Pharmaceutical Dependence – Prescription Drug Detox Needed

Pharmaceutical dependence needs careful and safe detox. And, the alarm bells have sounded. Recently, shocking statistics report rising prescription drug-deaths. And, prescription drug sales are also climbing fast.

However, prescription drugs now cause more deaths than any other type of accident or injury.

Pharmaceutical drug companies have successfully sold their pain medications and antidepressants to the top of the heap. These two categories have profited drug makers with a real upswing in numbers.

As a result, addiction to prescription drugs has never been higher, with no end in sight.

Prescription Drugs Mask But Do Not Cure Symptoms

Sadly, decades of slick marketing made the general population believe that drugs are the same as treatment.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly, drugs cure nothing, according to the FDA and CDC.

Hiding symptoms does not cure anything.  Sometimes dying cancer victims need to reduce their pain. Unfortunately, using deadly drugs to mask pain has filtered down into general cases where the patient looks for pain management.  But doctors should look for root causes and address them.

So, we have lazy doctors prescribing drugs to an under educated populace.  And, combined with big pharma's well-funded ad campaigns, this makes the ordinary person a sitting duck for the damage that over-prescribing medications can do.  Most of these medications, especially opioids and antidepressant drugs are highly addictive.

How many Americans Take Prescription Drugs?

By 2010, doctors prescribed prescription drugs to 47.5 % of the US population.   As of 2016, according to the Healthy Back Institute,  doctors prescribed 5 or more drugs to 20% of the population.

How many Children in the US are on Medications?

According to the same source,  25% of children in the US are on up to 4 prescription drugs. Especially troubling, many children take more than 5 drugs daily.  Clearly, these statistics are appallingly high.  Shamefully high.

How Many Die from Prescription Drugs Yearly?

Over 100,000 people in the US die each year from prescription drugs.

Pharmaceutical Dependence and Private Detox Advice

Drug Rehab Advisor has helped many people to find private prescription drug detox. Important to note, the program should fit their type of addiction, age range, budget, and length of program. Drug Rehab Advisor will share an extensive database with you, to help you choose your ideal detox program.

Especially important, most community funded detox programs cannot offer personalized prescription drug detox. In this case,  private detox is the safest way to go.

For immediate help,  call 1 800 650 8776. Prescription detox advice is available now.

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