Make Vicodin Detox Work by following these 5 Simple Truths

What Vicodin Detox Experts Know That You Can Learn and Benefit From

Why are some abusers able to wean off their pain pills such as Vicodin Abuse with little discomforts, while others experience prolonged painful Vicodin withdrawal symptoms?  The answer to this question could be your ticket to a painless withdrawal.

The fact is the fear of withdrawal alone and the thought of coping without your pills is probably what’s holding you hostage and preventing you from even attempting to wean off Vicodin.

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Opiate Addiction

The following 5 simple truths, have helped hundreds if not thousands to withdraw from drugs like vicodin, Methadone, Oxycotin and similar drugs with little to no withdrawal symptoms...

...and were able to do so at a fraction of the time it takes others to detox from these drugs.

And now it’s your turn to stop living off Vicodin and start living your life!

Discovering the cause behind Vicodin withdrawal reveals the answer to a painless withdrawal.

Why are traditional doctors so clueless about addiction and withdrawal?

Traditional medicine essentially turned Doctors from health professionals to mere symptoms professionals.  Today doctors prescribe highly addictive drugs such as Vicodin to cover simple headaches and toothaches, or to resolve temporary insomnia, therefore turning a little problem into an seemingly undefeatable Monster.

Temporary unhappiness and depression due to the economic downturn is now cause for powerful mind-altering drugs causing years of addiction and misery and weeks and months of debilitating withdrawal symptoms.

Did the doctor improve the health of his patient or merely camouflaged his symptoms and potentially caused long term health damages?

The 5 basic truths to a more comfortable Vicodin Detox

Truth #1: Health, It’s a fact that our body and mind perfectly regulates its chemistry and health. If it doesn't regulate itself correctly it's due to a measurable and discoverable interference or absence of elements required for survival. Health requires also the right amount of exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Truth  #2:  An unhealthy lifestyle, including bad dieting, a stressful life and lack of exercise can cause the body to loose its ability to properly regulate its chemistry and health, causing a person to experience temporary or chronic headaches, anxiety, depression and cause organs to malfunction.

A side note about depression: A thyroid problem exhibits very similar symptoms to the ones of depression.     Traditional doctors will often camouflage the symptoms with an addictive anti depressant as opposed to treating the thyroid problem.  Individuals with a thyroid problem can experience excruciating “withdrawal symptoms” which are in fact the symptoms of an untreated thyroid condition.

Truth #3:  Regardless of one’s belief about medications and drugs, the BODY treats drugs as poisonous and toxic.  That’s why you experience all of these side effects, which don’t occur when taking vitamins, vegetables and proteins.

We are not against medication as they are often necessary to keep someone alive while a long term health plan is implemented, but it’s important to know that long term use of these toxins without a plan to revert back to a natural and healthy condition could eventually lead to irreversible health problems such as heart conditions and diabetes.

Drugs will cause the body to become more and more ill while camouflaging the increasing pain it is in.  That’s partly what you begin to feel when you detox from Vicodin.

Truth #4: Healthy athletes experience much less withdrawal symptoms.  The healthier you are the easier the withdrawal.  A healthy body has more resilient organs that’ll spring back into normal activity shortly after one stops abusing a drug.

In fact, healthy individuals can go through withdrawal at a fraction of the time than the average drug abuser.

Truth #5:  Most people underestimate the effort it’ll require to improve the health of an intoxicated body saturated with medication or illegal drugs.

Main stream media is full of hype about detox herbs and “powerful” antioxidant and TV commercials are constantly misinforming the population at large about healthy diets.

Your ticket to a more comfortable Vicodin detox / withdrawal:

The steps to recovery from months or years of Vicodin abuse are simple.

0. Begin by learning how to properly detox and taper: see  Vicodin Detox Tips you can watch this for free now and get further paid programming online right now if you wish.

1.   If you were prescribed Vicodin for a back injury, consider seeing a chiropractor.  He or she can help you resolve your condition before you begin your withdrawal.  That will ensure a more comfortable withdrawal. However, not all chiropractors use gentle enough techniques to address 'touchy' back issues. Proceed intelligently.

2.  There are rehabs that specialize in detox throughout North America that’ll wean you off some of the toughest drugs with minimal to no symptoms and without getting you addicted to another drugs like many other detox program do. Specialized rehabs for 'accidental addicts' provide care without stigma and that's better than death. According the CDC more are dying from prescription pain pills than heroin and cocaine combined!

3. We highly recommend these more holistic medical detox and rehab programs.  Call us at 1-800-650-8776 and we’ll help you find the one that’s most suited for you. 

Holistic Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation & Detox Programs from pain killers

4.  Some of you may not be able to afford medical detox centers and rehab programs and that’s why we created the at-home-drug-withdrawal program.  it’ll show you what you need to do exactly to return a body that’s saturated with drugs and medication back to health in order to minimize your withdrawals.

5.  If you tried to detox from Vicodin in the past and nearly went insane with horrible withdrawal symptoms, then you owe it to yourself to learn some tips to at-home-drug withdrawal.  It has a 60 day trial period which will give you ample time to detox from Vicodin.

Important note:

Planning intelligently: Detoxing from Vicodin at home or in a rehab or medical detox works when you realize 'seeing your doctor' is not enough. Knowing exactly step-by-step what to do to minimize the Vicodin withdrawal symptoms means going beyond your doctor's advice to get help.

When you are ready, you can be off that medication and healthy beginning your withdrawal program or rehab program, even if you know nothing yet about healthy lifestyles.  This is not an unreachable dream.  It is very real.

To your success Drug Rehab Advisor

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  1. kristal:

    Thank you for the info … I am trying to “cold turkey” myself off vic. Needless to say, not fun (horrible). I’m going at this alone and am reaching for advice and help.

    Thank you

  2. Barba Mathis:

    I tried to click on the above at home detox program to no avail. It says that email address is not written correctly. I would really like to order this. Can you give me the correct link please.

    • Barba,

      Vicodin Detox At Home Withdrawal Program is available at simply by purchasing it right on line. Enjoy this effective holistic withdrawal program. You’ll wish you started it years ago. The links have always worked and the online drug withdrawal program is waiting for you to purchase it online and get started today.

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