What Helps Benzodiazepine Detox Withdrawals?

It's time to stop taking those pills and get your life back, but how do you do it without feeling like you're coming out of your skin? Is there a better way off benzos?

Benzodiazepine Addiction Detox

You've admitted to yourself you've got an addiction or a dependency to benzodiazepine (benzo) drugs and you want help withdrawing smoothly. What do you do?

Caution: Benzodiazepine withdrawals can go a long time when you guess, try to figure it out or depend on your doctor to hold your hand throughout the detox.

Tip: You can smoothly detox from benzo drugs over a longer period at home if you properly prepare and take holistic action steps to supplement your health.

Most Important: If you need to and have the means, holistic benzodiazepine detox rehab programs are able to eliminate long term post acute withdrawal symptoms and eliminate benzo detox fears in several weeks of inpatient rehab.

The focus of this DrugRehabAdvisor detox and rehab placement site and service is to get as many people off of psychotropic drugs like benzodiazepines as possible.

Benzodiazepine Detox will give you a real insiders look into the real problems many people experience when attempting to come off of benzo medications. Most doctors are programed to give you advice so you suffer and fail when attempting benzo detox.

Benzo Drug Withdrawal Advice gives you the important factors you need to consider and plan for to achieve a successful benzo detox in inpatient centers.

Purpose: I want and need you to join the many people living a healthy and drug-free life so that real rehab & recovery help grows into an unstoppable movement. Successful rehabilitation is the best motivation for others to get help for themselves. Right now you're the next person who needs to win the battle of benzodiazepine addiction for yourself and your friends & family.

DrugRehabAdvisor has at home, out patient and inpatient solutions for Benzodiazepine and psychotropic drug dependency which are proven to have long term success. I've discovered how the big problems can be overcome and the smaller problems to be coasted over without a hitch.

Contact DrugRehabAdvisor for inpatient and some outpatient help off of Benzodiazepine or psychotropic drugs today

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  1. Bill W.:

    if you really wanted to help people get off benzos (or anything else), you’d publish it ONLINE and FOR FREE. You profiteering “rehab specialists” claim to have secret knowledge which can only be unlocked with a 16-digit credit card number. Why don’t you just do the humanitarian thing you claim to be doing and tell people the best way to wean down or handle the withdrawal?

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      we charge a fee to let people know right away this program and following through with this program will cost some money. If you can’t afford $50, you can’t afford to follow through on THIS program. So please find something you CAN do.
      people going to rehab or withdrawing at home from benzos require the best of medical treatment, assessment, nutrients and a stable home environment. These minimum requirements cost money. People who won’t/can’t spend $50 on an effective benzo withdrawal program don’t have drug problems, they have financial / life problems. The average abuser may spend $30 every couple days on benzos. The average Rx dependent on benzos spends that much a week at least.
      Therefore any successful rehab or withdrawal program only works for people who are truly committed to being healthy and off drugs. Granted, you’ve got other personal problems which you need to resolve. I suggest you get professional help with your issues 1st while you still can.

  2. Roy:

    I have to agree, I got put on xanax at 17,I’m 26 now, I got into a argument with my doctor about getting off them, an didn’t know that it could kill me at the time, I found out real fast after my 3 month subscription ran out, I tapered down from 6 to 3mg a day, but went back to see the doctor they said I need to get off of it, I ended up going threw a hell of a withdrawal that almost killed me, I can’t get into a rehab without a court order, and I can’t find a doctor that will help now, so for you to put that online and say it’s to help people be drug free and all that is a slap in the face to anyone going threw this hell, I feel like I am going to be lucky to be alive next month, don’t sell false hope to people.

    • Roy,
      Successful Rehab and detox from xanax is achieved all the time. Reality check: go to meetings, get right with the world, handle your debt to society, then maybe others won’t seem so intimidating. We create our own prisons. The blame trip is the worst, don’t do it.
      You’re directing your anger at those wanting to help, that’s a mistake. Go online and search out tapering programs. People who are looking for solutions find solutions. People who want help will find it. I recommend getting yourself sorted out first, then you’ll find others wanting to help you. It’s tough to cross bridges you’re constantly burning before you get to them. Our online program works by following it. But if you can’t afford this, you can’t afford to follow the directions – that’s why we charge.

  3. Steve:

    In all honesty and with all due respect, you’re not responding appropriately to these desperate addicted people. In this situation, you need to be taking the “high-road” in your responses to people that are obviously distraught with fear and anger over their situation. They are drug afflicted and I’ll assume you are not. These people have more than likely reached the lowest point in their life.
    When most people are prescribed benzodiazepines they are usually very ill informed by an ill-informed doctor, which most of them are regarding the high dependency that benzodiazepines cause.
    Very few people are true abusers of this drug, in the “recreational sense” and those that are, would certainly feel different about taking that “extra tablet” had they truly understood the weeks and months ahead of sheer hell that awaits them. This can be the case for taper withdrawals as well as “cold turkey” withdrawals.
    There is little reason that anyone should ever be given long-term benzodiazepines. If any benzodiazepines are to be used by the treating doctors, it should only be used in a one-time, in-patient setting. These class drugs are dangerous in regards to their extremely dependent nature that crosses all boundaries of personalities, as the addiction has a much more of a physical underlining of dependency as it’s the true driver for the mental addiction.
    The immense real and perceived pains while on a prescribed dependency dose caused by this drug class, are the real constant incentives for those addicted to remain on the drug, not the fleeting desires of “getting high” and other irresponsible behavior that those dependent on this drug are continually labeled with.
    I do not fault your company for charging for this program, nobody works for free. The doctors charge for their services too. I just hope for those seeking your assistance that you truly do have a successful rate of recovery. This is especially true due to the discouragement from unsuccessful attempts from poorly laid plans.

    Best wishes to you and all the benzodiazepine afflicted!

    • Steve,

      your points are well received and acknowledged. It’s time for me to reconnect with those I’ve helped and wish to help. Thanks for the reality check. On line programs are for people who have support or are capable of following directions. Those who can’t should be told to get professional help, family help or pull themselves up. It’s the only decent thing to do. I won’t sympathize with a person as they justify killing themselves with drugs because their own mental traps prevent them from being helped or helping themselves. If a person is on a death slide, they need intervention from those around them. As you’re an advocate, I expect you’ll take care of that end of the spectrum. I’ll work on my side of the field.

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