Understanding How Drug Abusers Think

Drug Rehab Advisor's first purpose is to help you begin to understand the whole problem of drug abuse. We'll help you take the pieces of a drug problem apart and see the larger, real problems in a drug abuser's life. While the above video is only one facet exposing a person's bewildering mental and social excuses for continued drug abuse, the  'How Drug Abusers Think' video should help you open up a discussion about the need for rehab.

Drug abusers can have "reasons" and excuses they use to rationalize and justify their drug abuse and addiction. These drug abuse justifications are used to excuse their continuing use of drugs and alcohol to "solve" their problems in life. Justifications for drug abuse are simply methods of asserting their actions are right somehow, despite the damaging results of those actions.

Drug abusers are instinctively avoiding pain and emotional upsets. Yet that avoidance of pain is the key to understanding the mechanism of the entrapment. People are stuck in a problem-solution dilemma that they can't win if  they keep playing the same game; the game of taking drugs in an attempt to solve problems.

Drug Rehab Advisor recommends you review this site and get to know us better before you call and begin to inquire about rehab and detox solutions. We can save your or a loved one's life. Rehabilitation is for people who want to live better lives and have a bright, drug-free future.

Often, when a person is a "confirmed" drug abuser, it doesn't even seem possible that they can ever kick their habit.

We are here to tell you, emphatically, that a substance abuser can definitely end their drug or alcohol addiction permanently and get their life back.  We have helped hundreds of individuals do exactly that.

If you or another are drinking and drugging or medicating to avoid pain or unwanted emotions or to somehow escape life's ups and downs, and you can't stop for even one month, the drugs are in control of you. They are stopping you from truly enjoying life. You need to contact us for rehab or detox solutions that work while you still have some rationality and capacity to change.

"An Advisor for people who think independently and expect excellent natural individualized rehab and detox programs that are successful"

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  1. Susan D:

    I am going through benzo withdrawal which is one of the most excrutiating situations. Tibor Palatinus is EXTREMELY helpful even if you’re trying to work through the process at home and with limited funds. He is about helping people. That’s not the easiest thing to find these days, and I’m glad I didn’t just go for the first few hits on my search (big $ gets the top spots) and found someone who advised me on ALL options to get my life back. He discusses the importance of nutritional support, behavioral adjustments and reducing environmental stressors, as well as getting whatever inpatience or outpatient help you may need. He has helped me already. He is also very responsible about not dispensing improper medical advice.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      thanks so much. I’m very happy you’re feeling better so quickly. I’m sure you’re benzodiazepine detox situation will improve by simply following DrugRehabAdvisor recommendations for full benzo rehabilitation.

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