Xanax, Paxil and Lorazepam Detox

Benzodiazepine drugsXanax Detox, Paxil Detox and lorazepam (Ativan) Detox: These prescription pills are prescribed for anti-anxiety, and are benzodiazapine drugs or anti-depressants (Paxil). When benzo detox or anti-depressant detox is difficult to overcome, anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazapines or anti-depressants often require the greatest knowledge and skills of medical / holistic doctors. If you are easily withdrawing from benzo's, you're one of the lucky ones.

Getting the most effective Xanax & Ativan detox and rehab program eliminates the guess work, worry and useless anxiety over finding help. I help people end Ativan, Xanax and Paxil withdrawals and crazy side effects by referring them to the best benzo detox and rehab centers available. I only work with holistic rehabs which specialize in healthy rehabilitation.

Xanax, Paxil and Lorazepam Abuse & Detox

Xanax and Paxil drugs are abused more than Ativan, probably due to an excess number of these benzos and anti-anxiety drugs on the market and in medicine cabinets. Many women especially become dependent on benzos thanks to their doctor's quickness to write prescriptions and neglecting to let their patients know about the significant problems which Xanax and Paxil can cause taken over an extended period of time.

Xanax and Paxil abuse begins innocently enough. Most people walk in to see a doctor with an anxiety, sleep or panic problem and a doctor will start writing a prescription before you sit down in his office. No examination, physical, or testing is done to discover an actual cause of these and other conditions are looked into.

Detox from Xanax, Klonopin or Lorazepam often have rebound or reversed drug effects. The problems that you once solved with benzos or anti-anxiety drugs can now be 2, 3 or many times worse when trying to detox from benzos. Benzo drugs have side effects that are experienced when the 'potion' has worn off. Benzo drug effects are most apparent when detoxing. Benzos can lead to many drug dependencies requiring detox .

Benzo detox effects tend to keep people hopelessly dependent on benzo's. Remember, a different type of thinking is required to solve the problem of benzo detox.

Finding and Solving Underlying Health Problems

The cause of many of these symptoms are stress and sleep related. Both stress and sleep issues can be generated by many many discoverable and treatable actual ailments. Many conditions are treated naturally with a change in social environment, diet, nutrients or exercise.

Ativan or lorazepam is a much more potent benzo and has a long history of creating drug dependent women since the early 1960s. The Rolling Stones song, 'Mothers Little Helper' warned people of the addictive nature of lorazepam. Today, big health problem are being created by lorazepam use.

Detox From Xanax, Paxil or Lorazepam (Ativan)

Detoxing from Xanax and Paxil can cause trouble for the person withdrawing. If they are having no problems, excellent. They got lucky. Lorazepam detox creates a much deeper problem with dependence, addiction and detox. Once benzo dependence is created by long use of Xanax, Paxil or lorazepam, specialized holistic detox programs are often required.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them", Albert Einstein.

Benzo detox requires a different type of solution than different pharmaceutical drugs prescribed in detox treatment. Often medical doctors prescribe drugs on note pads after a 3 to 7 minute consultation. As a note, I spend between 30 to 60 minutes on pre-enrollment before I know which type of detox center or detox program will be required to resolve a real health condition. Further consultation, information and medical history is taken before a prescribed course of action is taken.

Why spend all this time on consultation before any services are started? Because I care and take my job seriously.

Detox From Prescription Pills

Your health, wellness and mental or physical stability is not something I guess and gamble with. I'm sorry if you've had others who've treated your well being with such lack of concern. I am concerned with your recovery and your rehabilitation. To understand what I expect from you before consultation begins, please see Drug Detox Advice

Benzodiazepine and anti-depressant drugs can be effectively detoxed and rehabilitated from with natural integrative medical approaches. These integrative medical programs are leading the field in effective benzodiazepine and anti-depressant detoxification and rehabilitation.

Tibor A. Palatinus, Drug Rehab Advisor contact for telephone advisor help into best private pay pharmaceutical drug detox centersĀ  1-800-650-8776

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  1. E Mc C:

    Tapering off “prescribed” by Doctor Klonopin. W/D is horrible and would like to know of “really good” place and program to help me get off this horrible drug. I am down to .30. Taper by .5 every 2 weeks. That means 11 more weeks and I’m frightend about day when I done w/ taper. I want a place that SPECIALIZES and is very effective in detox of Benzo’s. I live outside Phila in western suburbs. Would like a place not too far away but having said that would travel along east coast for a really excellent facility. Thank you.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      E Mc,

      thanks for your comment on ‘Xanax Paxil and Lorazepam Detox’ article on DrugRehabAdvisor.com

      I’ve written hundreds of articles on the best Benzo detox centers in the USA and the need to get and follow holistic programs to accomplish full recovery without going crazy while attempting to do it.

      I understand you’re in Philly area. Best thing to do is give me a call or email me back with your contact info and times to contact. There are several centers quite close to you. I’ll need to find out further what is really wanted and needed from you so I don’t waste your time looking over programs which aren’t appropriate for your situation.

      Insurance, financial resources, time and your unique situation will figure largely in helping you find the best fit for your detox.

      So call or email back.

  2. Bill:

    Would you please send us a list of detox centers in the Houston, Texas area?

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      I’ve sent you on a link for pharmaceutical drug detox center and holistic detox programs in Houston, TX, for your unique situation. I’m glad it helped!

  3. Lawrence A:

    I really need to know if paxil contain benzoids. I failed a drug test and they said paxil does not contain benzos……thank you

    • Lawrence,
      Paxil is one of the $billion drugs which has litigation for false safety claims, fixed trials and other related problems. Paxil detox is a major service need due to the damaging effects of paxil.

      Benzodiazepines are probably more dependency and addictive associated drugs than Paxil.

      Sorry about your issues with drug tests. I recommend researching Paxil side effects on Google.

  4. Tracey:

    Hi Tibor, I am in the very long process of withdrawal from Paxil. I have been on the drug for 15 yrs. and I am down to 20mg now. I was originally at 50mg. As you are aware, from others, it has been a horrible withdrawal. My reason for trying to get off this med. is the extreme weight gain that it has caused me. I have gained 60lbs on paxil. I eat very healthy and take omegas, bvitamins, etc. Some days I feel that I don’t know how I’ll make it. I live north of Philadelphia and have been considering a detox center. Could you please recommend a good center. Thank you.

    • Tracey,
      detox from Paxil comes with a number of medical and general health problems – you’ve probably experienced some of these issues already.
      I’d need to speak with you on the phone to make a proper recommendation for detox. There may be some very specific issues which are well addressed in one detox but not in others. Call me when you’re free.

  5. diana d:

    dear advisor – I am down to 5 mg. of Paxil from 20 mgs …. experiencing those brain zaps – WOW!!!! My doctor is still prescribing a limited amount of Zanax until I get off the Paxil …
    I know that reduced Paxil cuts the life of the zanax … I can only tolerate one at a time ….. since I’ve spent months weaning off Paxil ….. what is your response to continuing xanax? I am not taking a large amount of the anti-anxiety medication …. thoughts?????

    • Diana,
      Yes, I know about the brain zaps. My thoughts are: there are reason’s and problems (unresolved problems) you are taking xanax and paxil. Some of these reasons are due to the side effects of those drugs that are now giving you problems. However, the likelihood those drugs or your condition has also affected your health is very strong. Psych meds have 100s of detrimental effects. For these reasons, I recommend incorporating the ‘at home withdrawal’ program under ‘medical detox’ at drugrehabadvisor.com. Frankly if your doctor has you on those meds, he / she doesn’t know how they are also affecting your health. You’ll need to take personal control over your recovery to ensure those brain zaps don’t continue to drive you crazy.

  6. Abby:

    Extremely concerned about my father. He’s been in lorazapem for ten years. Current dosage 2mg three times per day.

    He went without lorazapem for four days and became ill and had a seizure. He had run out and couldn’t get it filled.

    He ran out quickly because he has a prostate condition. It causes him pain and sometimes lorazepam eased the pain. Also, I took some of his medication because I am prescribed it and had run out myself.

    He had a seizure the fourth day without it. He wound up in the ER, stayed in the ICU overnight and then was sent to detox where he currently is and not receiving any lorazepam.

    After being in his body for ten years and working alongside with his other depression and anxiety medications, he is not being given any lorazepam. After ten years. Extreme concerns lying here.

    Please get back.


    • Abby,
      I’m not sure what it is you are looking for on this comment form.
      I have many questions about the purpose of your comment / questions? If you’re looking to help your father safely benzo detox, you’ll need to call for a detox / rehab consultation. Note: medicare and state insured detox / rehabs tend to pull people off of long-term benzo addiction / dependency much too quickly. That results in PAWS. However, the PAWS in my opinion is a consequence of long-term use / abuse of benzos. Private care centers require time and expertise to help return natural health.
      If you want you father to remain on 6mg of lorazepam daily I’m not the person to discuss this condition with you. We have close to 100 articles on dangers of benzos on our drugrehabadvisor.com site. If you’re arguing for your father to stay on benzos you could benefit through further study on our site, please do so.

      • Abby:

        No I want to know if he is going to be ok without any benzo drug given in detox after ten years of having it. Like will is body go into shock? Or when he gets home from detox. He will only be there 6 days total.

        What is PAWS

      • Seek holistic help from holistic doctors. Seek our site for information on PAWS

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