Drug Intervention Consulting When the Addict Refuses Drug Rehab

Drug intervention consulting equals giving families their best chance at enrolling a loved one into drug rehab.

Likely, if you love an addict then you have already struggled for some time. Indeed, watching another die from addiction is heartbreaking.   And, it does not matter if the addiction is to opiates or meth or alcohol. Truly, the pain is the same.

Why won't they listen?  Why don't they take some action to help themselves?

Drug Intervention Consulting Helps Move the Unmoveable

So, no matter what you have done or said, nothing could break through that barrier.   Indeed, begging, bribing, crying, screaming and yelling has not worked.

Certainly, bailing them out of jail did not work. And, paying their unpaid bills did not cure their addiction.  Really, all you want to do is save them from their own self-destruction.

That seems completely logical, to you and me. The addict is not seeing it that way at all. Likely, a drug intervention is one of few steps you can take. The consultation is to help you figure out if it is the right move to help your loved one.

Saving Another From Self Destruction

Truly, you cannot save someone from their own self-destructive actions. Likely, that has been your focus, possibly your only focus, for quite some time. However, to do so is an impossible feat.  .

But, you want to trip the switch back to him or her caring for self. So, trip the switch and the person will usually agree to get into a treatment program.  Indeed, things begin to move quickly from that point.

And, a professional interventionist is trained in how to do this with precision.

Should You Let an Addict Hit Bottom

Theoretically, once you let go of trying to save them, they will hit their bottom pretty quickly.  For instance, allowing the arrest, allowing the accident,  allowing the jail time,  allowing the rent to go unpaid, all of whatever else constitutes "hitting bottom".

However, addicts get very good at `lowering the bottom`. For instance, a girl or boy will begin prostituting. Commonly, theft pays for drugs.  Or, selling drugs today pays for more drugs tomorrow. Living and begging on the streets is another way to lower the bottom. Indeed, the bottom goes right down to death. So, death is the final "bottom".

How Does Intervention Consulting Work

Simply, drug intervention consulting  "raises the bottom" for a moment, giving the person a chance to stand on that last step,  and get a clear picture of where they are.

With exact precision, the intervention consultant lays it out. And, informs the person you will no longer be trying to save them.  Also, protection and enabling is a thing of the past.

This info is sent very clearly, without emotion or anger.  Importantly, make sure the message impacts the person. Then, an offer of enrollment into rehab provides an alternative.  It is their choice.  Once the window is open, they usually will want to escape their addiction. And, without a fight.

Info on Booking Drug Intervention

Booking a drug intervention might be the only chance to save a loved one. To find out if that is the correct action call Drug Rehab Advisor at 1 800 650 8776.

If possible, you should read up on intervention to become more familiar with it. Drug Rehab Advisor has established decades of relationships with professional interventionists. Bottom line, this is often the last chance an addict has to find a way out of the trap they are in.





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