Methadone Detox & Withdrawal

Some methadone users are wondering, "Will I ever be able to detox from methadone?". The answer is, "Yes, once you've learned how to detox properly. You could even withdraw at home with little difficulty". For high dose methadone users, a special integrative medical detox approach or gradual methadone step down will be required.

If you're not ready to withdraw yet, watch video on why people continue drug use

Methadone is a pain killing drug that creates dependence and can lead to really significant body, emotional and mental problems over time. Doctors give pain sufferers methedone, usually following injuries or operations. Methadone is an opiod analgesic – a synthetic opiate (morphine) for pain relief.

Methadone Detox

Detox is a natural body process. The human body knows exactly how to detox itself from drugs and alcohol.

Here's the problem: drugs like methadone, anti-depressants and mood drugs knock out the body's natural detox functions. This means the longer you are on drugs like methadone, paxil, or anti-depressants the more you'll have to help your body rebuild this ability to detox itself.

Methadone depletes the body of key nutrients and vitamins. In fact,  you could get a specialized test and find that you have significant nutritional deficiencies. Drug taking makes detox harder as drugs burn up needed nutrients. Methadone also stores up in the body and creates toxic conditions in the body. If you're feeling sick when you try to detox, you should stop wondering why after reading the above.

Because MDs don't understand the extra nutritional requirements detox demands, detox from methadone has been made unnaturally difficult for methadone users who want to detox. Medical doctors and even methadone clinics and many methadone detox centers have difficultly withdrawing clients from methadone amounts over 60 mg.

Why would a doctor or medical detox center have trouble getting someone off of methadone in a week or so, even from high doses?

Methadone step down is very popular at methadone clinics and with doctors and pharmacists. A methadone step down usually means the person reduces the methadone  by 1 mg / day or 5 mg / week or some similar amount.

Stepping down from methadone takes much of the shock out of suddenly coming off of methadone. But, it also means it will take a minimum of 60 days to step down from 60 mg of methadone.

Important: Methadone detox inpatient can take 1 week when medically and holistically assisted by addiction MD experts OR up to 3 months or never, if incorrectly done.

Note: following our At home detox program shortens and eases all withdrawals significantly and in some cases totally eliminates withdrawal symptoms.

How to Correctly Detox from Methadone

  1.  Ensure most physical problems like bad teeth, abscesses, broken bones etc are properly healed or repaired before beginning detox. You'll need medical or suitable help 1st.
  2. Get all the nutrients and ingredients you will need to comfortably detox from methadone. Best resource is the Detox At Home Video download
  3. Learn the exact steps to take while detoxing from methadone at home. These steps include, what to drink and what liquids to avoid and why, what sort of exercise to do, who you should get to help you, etc. The Detox At Home Video download lays out ALL the right steps to follow.
  4. Start the actual withdrawal from methadone, when you're at the right level of methadone, again as seen in the Detox At Home Video
  5. Keep following your plan until you are comfortably off the drug and no longer suffering from any anxiety, sleeplessness, aches & pains, diarrhea, flu, etc. You can remove symptoms by planning out and doing the correct steps to detox from methadone.
  6. Being to research out and get checked out for the actual problem you were suffering from. Important: if your MD or Clinic or counselor put you on methadone, you should search out non-drug prescribing professionals like dieticians, chiropractors, natural healing doctors like NDs, Homeopaths, etc.
  7. Embrace your new life and start living drug-free and healthy. Remember the work you had to do to get here. Enjoy life to it's fullest.

There are the 7 Steps to Methadone Detox at home; the right way to detox from methadone at home for about $77 now $47 US for instant access on-line instructional program.

If you simply are looking for an inpatient integrative medical detox facility that uses nutrients, natural remedies and cutting edge medications to end methadone dependence fast and easy . .

Get professional help, such as a private methadone detox facility that has a very high success rate quickly withdrawing people from even high dose methadone ( 200 - 300 mg) and pain-free and under the care of integrative medical doctors, contact . .

Drug Rehab Advisor at 800-650-8776 to see if you are ready to go to an integrative medical detox facility and withdraw off methadone . No more aches, pains or sickness, nothing. You could be clean, be living a normal life and back to work.

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  1. colette:

    I live in Tucson AZ. My doctor has prescribed a variety of medications for my back pain. He put me on Methadone about 6-7 wks ago. I don’t like the drug, I have not and probably would not get used to how aweful Methadone has mede me feel. Now I want off the drug and I am shocked to find that the withdrawl, even after such a short time, is really miserable and unbearable. I am so sorry I ever took it in the first place and now I can’t find any doctors in this city that will help me get off the drug. It seems they are only good at getting you o the drug. I don’t know where to go or what to do. For obvious reasons I don’t trust my PCP. I hate that I am gooing to have to do this without supervision. I did find one guy, but he want to give me another narcotic to take? Help!

    • Colette,
      Any drug detox requires a healthy recovery by focusing on health, not on the medication. Either begin our at home detox program on or see a holistic dietitian or ND for a proper diet and exercise program. Rehabs also specialize in these, but you can take action as well.
      for inpatient help, contact us.

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