Drug Rehabs Warn: PMMA -“Dr. Death” – Cousin to Ecstasy Street Drug

Drug rehabs are warning street drug users a new designer drug has found its way to city streets, called PMMA or "Dr. Death". PMMA stands for para-methoxy-methamphetamine which is a drug whose molecular structure is very similar to ecstasy.  However this form of methamphetamine is five times more toxic.

Differences and Similarities Between MDMA and PMMA

A user who drops a pill of MDMA (or ecstasy) will start to feel the stimulant and mood changing effects  within about 15 - 20 minutes.  A pill of PMMA will take about an hour to feel the effects.   That is one way a user can have some clue as to what they are taking.

Often, drug manufacturers will add the two ingredients together.  A user will have no way of knowing what exactly they are taking until after the fact.  Sometimes lab testing finds the two side by side in a bag of pills, so who is to know but the chemist.  Or the coroner.

PMMA, like all methamphetamines, causes a surge of dopamine which overwhelms the brain's usual receptor mechanisms.  This surge of dopamine is what causes the high.  If a person purchases PMMA thinking it is MDMA, there will often be an urge to take another pill after the first 20 minutes has passed, as the effects will not yet be onset.  When this happens, the user is at an even higher risk of overdose and death.

PMMA Overdose

A PMMA overdose attacks the brain, the heart, the kidneys, and the liver.  The drug causes overheating and dehydration, by dis-engaging the body's own cooling mechanism. Then the internal organ cells burst, leading to vital organ failure.  What a way to go.

Chemists would not give the drug to lab rats, it is so toxic.

PMMA is so deadly that even the dealers know it is bad business to sell.  The problem is that without a chemical analysis, even the dealers don't know what is in the pills they sell. Police report that more and more PMMA is ending up as a filler in other pills.  Fillers can amount to as much as 90% of any street pills out there.

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