Klonopin Detox

Detox from Klonopin

Klonopin Rehabilitation: The first step is to learn how you can determine what Klonopin and benzodiazepine detox program will best work for you. Even the most 'famous' detox and rehab centers botch up Klonopin detox. A rehab center name alone should not determine your decision when you require klonopin detox.

Why are many people finding Klonopin detox difficult despite going to fancy detox centers, rehabs and hospitals? Benzodiazepine detox can require advanced expertise in medical detox and holistic nutritional treatments to succeed. The best Klonopin treatment centers offer more than one usually expects even when compared to expensive detox facilities.

Klonopin rehab is a specialized holistic process

Attention: I'm going to encourage you to treat yourself right and get the best detox rehab help you deserve and fully recover quickly through a correct Klonopin and other benzodiazepine detox. Why? Because most of my clients calling me for the first time are needing help with severe benzodiazepine withdrawal effects have already been through medical detox for benzodiazepine dependency.

Klonopin Detox and Rehab Checklist:

  • Counselors and withdrawal specialists willing to nurse you through your difficulties assist benzo detox.
  • Physical side effects of Klonopin manifest as interrupting nerve channels. Shocks and zaps can occur during detox. Holistic detox and natural remedies based on your condition can reduce those side effects.
  • Digestion problems: Holistic natural remedies recommended for your specific health condition significantly help alleviate and repair those problems.
  • Your pain is also mental and psychological. The best drug treatment centers will treat those problems holistically through counseling.

I recommend getting the job done right the first time in rehab and detox centers . When you're willing to come to terms with your underlying conflicts, I recommend the right programs.

Klonopin Rehab & Detoxing from Klonopin

People who are still having big detox problems after attending those benzo detox centers or hospitals did not properly detox them from benzos. These patients continued feeling horrible because their detox doctors weren't completely rehabilitating their health; the doctors were unaware of how to accomplish physical rehabilitation.

That's why I'm writing these informative articles about Klonopin rehab. I want you to succeed and regain your health.

There is little benefit in withstanding months or years of Klonopin detox symptoms by ONLY lowering your benzo dose, this is called titrating down. There are so many other successful Klonopin detox steps you could be taking to eliminate or significantly assist your body and mind to recover quickly from benzodiazepine intoxication.

Klonopin Facts: Klonopin is a longer lasting / acting benzodiazepine drug than Ativan but not less addictive. Some may try to convince you to stay on Klonopin for life as their withdrawals were too much for themselves to bear. Why is Klonopin Detox so difficult?

Klonopin Detox Facts

Klonopin Detox

Klonopin / Benzos

Everyone taking Klonopin knows that benzodiazepine pharmaceuticals work on the gaba receptors. While this is mostly accurate, clonazepam or Klonopin drug manufactures - the pharmaceutical companies that produce these drugs - don't know how Klonopin works. They also confirm that there is no medical test. Doctor's recommending Klonopin could be wrong.

Klonopin so completely consumed some of my callers that they asserted Klonopin addiction has no known cure or detox. Klonopin addiction overcame these individuals and now they see no way out of their problems. Also, pharmaceutically trained MDs probably told them they've got a 'disease' that is 'incurable'. According to the most recent DSM V, written in part by the pharmaceutical industry, nothing cures anxiety.

Klonopin and benzodiazepine drug manufacturers admit that they do not know how Klonopin or benzos work. MDs don't have medical tests to determine if you even need Klonopin or don't need it. NO medical test determines if you should take Klonopin in the first place.

MDs, pharmaceutical literature and trade journals will tell you why you and others should stay on Klonopin or benzos indefinitely, for life. Simply financial motivation or ignorance drive doctors to making these statements.

Detox Problems

The underlying, untreated conditions Klonopin covers up creates bizarre and confusing symptoms during detox. The biggest problems of Klonopin withdrawal are the multiple effects that are hitting the person at the same time as they detox from Klonopin. It's confusing!

A person will have a combination of problems if they've been on Klonopin for any length of time. They'll have more problems if the Klonopin 'worked' for them. As the greater the beneficial effects that Klonopin gives, the greater the potential addiction problems the person has when desiring or needing to detox from Klonopin.

The mental addiction to Klonopin is amazing. Mentally generated pain is more real than physical pain. Mental pain often works through the nerves and muscles. Using drugs tends to make drug addicts out of people, yet stopping those drugs abruptly won't help either. Medical tapering is one strategy that works - but it only works with concurrent counseling.

Underlying Conditions & Klonopin Detox

Klonopin, clonazepam and benzodiazepines cover up real conditions. People should resolve these challenges practically.  Some of the biggest problems people on Klonopin tend to have are social, anxiety or sleep issues. All these have similar sources - they are social discomforts that affect the physical well being of a person. However, the reverse is also true. Chronic stress reactions to taking Klonopin or benzos can physically create sleep and anxiety problems. Yes, you're getting shafted from both directions.

When a person is taking Klonopin for pain issues the problems become worse. Addiction to Klonopin can really set in deep. Withdrawal pains only accentuate any real pain sitting there. Often a pain level 2 feels like a pain level 9 when going through Klonopin detox. Because people don't know how to correctly address the underlying problem they Klonopin dependence or withdrawal traps them unnecessarily for years.

Fixing Klonopin Detox Problems

The correct way to fix problems with detox is to:

  1. Stop believing everything the doctor or doctors are telling you about staying on Klonopin. You're doctor is probably hypnotizing you -- as you usually see doctors when you are in pain, drugged and very suggestible. You're probably in health trouble because you've followed these incomplete and inaccurate diagnosis and advices.
  2. Work with people who are rehab experts in detoxing people from Klonopin, benzodiazepines and other anti-anxiety drugs. Factually, you've got other problems that are blindsiding you  every time you attempt a Klonopin withdrawal; plus Klonopin rebounds kick you in the teeth, stomach actually, when you go through Klonopin detox. These rehab experts can eliminate Klonopin detox effects by improving your natural health.

Klonopin Detox Solutions

DrugRehabAdvisor has been working with Klonopin, benzo and other pharmaceutical detox centers which have specialized in Klonopin rehab for years. Some Klonopin rehab centers have 10 years success with Klonopin detox.

Klonopin detox done well and correctly are generally pretty smooth when the person detoxing from Klonopin follows the dietary, nutritional and intensive holistic detox protocol that reactivates proper metabolism and natural detoxification processes normally functioning in the body. This is the true skill of a competent detox center. Rehabilitation is the goal, physically and emotionally.

My experience in helping people off of Klonopin and benzos have all been positive. I have also listened for years to people tell me how awful and impossible Klonopin detox is. A Klonopin rehab center should be nutritionally and medically correcting serious imbalances in glandular and hormone function. The rehabs that do are getting excellent results. Rehabs that don't are putting people onto all kinds of drugs to mask their earlier failure to correct the original problems.

What's the difference between these two above situations?

One knows the truth about Klonopin & Benzo detox and the other suffers from an ignorance of the truth which they believe completely.

Get the best Klonopin and benzodiazepine detox advisor here. Next you can read through detox and withdrawal advice on DrugRehabAdvisor. Finally, call us about the best Klonopin detox and rehab for your unique situation.

We work only with integrated Private Pay Klonopin detox rehab centers as well as some insurance covered holistic rehab / detox centers. We found these holistic rehabs are directly accountable to their clients and provide comfortable withdraw along with the best care and results in benzo detoxification. You'll need to call me and allow me to help you determine the right center for your situation

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  1. ira:

    my husband has been going through withdrawal for 2 weeks and is suffering fever chills sweats nightmares. he was also drinking and has stopped that as well . no doctor wants to help even through they prescribed the meds..what can we do to alleviate the withdrawals.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      Klonopin withdrawal requires you minimally follow our protocol on http://www.drugrehabadvisor.com/dira/at-home-drug-withdrawal. By following this advice RAPIDLY he can begin to get well. You can start this right away. Just purchase online. Ideally get him to a specialized Klonopin detox center by contacting me at drugrehabadvisor.com/dira 1-888-840-0297 to get him enrolled. See “Detox Withdrawal Programs” page on drugrehabadvisor.com/dira site.

  2. Gayle Voss:

    Please call me ASAP. I need to be guided to the best Dr possible as I’m having Klonapin withdrawals. I feel very anxious and jittery.
    Please call me or email me back again ASAP.



    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      you can phone drugrehabadvisor.com/dira about Klonopin detox on our toll free line 7 days a week to get into a live in program to handle this fast, safely and finally. You can also start the online program immediately to do knowledgeably detox from Klonopin at home over time, to access the right help and smooth out the withdrawals right away.

  3. yanira:

    i’ve been detoxing from klonopin for a month now, its been literally hell on Earth, from not sleeping to the panic attacks, to the outter body experiences and the hallucinations, whoever prescibes this medication to people are as sick as the medication itself, whoever makes it through this kind of withdrawl can make it through anything. God Bless

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      Klonopin detox doesn’t need to be hell. Actually it should be at worst uncomfortable, but not horrible at all. The right way to Klonopin detox at home is to start Drug Rehab Advisor’s Klonopin At home detox program right away. If you’re going off track (and you’re off track if you’re going through hell) you’ll have 5 days a week access to me to insure you’re put on the right track again. People tend to repeat the same MAJOR errors they’ve been making when attempting unsupervised drug withdrawals or detoxes. The way to ensure you’re detoxing correctly, is to follow drugrehabadvisor.com/dira advices.
      1st get the at home program OR let’s get you to a proper inpatient Klonopin detox / rehab

  4. Lynn:

    I’ve been on klonopin 0.5, 3times a day for one month now, how hard is this going to be to get off

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      I’d have to ask you some direct questions about your age, other meds, your health, and such to determine any expected length of withdrawal. Fact: Klonopin or Clonazepam used over longer periods of time will create dependency in many people. Incorrect withdrawal and even incorrect taper can create all kinds of major trouble. Minimally I recommend starting our at home drug withdrawal program.

  5. Karisa:

    I was just in a rehab facility in vegas for klonopins. They barely let me sleep… They didn’t understand my out of body experiences and the horrible nightmare anxiety I was getting and am still getting. The anxiety got so terrible and I was actually convinced I was hearing things, so I just left the program. I’m having a really hard time with this. I’m only 24 years old. I don’t want to live like this forever. If someone could please email me ASAP i would reallyyyy appreciate any help. thank you.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      That’s awful! Tragically you’re experience at that Nevada Klonopin detox center is common place for many people wishing to detox from Klonopin. I work with Klonopin detox centers which offer the best hope for full recovery.

      A safe, effective and healthy Klonopin detox facility understands what you’re going through, respects you as a person having a tough time and most importantly knows how to naturally and correctly treat Klonopin withdrawal.

      Thanks for your story and I’ve already emailed you. Call asap

  6. debbie:

    left a message, need more information, cost of program, where it is etc. I am in Virginia now and I am desperate for a place to heal this. thank you

    • Debbie,
      please call me any time 7 days a week WCT about entrance into a Klonopin detox center. The centers I work with focus on holistic care and full recovery.
      Call me at drugrehabadvisor.com/dira 1-800-650-8776. There are several, each very different from the other, yet all of them effective. Let me know the best time to speak with you.

  7. donna:

    My 23 year old son had been addicted to klonopin for nearly 6 years now taking 3-4 1mg pills a day. we need desperately to find hime help immediately in the ny metro area please help us he is terrified to go to a detox and we dont know where to turn for help

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      Klonopin detox rehab. Donna, what you truly need is a long term Klonopin rehab program which is expert at Klonopin detox. Effective Benzo detox and rehab works best when a proper rehab plan is worked out. For that, call me at Drug Rehab Advisor 1-800-650-8776

      For locations and prices see Holistic Rehab Centers page on drugrehabadvisor.com/dira

  8. Paul M:

    If I paid you to help me slowly get off Klonopin, which is ruining my life, would one of the possible methods you could use for me include any mild pharmaceutical SEDATIVE to stop the panic and numerous other symptoms? I would need it.
    My tolerance to Klonopin has been growing particularly in the last 6 months (I’ve been needing to take sometimes up to .7 or even .9 mg. per day, in order not to go nuts with unbearable, hellish symptoms). Last several nights I’ve gotten only 5 hours of sleep, from waking too early, and than the next day is intolerable (panicky). I need help, so that I won’t go through the tapering alone (and I’m not sure I could ever wean myself off it by myself – as I did around 4 years ago when I was taking very, very little). I feel I’m in trouble. I need help. I can’t continue my life like this.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      1st. I only work with the most advanced and successful inpatient benzo detox centers in the USA. They gain excellent results because they are both medically and holistically competent. The centers medical staff would help you assess and test the effectiveness of your sedatives during detox. They would not take it away from you as the centers I work with grant full HIPAA or patients rights.
      Realize that you’ll be working with detox centers having skilled holistic detox doctors and withdrawal specialists who routinely help people smoothly detox from Klonopin.
      Klonopin detox requires a great deal of empathy and holistic medical skill to effectively move people through their anxieties and traumas associated with detox and / or life. When you’re ready to take action and get onto a longer term detox of several weeks or months, contact me to get started.

  9. I’ve been off Klonopin since June 2010 and still feel like crap. Tired,depressed fuzzy headed. How can I accelerate this healing,detox process? How long will this last? Is it still in my body? Is it still coming out? How long does it take for your brain and body to heal? Do antidepressants help of just make things worse? what are natural remedies to speed the healing process?

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      that’s good for deciding off of Klonopin. The minimum effective action to do is begin our At Home Detox program on line.
      Believe me when I tell you that a correct and entire successful Klonopin detox program to successfully get healthy again.

  10. Jackie:

    Hello I was prescribed Klonopin about 8 years ago for panic attacks i’m Now 24 And I Don’t want to be On these pills anymore. I tried getting off about 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. It was horrible i never want to Feel that way again. can you please send me info i live In orange county ca

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      the next action to take is to either get our At Home Detox program online right away or arrange to get away for a number of weeks or months to get healthy and smoothly come off Klonopin. As you know there are many reasons people end up on Klonopin for anxiety. Those factors can be addressed through health improvement as well as gaining knowledge and skills to live better drug-free.

      Contact me at Drug Rehab Advisor about Klonopin Detox inpatient centers when you’re ready to make a move.

  11. sharon r:

    Dear Tibor,
    Several months ago, I purchased your at home online program for detoxing from Klonopin. I never got the promised answers like, how to deal with insomnia, and what supplements to decrease the withdrawal symptoms. Maybe I didn’t receive the whole kit. I have been titrating down for a year and have 4 months to go till I am benzo free. Can you help?

    • Sharon,

      help with sleep issues: see this holistic sleep advisor article for help.

      Also, by starting on the AT Home program, you have regular email access to me through the special portal which comes directly to my desk. Please make use of that as much as you need. I have other recommendations I can give to clients of the At Home program which I reserve for their use only, so please make use of this service. It’s yours to use as a program participant !

  12. Gregory Wiel3:

    Starting to taper 40 MG’s of VAlium per day. Scared because of my last MD exp. who tried in 2_3/ weeks. Thanks GW

    • Gregory, I strongly suggest including the FULL at home withdrawal program with your taper. Most who taper have massive issues – only because they missed filling in all the parts of the at home program. Good luck.

  13. Bre:

    I have been prescribed to klonopin for almost 3 years. I have been on the same dose of (3 mg A DAY) since the beginning. I am a single mother and my health started failing dramatically this past year and i completely lost myself. I thought it was me mentally breaking down from stress but it was the klonopin that had made me so much worse and lost. I am at home trying to battle getting off them. And it is impossible. Im am stuck in a black hole on them and theres no hope! But my body will not allow me to kick this addiction. The things i am experiencing and dealing with is hell. I dont know how else to explain it. Its complete hell. I want off these klonopins more then anything in the world and i do not know how im going to make this happen. I try to mentally fight this and it is absolutely impossible and then i have to take 1 to ease the withdrawals. I cant remember anything. I lost almost a year of memory. Nothing is clear anymore and its intolerable to even try and think or figure out something. The pressure i have nonstop in my head is just like a migraine x10. I see things and hear stuff. My body is so sore and sensitive. Just a tap feels like a punch. Im stuttering and twitching. The nightmares and sickness at night is unbearable. I need to know how i can do this at home I cant fight this. I have no help with my son for me to go to treatment. Ive never in my life been unable to fight something or addicted to anything. I never even knew this was going to be the outcome of just seeking help for the stress and anxiety i was dealing with. I had panic attacks on crazy levels. And through the time ive been on the klonopin they never went away and have became worse this last year. They mentally ruined me. And i physically was falling apart. I just need guidance on the best way to make this hell end please.

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