Drug Rehab Advice: BEWARE “Colombian Devil’s Breath” – Scariest Drug in the World

Drug rehab advice issued by the Drug Rehab Advisor warns about a dangerous drug called Colombian Devil's Breath. Also worth noting, victims refer to the drug as the "Scariest Drug in the World".  Also, Nazi's and the CIA used the drug, but called it "scopolamine". So, don't go to South America without knowing some details, as listed below.

What it looks like:  Fine white powder in its processed form. The seeds are tan colour when in the raw state, about the size of a sunflower seed.

Other Names: Scopolamine, Borundanga, Devil's Breath or Devil's Plant

Scopolamine Production:

Chemists extract the drug from seeds of a flower found on the Borrachero tree. The flower looks like the common morning glory, with slightly more sharp and elongated edges. The white flowers look and smell beautiful. The trees grow wild in Columbia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

Criminals Attack Victims With Devil's Breath

The drug robs the person of their own free will.  As a result, scopolamine reduces the victim to a child like robot. The victim can not resist anything asked or requested. And this includes signing over ownership of goods,  sex, revealing passwords to bank accounts, jumping off a bridge, or anything else you can imagine.

And, one single gram of the drug will kill about a dozen people.

Nazi Psychiatric Use: Joseph Mengele, the renowned Nazi Psychiatrist nicknamed "Angel of Death",  imported Scopolamine from Colombia and used it for ten years in Germany in the 1930's and 1940's as an interrogation drug and in the Concentration Camp experiments and for mind control experiments on mental patients. The drug became known as a "chemical hypnosis" drug.

CIA use of Scopolamine:  In the 1960's the CIA imported the drug for use in the "Cold War" as a sort of a truth serum.  But, the research proved the drug unreliable.

Historical Use of Scopolamine in Colombia: Ancient Colombian tradition held that when a Chieftain of a tribe died, all his mistresses and wives had to die too.  So, elders drugged the women with the drug, led them into the burial chamber, and buried them alive.

More Drug Rehab Advice: Criminals Use Scopolamine on Victims

Criminal gangs in Colombia use this drug in their criminal acts. So, criminals will blow it towards a person, or toss it in the air that a victim will breathe in. Or will swipe the nose or face of a victim with paper laced with the drug. Date rapists will lace a drink with the powder.

Devil's Breath hurts victims.  As noted, sex criminals drug their victims with this date rape drug. Drug rehab advice applies to men also. For example, prostitutes may use the drug to steal wallets and bank cards.  Scopolamine reduces the victim to a highly suggestible state, where the person will obey any command or request without resistance.

Drug Rehab Advice: When traveling in South America:  Do not leave drinks or food unattended and stick to social settings with people you know. Otherwise, criminals may harm you using Devil's Breath. 

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