What’s it Like Being a Slave To Crack Addiction?

The Real Story About Crack Cocaine Addiction in the Family part 5


This is the 5th part of our 8 part series. In that earlier article you can read here called: "When will a crack abuser hit bottom?" we helped families discover where bottom could be for an addicted loved one. Knowing where bottom really is could save a life.


In this article we describe the life of someone enslaved by crack cocaine.


Enslaved in Addiction


How bad can or will life for an addict get before they stop using? I write this question not because that is the right question to ask but, because it's the question we as family or an addict will ask thinking there is an answer to that question.


"When will I stop? I don't know . . . maybe when I'm dead or someone kills me. I'd stop smoking if I could. Do you think I like living like this? I hate it. I hate being addicted to crack but I can't stop. I don't know if I can control myself long enough to get help. And I really need help. Please help me stop."   Crack addict asks for help


Here's the truth: if an addict could control their use or behavior they wouldn't need to go to rehab or have another impose restrictions and prevent them for instantly relapsing back into drug use.


What's it Like Being a Crack Addict?


I like to explain crack addiction to families in this way:


Imagine having a ball and chain around your leg that tugged at your skin every time you tried to go anywhere. When you move, you feel the leg iron cut into the skin of your leg. So you figure doing nothing is better than dragging around this ball.


But you can't do nothing. You've got to go out, eat, talk to people or work. So you have to get up and get out. Then that leg iron bites deeply into your leg. You try to ignore it, but you feel it tugging at you all the time.


If you hurry, you can pick up doing drugs again and rush off to find more money or more drugs before the leg iron rips into your leg. So you get busy scheming.


Every time you use, you pick up the ball and carry the ball around, now the leg iron doesn't hurt when you move. But you've picked up the addiction again. And you look like an idiot to everyone who sees you. Because you're carrying your addiction around with you and rushing off to get another fix or money for a fix.


Others can't understand what it's like so you don't try to explain, you just leave and get back to obeying your enslaver, your addiction.


An addict is caught between pain and enslavement. They often choose enslavement over pain as being under the influence for a short time is better than pain in their lives.


Does a Crack Abuser Really Know How to End Addiction?


Obviously not, if you've been reading this article you'd know what the problem is.


The addict takes their ball and chain with them into every relationship, every place, into every house or rehab they enter into.



You'll be reading about how to avoid hurting an addict with help. The next article is called   How to Help a Crack Addict in part 6 of The Real Story About Crack Cocaine Addiction in the Family series.


Find out why your past efforts to help failed. Learn the true sources of why addicts fail in recovery in this next article. Click here to read How to Help a Crack Addict



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