Benzodiazepine Dependence: Does Going to Detox Mean Addicted?

Benzodiazepine Detox

Detox Caution: There are some detox centers claiming skill or know-how in prescription drug detox that are available in the US which have caused countless detox and withdrawal problems for people attempting to end a benzo dependency or addiction. I recommend you read through and click through this article before chancing or gambling with your well being at any benzodiazepine treatment facility.

Recovery through benzodiazepine recovery programs involves a very complete and thorough understanding of human physiology, stress and toxic reaction. Holistic integrative detox treatment includes intensive nutritional support, natural detoxification methods and medical treatment. The better nutrition and detox support, the fewer and shorter medical interventions are required (several weeks).

Benzodiazepine (benzo) addiction is different than dependence. Yet, often both the two conditions require skilled benzo detox. Lorazepam, Xanax, Klonopin seem to be the most common anxiety drugs but the list can be extended.

Benzo detox done properly rehabilitates a person holistically and naturally. The right detox is truly a life saver and the beginning of a new life. Getting a detox advisor to find the best treatment center for you takes the stigma completely out of benzodiazepine withdrawing. And you'll also gain your health back, and that's what this rehabilitation advisor article is all about.

Dependence or Addiction

Psychological dependence and psychological addiction share many similarities but primarily only differ in intensity. Psychological dependence infers the person can't function emotionally or mentally without taking meds.

Many normal and contributive people using benzos for more than 100 days per year will find themselves becoming dependent. Psychological dependence will soon become physical dependence. Many people become physically dependent to taking their Lorazepam, Klonopin, Xanax or other benzos after a long term, 100 days or more, usage per year. Some will become dependent after daily benzo use for a month or more.

Addiction to benzos involves drug seeking and abusing benzos regardless of adverse consequences or collateral damage created by ones actions: theft, breaking promises, deception, breaking the law.

Benzo addiction clearly indicates a need for detox and rehab and often an intervention will be required to help encourage a person to arrive in detox and rehab. But what about dependence?

Benzodiazepine Dependence and Detox

Detox or rehab can have stigma attached for a person coming off benzos. The benzo dependent person may think, "I'm in detox or rehab therefore I'm an addict, oh no." The fact is that benzodiazepines create more dependency psychologically and physically than your doctor ever let on. Long term benzo use can result in benzo dependence regardless of who you are.

Benzo dependence has been studied for over 20 years, closer to 30 years in the UK. Severe benzodiazepine warnings were posted by the UK government, apparently the US doctors were not informed by pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these drugs nor by the psychiatrists who endorse their use.

Ending Dependence with Healthy Detox

Two schools of thought exist and are the only certain and validated detox approaches, meaning positive beneficial long term recovery from dependence and other pharmaceuticals. Both are successful benzo detox methods that work. The second philosophy will get you through detox smoothly only if done very well and the detox incorporates intensive integrative and nutritional treatment and support.

Caution: There are other benzo detox practices available in the US which have caused some detox and withdrawal problems for people attempting to end a benzo dependency or addiction. I don't recommend these. I do strongly recommend you read through DrugRehabAdvisor articles and contact me 1st before deciding on a detox / rehab, as people should be given proper health focused treatment plans, not just more drugs to take.

One philosophy for benzo withdrawal is that detox should be protracted over a long period of time, years or at comfortable rates according to the person detoxing from benzos. This gradual approach off benzos is believed to allow people to hopefully adjust to lowered and eventually zero levels of benzos or pharmaceuticals. This method along with ongoing psychological counseling is a process minimally suggested by UK doctors familiar with the Ashton method of benzo withdrawal. Many use this technique and get off their pills. Others just have problems, you'll know which group you're in by journaling your experiences.

The second philosophy of benzo detox developed in the US is to step the person off of benzos over a couple week period. Often integrative medicine, natural medicine etc is used to address concurrent conditions, all to the benefit of the recovery process.

Then over several more weeks, holistic and alternative medical care is utilized. These integrative detoxification treatments involve closely monitoring a person's condition in inpatient detox, providing a therapeutic and comfortable environment and aggressively re-balancing nutritional, organic and metabolic processes with natural medicine.

When natural benzo detox medical treatments such as amino acids, nutrients, minerals and hormone therapy is done scientifically correctly, benzo detox is either quite smooth or only a minor difficulty.

Incorporating a benzo psychological recovery plan and getting educational coaching to overcome real life difficulties is part of the better benzo detox models and strategies in the US.

Rapid detox from benzos can rebound if not done completely however. This means people should address all their problems in a recovery program. See DrugRehabAdvisor article on Flumazenil.

A major discovery by benzo detox specialists is that people can build up a toxic pharmaceutical accumulation in the body by taking benzos, anti-depressants and other pharmaceuticals. Accumulated benzo residuals continue to slow, hamper or influence hormone and immune systems in the body. This benzo accumulation is toxic and adversely affects people psychologically, physically and holistically. Entire networks can be ruined if detox is left unhandled. (Note: drawing the withdrawal out for years won't necessarily reduce toxic buildup, but it may if person's systems are functioning well again.

Repairing these networks require extensive nutritional repair and natural rehabilitation. The positive news is that regeneration can occur much more quickly when benzo detox and rehabilitation treatments are scientifically conducted.

Benzo Detox or Addiction: Summary

Going for a benzo detox does not mean one is addicted to benzos. Actually people seeking help off benzos and going to a benzo detox are acting sanely and taking charge of their futures; that's not benzo addiction.

Denial, emotional dramas, pleading and nervous breakdowns on one side. Recovery from benzos on the other through benzo detox and recovery.  On the outside the choice seems simple and obvious. On the inside benzo dependence is full of conflicts. Benzos seem to bring about instant gratification for many with sleep, anxiety and panic issues. Yet instant gratification through drugs is next door to addiction.

Help with Benzo Detox and Rehabilitating Health

I consider it a pleasure to act as an advisor to people wanting to end benzo dependence through holistic, safe and comfortable detoxification and health rehab programs. I've searched throughout the US and even Canada to find benzo detox programs which treat people as people, never as addicts. You're going to detox for help, and a healthy life is what you'll be giving to yourself.

That's a pretty good deal when asking someone for help through a detox.

To Do: You can learn how to evaluate a successful benzo detox program or center at Detox Withdrawal Advice here on DrugRehabAdvisor.

Contact DrugRehabAdvisor when you've decided to take charge of your life and end a pharmaceutical drug dependency.


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  1. Rapid Drug Detox Center:

    When it comes to treating addiction, the best philosophy is to balance hormones first, and then incorporate a combination of natural and prescriptive remedies which is individualized for each patient in order to assure success. There are a number of sites which offer a wide variety of options, starting with natural supplements.

  2. Jack S:

    I am considering going to a detox center for getting rid of a physical dependency on Klonopin. I’ve been taking the drug along with an anti seizure medication for about 6 weeks, 1mg/day of Klonopin and 1250mg of Depakote/day. Prior to that I was on about 1mg/day of ativan in divided doses for about 5 months. The name of the facility is Novus Medical Detox Center and is located in New Port Richey, Fla. Can you send me some advice or an evaluation of the facility via email. Very much appreciate your help. Thanks: Jack

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      Drug Rehab Advisor’s At Home Drug Withdrawal Program follows the advice of the program executive at Novus: they can be a good fit for benzo detox. The At home program is a non-medical program designed to help people comfortably withdraw from Klonopin and Benzodiazepine drugs.

      Contact me at DrugRehabAdvisor if you like by phone at 1-800-650-8776 about in-patient detox centers for Klonopin dependence.

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