Tibor Palatinus rehab discussion on TV Show

Tibor Palatinus rehab discussion on TV Show

"Individualized Rehab Programs for you or your loved one. If you're the type of person who thinks independently and expects excellent natural individualized rehab & detox programs that are successful, I've got something for you."

The drug rehab and detox you decide on will determine if you stay clean or go back to drinking, using drugs or meds. Some fancy Florida programs have 95% relapses in 2 weeks of return!

Why gamble with success when I KNOW which rehabs and programs are effective and which ones look great but have no lasting benefit? Getting consultation before choosing determines long term sobriety or quick relapse. I've reviewed rehabs for the past 16 years!

Which rehab program and detox will work and help you fully recover?

Selecting the right rehab & detox program the first time could save a life. We have over 15 years of serving the public.

A Drug Rehab Advisor or rehab consultant helps families facing addiction. There are thousands of drug and alcohol rehabs operating in the USA and Canada.

Which type of rehab programs get and expect results and which programs expect the client to work out their own recovery? Listing them all is impossible. But there is an answer coming.

Drug Rehab Advice That's Right:

A rehab program should conclude when a now recovered former drug or alcohol abuser is fully rational and in control of their lives and has ended their addiction.

Yet many American and Canadian drug & alcohol detox and drug rehab centers discharge clients when either:

  • the person's 28 days are up, not if they were ready to leave
  • a treatment result is obtained, but not a rehabilitation result

Yet, neither of those conditions for discharge satisfy criteria for a successful and complete detox and rehabilitation. Instead the rehab program staff often shuffles the person off to out-patient counseling, a ½ Way House or 12 Step meetings in their local area. Was rehab the goal or did they merely get a treatment result?

Complete Drug Rehabilitation Requires Specialized Techniques To Repair Drug Damages

Intervention professionals, counselor training and working with families for 10 years prepared me to help families facing addiction. I knew I was on the right track when I saw kids quickly understanding the simple yet profound facts about drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug rehab centers vary significantly. The main difference in rehab programs is in their philosophy about addiction & rehabilitation. Finding rehab centers which are effective and achieving rehabilitation goals is the 1st priority.

Rehab & detox centers must solve the following situations.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Facts:

  • Drug and alcohol use and abuse starts as a choice and eventually deteriorates personal will power
  • Abusing drugs and alcohol damages an individual's ability to control life
  • The damage created by drugs and the lifestyle doesn't fix itself over time, like your car doesn't replace its own spark plugs and replace its old oil with new

Adult drug and alcohol abusers merely develop social habits which cover up their disabilities.

Truthfully, when an addicted person needs help off of drugs or alcohol, one should get someone knowledgeable about detox or rehab program to talk to. Professional rehab consultation helps get drug abusers to effective rehab or detox that's right for the client.

If you make a mistake, you may not get another chance.

Seeking professional drug rehab advice from an advisor who has a good track record of ending addiction and helping people regain their self determination is a good way to save someone's life from drug abuse.

Do you need to help someone get fully rehabilitated? Do you want to get the person back who you lost to drugs or alcohol?

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Tibor A. Palatinus, is the Director of a Drug / Alcohol Detox and Rehab Consultancy which specializes in Referring Clients to Drug-free Detox and Rehab Programs which End Addiction for Life.

Drug rehab centres and drug detox centers designed with families in mind. We intend to help families and drug abusers get the most effective rehab and detox programs available for their insurance or their money. We consults people who want to invest in detox and rehab programs which have strong track records and work.

For general costs of rehab and detox programs see detox withdrawal programs on drug rehab advisor.

Drug Abuse video at How Drug Abusers Think

To discover the best rehab & detox center for your loved one or yourself,

Contact DrugRehabAdvisor At: 1-800-650-8776 in Canada and US


  1. Addiction is behavior pattern that originated from the habit that has been firmly planted in the subconscious mind. Not a problem if now you feel powerless to stop your addiction. Sufficiently capitalized, strong desire for change and you also have to have a hope of success with hypnotherapy.

    • Alcohol Rehab:
      interesting point of view on alcoholism and its cure. Anytime a person is drunk they are susceptible to hypnotic commands. Every drunken episode could predispose an alcoholic to hypnotic commands. So you want to hypnotize alcoholics more???

      I’ve found an alcoholic needs their health improved significantly 1st, next they need to increase their abilities to be with themselves and their problems – just to be able to be with it. Next it’s time to problem solve and get better problems. Hypnotherapy has been used for almost 100 years and we still have alcoholism increasing. I wish the gift of sobriety to all.

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