Heroin Rehabs & Detoxes

We help you find heroin rehabs which accept your PPO insurance, are within budget and have 4 times the success rates of traditional heroin rehab programs with no substitute drugs! We find recovery is a personal thing.

When you get a heroin rehab consultation you increase your likelihood of real recovery by 4 times. But, please read this page to take full advantage of our consultation and help. Information on this page could save you or your loved one from heroin addiction.

You might have heard that heroin abuse is just a symptom of a bigger problem.

Like you, your situation with an addiction is unique. Until your loved one finds and resolves the true causes of their drug abuse, your ups-and-down battle with heroin abuse will go on unresolved.

To successfully treat heroin abuse, one must identify these underlying causes, whether they are medical, emotional or mental. Then, a rehab program needs to successfully deal with these underlying causes.

Therefore, one should enter a program uniquely prepared and designed for their needs.

Caution: Many dual diagnosis rehabs increase drug use with addictive medications

Regular Detoxes and Rehabs focusing on symptoms get only 10% to 20% of abusers truly resolving their problems. That's because many of these programs are 30-day dry out programs that often rely on medications (more drugs) to treat symptoms and on group meetings. Opiate substitute drug programs giving  methadone or suboxone keep addicts using drugs indefinitely. Is rehab doing its job if they merely hook your loved one onto opiate substitute drugs for the next several years?

30 day treatment could work but, they'll need to do a lot of 1on1 personalized work to make it! Talk to us about 30 day heroin rehab options versus long-term heroin rehab programs.

After leaving rehab, recovery programs expect your loved one to go to meetings or aftercare while back at home amidst all those unresolved triggers. Note: some rehabs ensure your loved one completes all 12 steps and resolves major triggers before returning home!

This is why people relapse after returning home.

The causes that drove them to use in the first place are still there.

On the other hand... heroin rehabs that treat the underlying causes of heroin addiction achieve success rates between 60% to 90%. Note: a dual-diagnosis rehab may add a diagnosis without arresting the cause of the addiction. Therefore treatment should differentiate rehab results from diagnosis.

Diagnosis puts labels on a person, treatment helps resolve real life issues. Trouble is putting another label on someone, exposes them to further drugging and labels.

Selecting a Heroin Rehab Assuring Success

The newest and most exciting advances in heroin rehab is the emergence of rehab programs specializing in treating specific causes of addiction and drug abuse, i.e. the underlying issues. However, underlying issues include dishonesty and poor communications skills not drug deficiencies.

Effective heroin rehab programs may briefly use medications for immediate medical attention. However their focus is finding and helping the person face up to the underlying causes that created the anxiety, cravings, lying, avoidance of problems and more!

Resolving the real reason heroin addicts abuse heroin is uncomfortable to addicts - they avoid discomforts and make life hell. The right heroin rehabs address a person's physical health, such as chronic pains, using specialists in natural pain management rehabilitation. These heroin rehabs also help people resolve social, emotional and mental difficulties. These difficulties include low self esteem, lack of essential life skills, depression, moral issues, etc., and deal with the underlying causes of your loved one's addiction. In summary, people generate many of their own difficulties. 

In essence, each of these heroin rehabs specialize in dealing with specific underlying causes not the symptoms.

Our drug rehab & detox advisor will help you identify the underlying causes of heroin abuse 1st, next . .

Our simple process:

  1.  Once you are on the phone, our drug rehab advisor will ask you specific  questions. These help to zero in on the underlying causes of your or your loved one's heroin abuse.  This may take 10 minutes or longer depending on your answers.
  2. Once our rehab and detox advisor has the full picture of your situation, he or she will discuss programs that best resolves those situations. We check your insurance  while you're on the phone
  3. Your advisor will facilitate a phone meeting with appropriate heroin treatment centers for further consultation.

Contact us and we will help you identify your loved one's underlying causes of heroin addiction. A Drug Rehab Advisors will ask you several questions and connect you with the right heroin rehab detox program. Call 800-650-8776 


  1. Our compensation is from donations from thankful families and many partners who support our works.
  2. We are a non-profit with a mandate to assist families and individuals lead drug-free healthy lives. We step in before or after traditional programs are not working. This mission statement includes rehab and detox placement and drug prevention education in schools. However we do not overlap services with state run, or federally run programming already in place. (Please look for medicare or state run programs in your area.)
  3. Many rehabs we refer people to will financially contribute to our efforts as partners supporting sober lifestyles.

Do these Heroin Rehab & Detox Programs Cost?

Yes they do, and fortunately, most accept private insurance, especially  types designated PPO, POS and some HMO. Directly contact Medicare and State insurance providers as those provide complete lists of their heroin rehab resources. Note: we do not side check or interfere with people in the process of entering heroin rehabs.

Private insurances may cover all or part of an effective heroin rehab program. We also regularly recommend centers at excellent value for the results and service. If you need an executive center, we will help you find a center that permits cell phones and laptops for business communications.

We recommend heroin rehab centers, whether executive or economy, have demonstrated much higher success at preventing relapses than regular rehabs.

Will they accept heroin addiction treatment?

First there is an exact science on how to correctly do an intervention. An intervention is a caring act family members do to ensure THEY STOP enabling the heroin abuser.

Second an intervention includes a meeting with the abuser and letting them know you care for and love them. The purpose of an intervention is insisting a heroin abuser must seek help.   Therefore an intervention is not an act of anger or intolerance.

Therefore when done right, a stubborn heroin abuser will agree that they need help and accept treatment. If they decline help, you need to ask yourself, "What am I doing?"

Our advisors can help with the exact step-by-step procedure.

All family members would need to be on board for an effective intervention. A Drug Rehab Advisor can help you plan a proper intervention (this is a complementary service). Also for the more difficult cases, we can help you find you a good professional interventionist.

Please call us between 8am and 7pm at: 800-650-8776, or complete the green form to the right of this web page.