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How do I find a rehab program that'll treat the underlying causes of Cocaine addiction? Does insurance pay or do I? How do I get them to accept treatment? And what do I do next?

You might have heard that cocaine addiction is just a symptom of a bigger problem.

Like you, your situation with addiction is unique. Until the true causes of your loved one's addiction is discovered, and fully treated in recovery, your up-and-down battle with cocaine addiction will go on unresolved.

To successfully treat cocaine addiction, a rehab needs to deal with the underlying causes of their abuse.

Are You Working With The Right Type of Rehab Program?

Traditional Rehabs focusing on symptoms get only 1% to 5% of addicts truly ending cocaine abuse. That's because most of these rehab programs are similar to detox programs, helping the person dry out for 30 days, sometimes relying on group meetings and medications (drugs) to treat symptoms.

After leaving rehab, your loved one is expected to go to meetings or aftercare while back at home amidst all those unresolved triggers.

This is why people relapse after returning home!

The causes that drove them to use in the first place are still there!

On the other hand... Rehabs that treat the underlying causes of cocaine addiction achieve success rates between 60% to 90%.

How do you find these centers?

Finding Centers that Specialize in Specific Causes of Addiction

The newest and most exciting advances in rehab is the emergence of holistic rehab programs that specialize in treating specific causes of addiction.

These Holistic rehab centers may briefly use medications for immediate medical attention, but their focus is finding and helping the person face up to the underlying causes that created the anxiety, cravings, lying, avoidance of problems and more!

They accomplish their goals by treating the whole person and not just the symptoms. They address their physical health, such as chronic pains, using specialists in physical rehabilitation. They also address their social, emotional and mental difficulties such as low self esteem, lack of essential life skills, depression, moral issues, etc., and deal with the underlying causes of your loved one's addiction.

It's important to identify the underlying cause of addiction before choosing a center because not all centers specialize in the same causes of addictions.

You can call our toll free number if you need help in identifying your loved one's underlying causes of addiction. One of our Drug Rehab Advisors will ask you several questions and connect you with the right rehab program: 1-800-650-8776  (This is a complementary service - There is no charge)

Does Insurance Pay For Cocaine Rehab, Or Do I?

Private insurances may cover all or part of an effective cocaine rehab program. We also regularly recommend centers at excellent value for results and service. If an executive center is needed, we'll get you there for less than you'd expect.

How Do I Get Them to Accept Treatment?

There is an exact science on how to correctly do an intervention. An intervention is a caring act done by family members who will no longer enable the cocaine abuser. It is not an act of anger or intolerance.

When done right, a stubborn cocaine abuser will agree they need help and accept treatment.

All family members would need to be on board for an effective intervention. A Drug Rehab Advisor can help you plan a proper intervention (this is a complementary service), and for the more difficult cases, find you a good interventionist. You can call a Drug Rehab Advisor between 8am and 7pm PST at: 1-800-650-8776 .

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