provide lasting recovery. These rehabs demonstrate much higher success at preventing relapses than regular rehabs.

How do I get them to accept treatment?

There is an exact science on how to correctly do an intervention. An intervention is a caring act. Family members tell alcoholics they will no longer enable their condition.

An intervention includes meeting with the abuser. Families telling those abusing that they love them and that the alcoholic must seek help. Intervention is not an act of anger or intolerance.

When done right, a stubborn drug abuser will agree that they need help and accept treatment.

Our advisors can help with the exact step-by-step procedure.

All family members would need to be on board for an effective intervention. A Drug Rehab Advisor can help you plan a proper intervention (this is a complementary service). For the more difficult cases, he can help you find a good interventionist.

Please call us between 8am and 7pm PST at 800-650-8776. You can also complete the green form to the right of this web page.

Who funds us:

As a non profit, many support us in many different ways:

  1. Our compensation is from volunteered donations from thankful families and many partners who support our works. These supporters include many private and corporate, prevention, education, charitable and business partners.
  2. We are a non profit with a mandate to assist families and individuals lead drug-free healthy lives. We step in when traditional programs are not working. This mission statement includes rehab and detox placement and drug prevention education in schools. We do not overlap services with state run, or federally run programming already in place.
  3. Some, but not all rehabs we refer people to will financially contribute to our efforts as partners supporting sober lifestyles.