Benzo and Alcohol Detox and Rehab Withdrawal Advice from the Drug Rehab Advisor

People needing benzo detox withdrawal advice are caught in a trap. You want to get out of that trap. You did not want to become dependent or addicted to benzos or alcohol. Your doctor did not tell you how addictive benzos would be. Getting the right detox withdrawal advice will save your life. Making big mistakes could set you years back.

If you are asking, "Which benzo detox center or rehab program is right for me?"... we can help! We are the top benzo detox withdrawal advice consultants.

Detox Withdrawal Advice

We help you find a truly effective alcohol or benzo detox and rehab. We know you are a good person needing help, and we have helped hundreds before you. Detox withdrawal advice may begin after doctors advices, hospital visits and personal attempts prove ineffective. Or you could take our detox withdrawal advice first and avoid repeated upsets.

"Successful Rehab programs for you or your loved one are available right now. If you're the type of person who thinks independently and expects excellent natural individualized rehab & detox programs that are successful, I've got something for you."

All the benzo detox and rehab centers the Drug Rehab Advisor refers to deliver above standard levels of service and care. We recommend specialized benzo and alcohol detox and rehab programs which range from modest to executive levels. Detox withdrawal advice begins by working with the best integrative and holistic medical advices.

I also have some high level centers which deliver an abundance of treatment at about 1/2 to 2/3 the costs of comparable programs. Yes, you read that correctly. Following bad advice will cost you 2x or more than following correct detox withdrawal advice.

My first interest is to get you or a loved one well again. My next interest is to save you unnecessary rehab expenses wherever possible.

You Can Get Effective Benzo and Alcohol Detox and Rehab Help Now

holistic doctor smilingBenzo and Alcohol detox should be treated differently, the withdrawal effects are not the same.

We specialize in recommending excellent Alcohol detox and Benzo detox centers to our callers. These centers can considerably exceed traditional recovery center effectiveness.

"By the age of 20 I cured myself and helped several loved ones from chronic addictions, pharmaceutical drug dependency and life long mental health problems. I've dedicated my life to helping others gain health and happiness. Anyone willing and capable of following my counsel can get well again"

The major questions that determine which type of detox withdrawal program a person requires are:

  1. How ill are they?
  2. Are they currently dependent on medications? How many?
  3. How long have they been dependent on drugs / medications?
  4. What scale or level do you expect the facility to be?
  5. How much has it or will it cost you financially or in loss if a good solution is not found?
  6. Is recovery being demanded?
  7. Will you need help with intervention?

Scroll down this page to get more information or help with admission into private pay detox or rehab centers and pricing info...

PPO Insurance is often covered out of network and some may cover in network for the detox and rehab programs I recommend. A brief discussion with me can clear that up.

Insurance is NOT required for admission into any of the private pay programs I recommend. Prices start at $11,000 for in-patient or residential detox / rehab programs but many average $25,000 per month.

Benzodiazepine Rehab & Detox, Pharmaceutical & Alcohol Rehab

Difficulty withdrawing from harmful drugs or alcohol is the major barrier to happiness and health and getting yourself back. I help people find smooth detox and rehab center programs so you can succeed in getting off drugs.

Excellent detox which rejuvenates life is essential to make significant gains in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Correct healthy detox & withdrawal programs ensures that detox is wonderfully successful and healthy. Inexpert detox programs are dreaded by clients. I'll ensure you'll avoid those poor programs. Getting the right detox withdrawal advice should save you needless worry.

Above the Standard: I believe in only working with people and centers that I personally trust. Success is the standard. The centers I work with are unique as the people running them have a deeply held philosophy that happiness is found in living drug-free. These centers also attain to excellent standards of integrated detox and rehab services for their clients. All others are not considered regardless of media hype.

Integrated and Holistic: I define the best Integrated detox centers as specialists in natural medicine and alternative medical treatments. These are proven to be far more effective than traditional 'modern' medicine. Expect highly talented doctors and individuals working at the integrated holistic treatment centers I recommend.

The best Holistic detox and rehab centers will do more than yoga and meditation. Holistic treatments should involve the person's entire life into alignment. Holistic rehabilitation treatments should be designed to bring about a wonderful treatment result when worked together. Simply put, the treatment program uses different disciplines with planning and purpose.

What is Detox & Withdrawal?

Drug Withdrawal is the process of coming off of these drugs. The safest, most comfortable and rapid method of withdrawal will be done with natural, assisted 24 hour care. Important: not all benzo withdrawal requires 24/7 care as drug tapering and individual health of each person is considered.

All in-patient detox centers offer medically supervised care by either medical professionals closely monitoring a detox or by holistic detox specialists providing 24/7 attention under the guidance of detox doctors. One simply need to follow recommendations for a smooth detox. Doctors are NOT required at all times - if required, a short hospital assisted detox program is recommended before true recovery begins with effective holistic treatments.

Out-patient centers, where the person is cleared to begin withdrawal, are supervised everyday by doctors and nurses specially skilled in making detox comfortable.

Med Detox: Ending heavy alcohol use, certain opioids, heavy use of benzodiazepines or some other meds are better done with medical detox combined with natural medicine and therapies. Often the most difficult detox is done drugged up in a hospital according to my clients. Combining natural medicine and care with traditional medicine can be the most effective detox methods. This is primarily for safety and security of the patient.

Many medical detox programs will rely on medications to try to ease discomfort. Unfortunately, more drugs given at many detox centers just cover up the discomfort and awful feelings of withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. The objective of the client should be to achieve healthy recovery.

These truly expert withdrawal or medical detox program will nourish the body with nutrients, food, physical and holistic attention. Medical drugs are given only as needed or requested by the client to move rapidly through detox.

Effective Withdrawal and Integrated Medical Facilities

Integrative Rehab CenterMedications plus natural and therapeutic agents, such as proper hydration, mega nutrients, therapeutic touch and other therapies alleviate withdrawal effects much better than medications alone (if medications are indicated for a severe drug abuse situation).

The use of medications in withdrawal should be to expedite withdrawal, not lengthen it; ie suboxone or methadone use for longer than 1 week is lengthening drug withdrawal. Ideally, suboxone is used for seven days maximum and methadone is never substituted for opiate addicted clients. People leave detox without dependency causing drugs.

1. Naturally Assisted Detox Programs

Naturally assisted withdrawal and detox can and should involve mega nutrients, lots of water and rest to allow the body and mind to recover from the damaging effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

A natural withdrawal is not a cold turkey withdrawal. A natural approach instead of medications is used to rapidly repair health and restore proper body function.

Medical supervision through a natural detox is used to insure safety and address concerns of patients. Doctors and nurses are only needed for medical tests and rarely for anything else. Only ER care requires 24/7 doctors and nurses. A natural detox is not an ER procedure. Therefore distinguish between medically forcing you through a detox and supporting or healing you to recovery.

Testimonials & Warnings: Most clients I’ve interviewed, even those coming off of high doses of oxy and heroin have preferred drug-free naturally assisted withdrawal procedures. These clients tell me that during their medical detox’s they felt lousy because of the drugs, plus and they STILL have to detox from those drugs after their original detox. Traditional medical detox can prolong the discomfort of withdrawal due to its sole reliance on medications. Therefore the right detox withdrawal advice gives you a new lease on life. You should get renewed health and vitality as well as medical help.

Several such natural withdrawal processes are used to comfortably re-balance the body’s chemistry by assisting it in returning to proper function. As each person and detox program is different I will give you some important and unknown information first.

Vitamin Depletion and Drug Use

detox and rehab center

Pharmaceuticals, drugs and alcohol burn up, expedite the excretion of, and prevent the absorption of, nutrients and vitamins.

Therefore any intelligent natural detox program would include a large compliment of nutrients to assist drug withdrawal.

2. Medical / natural integrative detox programs:

Benzodiazepine Rehab, withdrawal from dangerous medications, alcohol or street drugs may need medicines to assist withdrawal.

When a person has been suffering from numerous health and addictions problems, especially if they are on significant medications, a medical / integrative detox program should be considered.

While natural detox centers provide excellent holistic care, sometimes direct medical attention is required. When the best detox withdrawal advice requires medical help for a medical detox, a proper clinic specializing in detox should be chosen.

Medical attention may only be needed once in a while, but this care will also be accessed at holistic detox centers as well.

Medical detox doesn’t replace rehab; instead medically assisted detox + holistic or natural medicine should insure the smoothest and safest transition from a chemically dependent state to a drug-free and sober condition.

Services between different medical detox centers can be very great. Only about 1% of medical detox center staff and doctors are holistically trained or fitted for integrative medicine and assessment. Most medical centers provide on allopathic approach using symptom treating methods of recovery: drug therapy.

Successful Detox: This means you'll get the most care from integrative holistic and medical detox providers who specialize in natural care methods.

Integrative Medical Detox Programs

integrative medical detox facilityA new and extremely effective detox program may include the uses of holistic therapy, scientific testing and treatment, IV nutritional supplementation, counseling and education.

Integrative medicine has bridged over to a truly state of the art process of medical detoxification. Integrative medical detox facilities are a new phenomenon in the medical field. Although integrative medicine is easily the most popular and effective treatment strategy for any health problem, currently there are only a few integrative medical detox centers in North America.

Get Detox and Rehab Help Now!

We refer to 30 different recommended centers which can be categorized into 4 basic withdrawal and detox costs. These integrated detox approaches that far exceed the ‘usual’ medical or ‘traditional 28 day rehab’ solutions. All detox and rehab centers have been thoroughly pre-screened by me and have passed many quality checks to be considered as a Drug Rehab Advisor recommended program.

For REHAB Center Descriptions and Pricing click this link.

Before a center is recommended, a transparent assessment and disclosure of service and outcome expectations is given. Drug Rehab Advisor insures when you attend a detox or rehab program you will get the detox withdrawal advice and services you expected.


    1. The Best Executive Detox and Rehabs With Extras: Executive standard integrated detox and rehab facilities. Expect wonderful add ons such as full suites, private rooms with private bathroom; standard rooms include use of internet, cell phones, prime locations, outstanding food and great supports. Stays may be as short as 7 days costing $15,000 and up. Costs range from $20,000 / month to $50,000 / month. Those executive level centers have been selected which meet and exceed expectations. Our recommended integrative detox centers deliver more effective and sympathetic levels of care than Sierra Tucson, the Meadows or McLean Hospital to name a few.
    2. Some Out-patient centers are also delivering excellent levels of care and surpassing the results from longer term inpatient programs. Out-patient delivered to excellent results may be as low as $10,000 for a 10 day program.


    1. Best Detoxs and  Rehabs Integrated Longer Term: Complete withdrawal and full body detox, including educational and complimentary counseling, Full program costs $15,000 to $40,000 for total investment, long term programs 2 to 6 months long, some flat rate fees even for 6 month long term programs. Some rehabs offer 3 or 6 months for $24,000. Contact me for appropriate programs.


  1. The Best Detox and Rehabs for Less: Live-in and some out-patient natural holistic withdrawal and detox facilities, $6,500 to $10,000 per month. These have been selected out as excellent detox and rehab centers despite their low costs

Contact us for Detox and Withdrawal Assistance At Live-in Centers: 1-800-650-8776

Tibor Palatinus, the Drug Rehab Advisor, refers his clients to integrative medical detox facilities, when necessary. These centers ensure a successful withdrawal as well as successful recovery. Independent centers may use their own detox facilities when needed.

If you are unable to start treatment at a detox or rehab center right away, you'll need to start our at home detox preparation program / detox after contacting Drug Rehab Advisor for inpatient programs. Just click through the above link and start At Home program right now.

You can also learn about the fundamental basis of medical detoxification doctors.


  1. Drug Rehab Advisor:

    Contact us for help 7 days a week at 1-800-650-8776 and will have a detox or rehab program you can start today.

  2. mark:

    I have been on Paxil for about 12 years and it has been horrible . I have tried many times to come off and can not take the side effects.I get this electrical sensation through my body like nervous legs but its from head to toe and I my whole body keeps jerking around and wont let me sleep. I tried coming down slowly and that sent me to the hospital thinking suicide was my only answer. I have great insurance and wonder do these facilities take insurance?

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      good news is that the centers I work with specialize in withdrawal from drugs like Paxil and other anti-depressants. The brain zaps are what keep many people taking the drugs, despite wanting to get off. The integrative medical centers work with your insurance provider to reimburse you, so contact me when you’re ready and we’ll get you the help you need and want.

  3. sandy:

    Hi, I quit paxil or should I say switched to effexor I am curious what this program does to get people off in such a short time as they do not say what they do to help with brain zaps ect I am skeptical so if it does work for you let me know I am connected to many in withdrawal and they sure could use help. I for one dont really believe there is anything that stops withdrawal in 2-3 wks you may want to take a look at a slow and steady taper is suggested there are many people who have been able to get off these drugs however it may take a very long time. Good luck to you and if you go to this program and it is what it says let us all know thanks.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      Fact: I help people get off of psychotropics in weeks.
      The fact that you’re depending on belief tells me who advises you to keep taking drugs like effexor.
      Sandy, switching from one psychotropic to another? Please read the drug’s inserts and google side effects or effects of effexor / paxil etc. These effects are created by the drugs your taking. Dr Peter Breggin in his book ‘Toxic Psychiatry’ makes it very clear how to come off of psych meds on an outpatient basis: slowly, via taper.
      People who are under expert holistic / medical care are routinely being taken off of 10 and 20 years of paxil, effexor, ativan, methadone and other psychotropic meds in weeks, comfortably and without adverse reactions. How? By finding and correcting the ACTUAL problems 1st. I don’t have enough room to give a course in biology or detoxification here. If you and others want to come off psychotropics, that’s where I come in.

      • connie b:

        You say by first finding by first finding and correcting the actual problem is where u come in can help me then i’m all for that just tell me how i want to be well

      • Connie, is a holistic detox and rehab advisor assisting people who want to recover from dangerous drugs. Contact us for details on which private pay detox and rehabs are most effective for benzo detox and rehab.

      • Joanna:

        I would like to talk to you more about this.

  4. Gerry O:

    I am assisting a friend to arrange detox and recovery from Crack and Methadone. She has done one crack detox and rehab and has had a relapse into periodic use of Crack. She is on a gradual methadone reduction program that is difficult to follow but she has been pretty steady about sticking to the program. I am wanting to help and have thought holistic rehab in Arizona might be best. I wondered what centers you have reviewed in Arizona. We have looked at these and wondered about the intensive vitamin and natural medicine supplement program they use to facilitate faster brain function recovery.

    Any info you can provide would be appreciated


    G O

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      thanks for helping your friend with naturally getting off of methadone and crack. Arizona has several centers that specialize in holistic rehabilitation . These programs are proving significantly more effective than traditional ‘drug’em send them to a meeting’ approaches.
      Arizona is home of a well schooled Naturopathic College and therefore many trained and skilled professionals make AZ home.
      I’ve been working with several detox / rehab centers in AZ, some 12 Step and others non-12 Step.
      Let me know which best works for you.

  5. Meg:

    I have been diagnosed with Fybromyalgia, Chronic Myaofascial pain, depression/anxiety as well a whole slew of other things that go along with the above. What I’ve discovered through research and trial and error is that most of my problems stem from food allergies/intolerance and toxic overload from alleopathic medicine.
    I am currently trying to withdraw from a low dose (15mg) of methadone (for chronic pain ONLY). I tried dropping down to 10, but I’m having some pretty awful withdrawal symptoms. I’m currently on no other meds, having weaned myself off everything else (except nicotine). I’m broke from trying to get myself well, and would love to do this at home, but I’m scared about the long term effects I’ve been reading about re: withdrawal from Methadone, and my husband is concerned about me doing it at home because of the severe pain, anxiety and depression I experienced dropping down from 15-20mg to 10mg, and that it would be just me here most of the day (though he might be able to take a week off of work, if needed). I want a program that is as natural as possible and would especially like one that uses Chinese Medicine and nutrition. I don’t know how supportive my current Medical doctor would be…she hasn’t been the greatest, but with the Methadone and the fact that I’m on Medicare disability, my options are limited. As I live in Alaska, if I have to travel for treatment, I’d prefer somewhere sunny and warm. I don’t feel like I need a 12 step program, just help to keep my body from being ravaged by the withdrawal effects of this nasty drug, and to help me re-balance my brain and body chemistry. Any program would also need to accommodate my food allergies and intolerance. For example, I can’t take any supplements in a gelcap because I’m allergic to beef and pork. Wheat and Corn also seem to cause problems. I have oral and digestive reactions to many foods related to latex…and the list goes on… I’d appreciate any information you could give me.
    Thanks for you time and willingness to help those of us caught in this Western medicine hell!

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      following our at home drug withdrawal program would be good, but you may want more care. Right up front It’s going to cost you a minimum of $10K for anything of any lasting benefit or value. That’s one month of inpatient. Better would be to go to $12.5K but you’d have to leave the country for that, and that may not be an option for you. Again for at home, go to our at home program.

  6. Jackie:

    I currently am on 50 mcg Fentanyl patches (epidermal system), take 30mg oxycodone IR every 4 hrs, and Xanax 1mg 3-5x’s daily (which is more abusive then “needed”). Additionally I will take about 4-8 vicodin 10mgs a day. I have a terrible condition where I will need pain medicine but realistically 3 times a day with 15 mg oxycodone is sufficient enough. I’ve been doing this routine for 2 yrs now, but much longer with benzo’s.In addition I abuse 20mg instant release Adderral, with 6 pills daily. What program do you recommend I look into? I live in WI.I need to get off these meds asap bc I want to gain my life back and be the mom I once was.

  7. Priscilla:

    my step son is addicted to herion, zanax, oxicotton & vicodine. We live in Il and no one will help us because he has no insurance or the means to pay for rehab. He is currently in a state funded 6 day detox with no medical help to get threw the with drawls. They will only keep him 6days. PLEASE help us

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      I understand your situation. Factually you and your son are in a tough spot. There is no easy way out, but there is a way out if you and he follow directions exactly as I’m giving them to you. Get the At home drug withdrawal program and start learning and preparing for it today. You’ll get direct email access to me for further help.

  8. Jean M:

    My husband has been on Paxil for many years and tried to get off, but experienced brain zaps and extreme lethargy…He is 69 and although he has tried to taper off and stop, he has been advised by Drs and Psychiatrist not to stop due to the withdrawal dangers and its benefit for alcohol treatment which he has been successfully sober for 8 years….

    Help, he could not do this without being in intensive care facility.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      Your husband should definitely be commended for his 8 years of sobriety. Unfortunately it he’s also taking Paxil, his sobriety is not truly complete. The forums and 100s of callers who have contacted me worried about detoxing from Paxil, as their MD or Psych advised against it, are legion. Psychs advise against Paxil detox because they a) don’t know how to effectively move people off of Paxil without months of hellish withdrawals, b) they would have to admit that Paxil’s side effects which often aren’t visible until a person begin withdrawal, are actually not worth the supposed benefits of the drug; ie they’re worried about legal battles and horrible public repute.

      The alternative is to seek out truly successful integrative medical health detox centers which specialize in Paxil and other psychotropic drug detox. These are few and far between. Please contact me about the options we may be able to consider. Factually, we need to consider minimum stays of 2 to 4 weeks. Costs start at approx. $12,000 and go up to $35,000 for longer term detox in excellent settings. As a note, I’ve never had difficulty helping people smoothly through a Paxil detox. But that’s because I only use programs that are expert at integrative medical approaches for drug detoxification and health rejuvenation.

  9. Rhianne:

    I am currently taking paroxetine, clonazepam, and quetiapine as prescribed by my psychiatrist to treat the symptoms of Emotional Dysregulation Disorder. I am fully aware that I will always contend with mental illness, though, I now seek to do that without the aid of synthetic/pharmaceutical medication, and with a holistic approach in mind. The main problem is, as I’m sure that you have encountered having heard time and time again- is that I have become utterly physiologically dependant upon these drugs and when I have attempted to withdraw from these drugs at home, even under a doctor’s supervision (which consists of a slow taper, a hardly adequate monthly visit to my psychiatrist and semimonthly visits to my counselor)- it is an excruciating and terrifying experience to undergo. I have attempted to withdraw three times now, over a span of five years, and have been unsuccessful. I know for a fact that my past attempts to withdraw from these drugs has been unsuccessful, not due to any lack of desire, resolve or ambition on my part, but because I am simply not receiving enough help. Though I do not live alone (I live with my fiance) it is hardly fair to expect of him to take upon himself the task of being my primary caregiver. Are there any appropriate treatment centers that specialize in handling my particular predicament that accept medicare/masshealth?

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      I understand the nature of your problem and realize you’re in a difficult position. Mass health generally covers pharmaceutical, counseling and related treatments. They are quite ineffective in resolving the problems you’ll be encountering detoxing off of your psych meds. The solution is proper and complete treatment. The least expensive and effective program I’m aware of would be $9,500 for the 1st month and would include all that I’ve promised in this article. Insurance probably won’t help in these programs unless it’s a PPO, it does not sound like it is.
      I consider a person’s well being synonymous with their life. I suggest you invest in your well being,

  10. Paul:

    I am currently into my 9th month of being on Klonopin. I am taking .75mg daily. I’ve begun tapering. I’ve noticed that I can taper every day quite slowly with virtually no symptoms using a solution but have estimated that it would take about 18 months at this rate. Can you recommend the best nutrients that I might take that would support my picking up the tapering pace please? Also, I so love the new model that you present of holistic detox. Are there any here in the SF Bay Area?

    Thank You

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      glad you’re on board with Holistic Klonopin Detox Rehab methods. The best recommendation I can make to you is to start our at home withdrawal program on this link through
      Currently we’ve got it at a ridiculously low cost of under $30, that cost is going up and won’t be there long.
      Once you start the program, I work with you via email to rapidly get you healthy. I’ve got excellent holistic health providers to recommend once I fully understand your situation and goals. Great hearing from you.

  11. Danielle:

    hi i have been addicted to percocet 30mg for the past year – year 1/2 taking a minimum of 3 a day up to 12-15. i need to find a detox program in mass that do accept masshealth. i dont have any other form of insurance and i cant afford to go without it. i finally decided that i need help with this and i want to do it before i change my mind again. so please if someone can give me a couple of numbers and locations of places that do accept masshealth i would appreciate it more than anything right now.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      go to this link: Rehab / Detox locator and put your search there.
      Good luck detoxing from percocyet

  12. molly:

    I started taking benzos in mid-september. I went through Ativan and Xanax pretty quickly and was able to detox on my own, by tapering my dose after a few days. a month later I had a panic attack and saw a different dr. who prescribed klonopin. i now take klonopin 1 mg. about 3 times a day and maybe 2 doses of ativan. i’d like to detox from both of them myself but am looking for a guide. i am not interested in a treatment program and am in a recovery group, just looking for a safe way todo it. I’m having surgery in mid december and would like to be off all these meds before then. My next dr. visit isn’t until the 25th of november, so i’m looking for some advice to get started now. Please help.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      we created an online at home drug withdrawal program to follow
      Start there, good luck with your detox and withdrawal.

  13. I’d also like to know how long these medications stay in your system as I am worried about the bloodwork necessary for surgery. Thank you.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      benzos tend to have different 1/2 lifes. Some stay active for days, while others for a week or more. Your rate of metabolism and the length of time you’ve been taking Klonopin and Ativan will determine how much neuro toxic build up you’ll have in your body which can be read on a blood test.

  14. bianca p:

    Hello I was wondering if I want to taper off lorazepam does eating a healthy diet have a lot to do with it? Also can u tell me if my symptoms sound like side effects I have very shaky when I wake up like the inside of my body does,blurred vision, loss of balance and dizzyness. Also I feel weak to my arms and legs increased anxiety weight loss and I just feel emotional and hopeless. Hope to hear from you

    • Bianca,
      your questions are best answered by doing our At Home Detox program with Drug Rehab Advisor on line.. Click on that link and learn about it fully.

      All your symptoms are indicative of someone detoxing or having side effects of Lorazepam.

      You’re next step should be to take intelligent action to handle the detox and get healthy.

  15. Jaynie:

    I’m looking for an inpatient facility to wean off of Ativan, Seroquel (only on 1.5 mos), & Celexa (on 1 wk, but was on Zolft prior. I don’t do well on meds at all & want to be off all of them. Had weaned off Ativan previously using an in-home detox program & stayed off of it for 10 mos, but started Ativan again the past 2 mos due to severe anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. I want to go do this inpatient, because I have a fear of being alone & some agoraphobia, also live alone which if very difficult right now. Can you recommend somewhere and possibly a place that does a scholarship program as I don’t have the funds and am on Medicare & Medicaid. I need to find somewhere ASAP as I’m not doing well at all right now. I really need to be inpatient. Can you help please? Thank you so much.

  16. Barbara S:

    I have had chronic back pain for years brought on by a car accident, and a very bad chiropractor. I have had physical therapy, numerous cortisone shots in my spine and been hospitalized when I couldn’t walk. My doctor at the time put me on a regimen of 1 vicodan at night, 5-500 dosage.I actually have gotten myself down to 1/2 of one at night but would like to stop all together, not because the pain is gone, but my old doctor moved away and the new replacement refuses to renew the medicine, even though she has all my medical records and proof of the injuries. At that little dosage what can I expect to happen with with withdrawal?

    • Barbara,

      Vicodin detox and rehab programs should properly involve holistic rehabilitation and pain reduction therapies. Effective programs can reduce Vicodin use.

      Get information on best Vicodyn / opiate detox programs at Drug Rehab Advisor.

      Following through a proper withdrawal and getting all info necessary for a smooth Vicodin withdrawal at home. You’ll need to get some competent help to help you break free of Vicodin, that starts with the At home program

  17. Kevin:

    I was ritilan abusing for a week. so switched to foclin and then it was an even swaped but the withdrawal still remains.

    • Kevin,

      Foclin’s side effects or effects include: Insomnia, dizziness, nausea, stomach pain, euphoria, headache, anxiety, anorexia, and weight loss. It’s a stimulant. Switching stimulants is simply a different way of burning out your adrenals, and driving your heart and kidneys a bit harder. is all about getting healthier and self determined over your health. If you want to continue being chained to pills, fine. But most people who come to my site wish independence from any dependency. Consider starting At home program on the site.

  18. alan:

    what is equivelent dose of 1mg clonazapam to lorazapam
    would like to try at home detox program
    but have been led astry many times by people getting rich off of selling to desperate human beings who were hooked through no fault of their own by doctors who work for big pharma and no nothing about the drugs they perscribe

    • Alan,

      speak to a licensed pharmacist or doctor experienced in tapering off benzo’s. This is a major and correct step to recovery, working with professionals.

  19. Karen C:

    I was offered the video to withdraw from Ativan at home..I know im not able to do that..Please let me know what other option I have

    Karen C

    • Karen,
      everyone is able to begin this program. If you can read and follow simple directions, you can start it and should. Do not try tapering until you are healthier. The at home program will do this for you.
      When you are ready and capable of traveling and have the resources to leave and enroll into an inpatient treatment facility, let me know. I look forward to hearing about your health improvements soon.

  20. Anita:

    Hi I bought your program and am trying to detox from Ativan recently dr raised it to 2mg three times a day . I need help with depression anxiety and panic.Am also on 100mg Pristiq and having breakthrough depression HELP looking for answers in your program

    • Anita,

      please use the private portal on the At Home Withdrawal program for future emails. Have you followed the 1st step on the program? It seems like that may have been missed.
      Other excellent strategies for depression are intense exercise, running and getting outside. Clearly, diet and exercise play a major role in recovery. Look out for future subscribers only updates, sent right to your email, describing special diet and brain exercises you can include on the At Home Drug Withdrawal program. Again, be sure you follow those 7 steps, starting with step 1 in the program.

  21. Trina:

    I’ve been addicted to psychotropic drugs since the age of 12. I tried cold turkey and my body broke down. I had to get back on them. I’m also addicted heavily to Klonapin to the point where I snort them now. I want to get off but I’m afraid. I have severe anxiety and other mental illnesses. Any suggestions?

    • Trina,
      treat your condition situation as an addiction and a mental health condition. Go to a holistic dual diagnosis inpatient rehab center for 2 to 4 months + aftercare in a supervised environment for some time.
      Contact us for placements to holistic dual diagnosis rehabs in the US or Canada

      • Joanna:

        It is so unfair that these drugs were prescribed to us at such a young age. The rollercoaster of constantly “trying for the right combination”(24 years so far) Has caused me to loose everything & everyone important in my life, leaving me currently unable to work (until stabalized…), on disability, at my mother’s as she tries to caregive & work, us both unable to now pay for a holistic approach, with the care mentioned above, bc this has brought us to this point. Just being referred to the gov’s website of the same treatment that is killing us…what on earth are we to do? At home plan- sounds like a death wish-living at home with my mom that is already hard enough….

      • Joanna, your situation is tragic, you’re such a victim to this horrible awful system of doctors and psychs drugging people for profit. Take care and good luck Joanna!

      • Joanna, there is no easy way out except death – and that route is hardest on everyone a person leaves behind. The better approach is to do what you can to improve recovery, get healthier and take personal responsibility for one’s recovery. Remaining a victim won’t help end dependency or addiction. Good luck in changing your fortune. You and her are the only one’s who can start that process.

  22. Elisa Fritz:

    My husband was first prescribed Ambien in 2002 for insomnia. He built tolerance quickly and increased the dosage..this was the beginning of now a 12 year ride down a rocky hill. After seeing the head of NYU medical sleep center in 2006 he is now on a cocktail of ambien, sonata, klonopin and seroquel-all high dosages. Current psychiatrist just prescribes whatever my husband asks for. We just sent a deposit to the Coleman institute to do the rapid detox (flumazenil) because there is no other way out. The slow titration hasn’t worked, none of the 19 doctors that he’s seen have helped. My husband is not an addictive person, did not choose to get addicted to benzos or any drugs, is not taking them to get “high”, he just had insomnia 12 years ago. Now we keep finding more blogs and reviews of the Coleman institute and are concerned about going. Any help? Anyone have a positive testimonial, anyone have similar situation?

    • Elisa,
      this is a frequent situation / concern I hear from callers. Will there be after effects from a rapid benzo detox? I cannot speak for Dr Coleman. I am sure he has helped many people. Many of my callers have not had good results from the Coleman method of benzo detox, i.e. using Flumanzenil. Flumanzenil was created, in my understanding, for benzo over-dose. i.e., to rapidly nullify the sedative effects of benzo’s: Flumanzenil is given to take a person out of an ‘over-dose’ or dangerous situation. Most of my callers tell me they are following their prescription and therefore, I cannot think that Flumanzenil should be given under those circumstances. However, I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice here. Other benzo detox centers I recommend follow more holistic and / or tapering methods to heal the brain / body / nerves and gut so the person feels normal again naturally. These take 15 days (fastest safe method I know), and up to 2 to 4 months for people who are very ill due to benzo toxification.

      The right thing to do is to call Drug Rehab Advisor at 800-650-8776 for a no obligation and free consultation. We are here to help people recover and live a healthy life without drugs.

  23. jackie rodgers:

    I am not a addick. my doctor prescribed xolozepan because of severe panic attacks from a antibiotiv. I never, never in my life had a panic attack till them,. been on for 4 1/2 months now. and fter reading the horror stories I am afraid. I don’t even like the side effects. I wish I never took them. but after having on of those panic attacks I was vornable.

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