LSD Fact Sheet

Scientific Name /Formula

  • Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
  • C20H25N30

Where Does LSD Come From

  • LSD comes from refined and processed mold spores that grow on rye
  • these are microscopic elements and very small amounts (compares to a couple grains of salt) will produce vivid visual hallucinations and extreme sensory distortions
  • eating moldy rye bread will not produce an LSD trip but would give you a very bad case of food poisoning

History of LSD

  • 1938 the compound is produced in a Swiss lab by Albert Hofmann, a chemist.
  • Hallucinogenic properties unknown until 1943 the chemist accidentally ingested some LSD.
  • Psychiatrists began to experiment on their patients with LSD and began distributing the drug to them in the 40's and through to the 60's, after which the trend abated and the drug was made illegal.
  • LSD was also used in black ops by CIA, military and other secret mind control ops
  • Several such experiments were done to see if LSD could make a whole group more easily controllable due to the drugs effects of being out of touch and disinterested in reality.
  • Some research shows experiments were done on individuals who died as a result.
  • Another set of psi op experiments used LSD to see how effective it was as a truth serum.
  • Eventually the drug began to find its way onto the streets, it's popularity being fanned by certain psychiatrists and psychologists
  • This resulted in LSD becoming very popular in the in the 1960's and 1970's
  • There is high incidences of psychosis and lingering mental problems after taking the drug.
  • Flashbacks are known to occur months or years after taking LSD.
  • It is said by some that the product that was known as LSD and as produced by the original lab in Switzerland is no longer available as it was in its original form due to the inability of kitchen labs to recreate it
  • What today may be sold as "LSD" may be something entirely different - there are thousands of designer drugs and party drugs being created today and the buyer will not be able to determine if LSD is actually being ingested, or some other concoction of chemicals

Treatment for LSD Victims

  • LSD is not considered addictive in the traditional sense but can have lingering negative effects that impair a person long after using the drug
  • A compassionate approach to helping stabilize a person after a bad LSD trip has been found to be most successful
  • Purging the residual drug traces or metabolites out of the body through sauna detox and nutritional support is  the only sure way to prevent flashbacks from continuing to occur.

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