Methadone Detox At Home

Do you feel anxious or fearful about detoxing from methadone at home? You've already attempted to taper off methadone, just quit, take other drugs and nothing seems to be working.

You're probably wondering what to take to methadone detox at home, and why people are giving you such bad advice -- nothing seems to be working for you. Don't feel alone. Withdrawing at home is attempted by 1,000s of people every week and many of them know as much as you do.

The problem is they needlessly suffer because they follow the advice of drug addicts or dangerous forum letters of people who don't know any better than you. If you're sick and tired of guessing, learn how to detox off methadone correctly and safely.

It's time to STOP guessing about how to methadone detox.

Learn How To Methadone Detox at home now

People who guess about their health, go to forums to learn from people who go to forums, will eventually realize you're asking the blind and destitute directions of how to get healthy. I'm writing to those of you who are serious about methadone detox at home. What if you could get off methadone, but you could also feel better naturally and feel better off methadone? Would that be worth some time, effort and investment?

Forums consist mostly of people who pretend to be knowledgeable, caring or expert, but don't have a real job which demonstrates their expert status.

People who are experts have technical and savvy skills which allow them to make a living or at least invest real money and time in their expertise.

When Detoxing from Methadone At Home, what should you do?

The most import things to know about doing an at home methadone detox is to get directions and help from someone who knows how to do it because they've helped 100's of people off methadone. Actually I've helped hundreds of people off of methadone and advised close to a 1,000 people off methadone now through all our online, manual and inpatient programs.

So the first thing to do is stop expecting to get anything of any great value on a forum. The real expertise exists in the professional market. But those of you who already understand that will simply know the truth of it. For you, follow the link to begin your detox from methadone at home.

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  1. John G:

    I really am sick and tired of living like this.

  2. stratton moore:

    i am going off 55mg cold turkey. i need some pointers on how to cope this all the withdraw how to make it better and shorter.

    • Stratton,

      the best pointer on methadone detox were all put together in our At Home withdrawal program. That’s the best place to learn how to make this transition off methadone easier and safe. Holistic natural detox creates health and well being.

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