Do Private Drug Rehab Centers Take PPO Insurance ?

When the crisis hits of needing to get a loved one or yourself into addiction treatment, one of the first questions that needs answering is, will your PPO insurance cover the costs of any private rehab centers?

Get Your PPO Insurance Policy Out and Have it Ready

The first thing to do is to  visit us at Drug Rehab Advisor  (you  may also want to find your insurance card or paper docket, so it is possible to quickly take down your insurance information in order to have it to hand).  This is so it can be more easily checked at specific centers where we believe it will likely cover some or perhaps all of the costs of the private drug rehab center you are looking at.

So get out the policy that your provider sent you so that we can get the vital information needed to help you start the process.

Drug Rehab Enrollment Process Needs to Be ASAP

We can have the information that you need gotten to you promptly so that you have a very clear idea of what you will have to come up with out of pocket, and what your insurance provider will cover.

Please note that many if not most PPO insurance policies do have at least some coverage for drug rehab in a private drug treatment center.  That is partly why you are paying the premiums you have been paying.  While noone likes to pay high insurance premiums,  this is the benefit and ultimately a good thing as you will likely be able to find financial relief on the cost of treatment in private rehab.

This is the information you need at this most crucial of times.

It Does Not Have to Take Days or Weeks to Enroll into Private Drug Rehab

Many calls I get are from distraught (and frankly quite exhausted)  family members or individuals,  who tell me they have been on the internet and on the phone for days even weeks,  trying to find a private drug or alcohol rehab center that takes their insurance.

One by one the calls are made,  desperately and quickly trying to find the center that meets your insurance needs, meets your location needs,  the length of program,  the services available there,  and so many other things.  The more you do this, the longer your list of questions tends to become. This is where the exhaustion can begin to set in.

Don't let this scenario open the door to selecting the wrong program for your situation, or relenting to a program that is just going to be a bad fit overall, no matter how good the sales pitch might be.  This is where critical thinking is vitally important.

After much surfing through all the websites out there, you will likely begin to find that most websites are difficult to navigate to find the exact  information you need right now. This could be pricing, this could be what forms of insurance are accepted,  what treatment protocols are used, length of program, does the program havea medically staffed detox on site,  are there extra costs for that, is it accredited, can you bring a laptop, and so on.

We have been doing this for long enough to be able to help steer you quickly and efficiently toward the most likely centers that will be able to provide services for your situation.

What We Do at Drug Rehab Advisor

When treating addiction and drug and alcohol abuse,  quickly locating a private drug or alcohol rehab can make the difference between ultimate success and failure.  We intend to remove excess time from the equation and get you or your loved one situated into the best private drug rehab center that fits all of your criteria as instantly as possible.




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