Lorazepam / Ativan Detox & Rehab

Lorazepam Detox & Rehab

In this article, you'll learn the traps to avoid when you want to detox from Ativan. The first piece of wisdom I'd like you to have is to know there is a correct way to detox from Ativan or lorazepam. I've discovered the best Lorazepam detox center and rehab programs follow far more advanced and learned detox protocols than all of the  traditional detox centers.

Warning: Traditional detox and rehab centers won't guarantee a successful Ativan detox. Traditional detox will only switch medications, maybe give phenobarbital,  Flumazenil, Librium or Valium for an Ativan detox. These drugs will help prevent seizures, but they won't guarantee a smooth long term withdrawal after you leave the one or two week detox.

Tip: Correctly detoxing from Ativan in the 1st place is your best guarantee for longer term good results. Many traditional benzodiazepine detox centers are still just learning. I'll let you know how to find and choose Ativan detox centers who really know how to restore natural health and eliminate after effects so withdrawals don't go on for months or years. Successful Lorazepam rehab center programs know how to fully detox you from these benzodiazepines. (see end of article)

Ativan Detox and why not to trust your MD with Rehab Advice

Lorazepam detox difficulties create problems and seemingly impossible conditions which you can't seem to overcome. Due to difficulties detoxing from Lorazepam, people get into worse and even dangerous trouble by only increasing or switching medications instead of being advised on proper holistic rehabilitation and detox solutions first.

Lorazepam abuse by medical doctors and patients began because lorazepam or Ativan's addictive qualities were hidden by pharmaceutical companies for years. People using lorazapam for years may be addicted to the drug now. Anti-anxiety drugs like Lorazepam are some of the most addictive or dependency causing drugs.

Michael Jackson's death  was precipitated by Lorazepam and another anesthetic drugs. Drugs in combination, especially if abused, can produce disastrous consequences, like the tragedy felt by the world when Jackson died of a drug overdose involving benzodiazepines such as Lorazepam.

Lorazepam and Ativan is one of the most potent benzodiazapine drugs. Effects of lorazepam are fast and profound, but only for awhile. If I compared lorazepam dependency to heroin many would be offended, but few experiencing lorazepam withdrawals or dependency would be surprised.

Lorazepam / Ativan Detox

Extended use of lorazepam can easily result in dependence to the drug. Any drug will slowly or quickly interfere with the bodies normal processes and either counter-act or stimulate actions. Drugs like Lorazepam can result in many bizarre reactions. Usually MD's alert their patients to these dangers and quickly cease ativan treatment.

However, Ativan or lorazepam creates dependency within 6 months. People build up tolerance to ativan and the ativan ceases to work or fulfill the effects the person originally took lorazepam. Ativan stops working. Sleep may become difficult or impossible. Anxiety, nervousness, stomach trouble, aggression, even suicidality may spike while on lorazepam or withdrawing from Lorazepam.

Safely Detoxing From Lorazepam

Recently I helped two ladies detox from Lorazepam and other pharmaceutical drug cocktails their MD put them on.

Pretending Medical Competence Is the Problem

Problems detoxing from Lorazepam came up because of their doctor's know best attitude. The MDs were trying to mitigate and counter act the side effects of Ativan and other drugs with more pharmaceuticals, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants etc.  One drug's side effects was supposed to counter act or conflict with the other drugs side effects. These ladies were going through pharmaceutically induced hell.

Traditional medical protocol will put people on a year or two year withdrawal from Lorazepam. Imagine withdrawing for 2 years from a drug. That's hell. For those who are willing to invest 2 to 4 weeks minimum time away in a wonderful health facility, withdraw from Ativan will be a thing of the past by the time they leave the holistic detox center.

Medical Competence Combined With Holistic Knowledge Is The Solution

Once these ladies entered a competent Integrative Medical Detox for Ativan detox, their lives returned to health rapidly, within one month.

Both ladies are amazed at how smooth their detox was and marveled at their rapid return to excellent health. The DrugRehabAdvisor gave both ladies a winning chance at health again and saw them both recovery rapidly.

Lorazepam detox is one of the trickier detox's to do quickly. Yes lorazepam detox can and should be done as rapidly as possible with professional integrative medical experts who know how to program the detox. 10 days to 4 weeks is the usual time required to safely comfortably and healthily detox from long term Lorazepam use, when done under expert holistic medical care. Integrative Medical Detox pages on drugrehabadvisor.com/dira has more information on how you can get help to detox from lorazepam today.

Lorazepam Rehab

Successful Lorazepam rehabilitation begins by starting your rehab with a highly skilled staff in a detox and rehab center. My choices for best and most effective Lorazepam and Ativan rehab center programs have several qualities.

Successful Lorazepam Rehab Programs have:

  • an integrative medical expert who skillfully and quickly takes people off of Lorazepam without switching your script to another benzo for weeks, months or years. Be aware of medical centers promoting pharmaceutical switches and claiming that is detox; it's not
  • experts in nutritional and targeted supplements intended to correct imbalances. Caution, not mood altering drugs which balance bio chemistry
  • holistic treatments, therapy, coaching, programs which correctly locate and resolve underlying problem areas. Rehabilitation means to restore to proper and correct function, bring out ability. You should be able to deal with life on life's terms before leaving rehab
  • proper environment. Hospitals, rehab 'mills', and shuffling people through meetings is not an effective rehab environment. Proper rehab settings for Lorazepam rehab would involve healing and full detoxification actions for the first weeks and month. Rehab would properly begin on the 2nd month of recovery in the rehab center
  • for people only needing Lorazepam detox, expect 2 to 4 weeks minimum time and LOTS of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and healing remedies piled into you to ensure a comfortable detox
  • detox and rehab specialists who treat you with full care and compassion. Lorazepam detox and rehab is a delicate process yet when done expertly well, it is a wonderful experience. You're getting your life back!

Contact Drug Rehab Advisor about getting to the best private pay Ativan detox and rehab centers for your needs. I can discuss your situation with you and help you work out  suitable private pay or PPO insurance covered detox treatment programs and center in the US or Canada.

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  1. Cheryl Anderson:

    My daughter was put on ativan last September for aid in symptoms with a severe kidney infection and had been also diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder. The treatment was not consistent until this past November during another hospital stay for cdif, bacterial infection for other infection. She has had symptoms of withdrawal and her Dr. is hesitant to have to detox yet as she has still had symptoms of nausea and abdominal pain. After researching ativan I see that this could be the cause of her nausea and pain. She has been on medicaid and is on and off and has low income. Is there any help for someone with little financial resources to get help in northern Colorado?

  2. LIDIA:

    Any integrative medical detox locations for Lorazepam available in Canada? I live in a Toronto subarb.

    • Lidia,

      awaiting for your call for holistic rehab centers in Canada

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