Clonazepam Rehab and Holistic Detox: 7 Solutions To A Pain-free Detox

Klonopin, Clonazepam, Rivotril are benzodiazepine drugs which will often require specialized holistic detox combined with at least some therapeutic rehab. Many of my readers want to know "Which type of Clonazepam rehab and detox is best for me?"

Clonazepam is a fast acting and long lasting benzo which should not be used continuously for more than a couple of months without risking dependency. Clonazepam has a 30 to 40 hour ½ life and you need to be careful to not take Clonazepam or acohol in large quantities day after day.

If you're wondering if you're dependent on Clonazepam or Klonopin and need rehab or detox, you should consult with a knowledgeable MD on working out a benzo taper protocol for you. If your MD says, 'just stop taking it' and you've tried and hit walls, it's time to read through this article and consider Clonazepam detox and rehab.

You're Not Alone

In 2007 in the US, doctors wrote approximately 89 million benzodiazepine prescriptions. Many of those Clonazepam prescriptions were for alcohol detox. Clonazepam acts on the GABA receptors similarly to alcohol and other sedatives.

I'm hearing directly from people calling for Clonazepam detox, that people are using both alcohol and Clonazepam on a regular daily basis for anxiety, panic and inability to sleep. People are sedating themselves with alcohol and benzos like Klonopin, into unconsciousness and calling this sleep.

The habit of combining alcohol and Clonazepam into a 'sleep remedy' has driven many people to hysteria when they can't get a drink or pills. Attempting to cold turkey and stop drinking or popping pills to sleep can send people into terrors, nightmares, cold sweats, restless legs and other disruptive conditions.

The brave who are determined to end their dependency to Clonazepam often put themselves through extended withdraws called PAWS. The source of their sleep and anxiety problems as well as the Clonazepam withdrawal effects is unhandled and often unknown.

Doctors claiming to be able to treat these side effects with anti-depressants are merely experimenting on you to see what psychotropic drug cocktail seems to work. Your biggest worry is not 'what if this doesn't work', it's 'what if it does'. Short term solutions of one or 2 weeks are usually fine, but what if it's been years and your still on drugs?

Many of my clients have been back and forth to different MDs prescribing benzos, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, sedatives and so on. People eventually realize that their MDs may be their drug dealers, "Have you tried the ____ red ones yet?"

If this is describing you or a family member/s situation with prescription medications, I have some solutions for you.

Clonazepam Detox and Rehab Solutions:

  1. Start seeing a different type of doctor who's goal is to help detox you from your prescription pill addiction.
  2. You'll need a very smart and skilled MD to take you off of Clonazepam successfully without getting you hooked on other drugs or in worse shape mentally and physically than you are now.
  3. The above two solutions may take 2 to 6 months and be painless if your lucky.
  4. If you're not so lucky or you believe that those won't work for you, you'll need to contact me about checking into a highly skilled medium to high end Clonazepam detox and rehab center soon.
  5. The longer you attempt to incorrectly home detox, even if under the supervision of a doctor, the more unnecessary grief and distress you'll put yourself through. People often age noticeably when suffering through toxic reactions of pharmaceutical drugs.
  6. A better detox solution is to eliminate the toxic effects of Clonazepam by getting to a detox and rehab which focuses on holistic nutritional health. You are probably a lot sicker than you want to let anyone discover. I can assure you, you'll need the most nutritionally and holistically advanced detox for Clonazepam, benzo and alcohol detox and rehab you can find. Call me about those.
  7. I can attest there are few of these truly successful benzo detox program centers available to US citizens after hearing the horror stories of people going to 'the best' or most popular medical detox centers for Clonazepam, only to have those botch their detox.

A couple final detox tips I'd like to impart now as I truly want you to have a smooth painfree Clonazepam detox and rehab. I want this for you as I know you'll never be off benzos and alcohol without your health returned.

Don't attempt to wean yourself off of benzos and alcohol right before going to detox. If you're on a scheduled benzo and alcohol titration, step down or taper protocol that's fine, continue. If not, don't increase or decrease the amount of benzos or alcohol your consuming before coming into a detox or rehab program.

You'll be far better off by checking into one of the rehabs or detox centers I recommend if you're not yet going through very difficult Clonazepam or alcohol detox symptoms. If you're having them already, it's usually best to call me right away and I'll help get you placed into a successful detox and rehab center the next day.

Addiction to Clonazepam is now becoming a bigger problem for people to kick than alcohol. If you or a loved one are having problems with both alcohol and Clonazepam withdrawal and detox and you want to be admitted into private pay inpatient detox and rehab center programs, contact Drug Rehab Advisor at  1-888-840-0927

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  1. Scott W:

    I was prescribed .5 miligrams Clonazepam 3 times a day about 4 years ago. I never took them 3 times a day. At most I would take a pill at noon, and one before I went to bed. Just recently I did a 3 month weaning period reducing the amount i took by a fourth of a pill every 2 weeks. I felt better as I was decreasing, but then would hit walls every now and then. My symptoms are depression, decrease in libido, insomnia, anxiety. I was completely off for about two weeks but had the worst nervous feeling in my stomach the whole time, and was “trapped” in my head. I started taking just 1/4 of the .5 pill twice a day. So, I have significantly decreased the amount I was taking, but I am still on clonazapam and still have all the side affects i listed above. I have good days, but they are getting farther and farther in between. Should I have just fought through the anxiety I was feeling the 2 weeks I was off? Would it have gone away in time? I’m in the dark here. I don’t drink but maybe one to two beers in a 2 week span(makes me feel like shit), and I eat very healthy and excercise 3-4 days a week. Any advice or help I can get would be life changing. – Scott

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:

      minimally start our at home holistic detox program found on our top navigation “At Home Program”. Clonazepam tapering and detox requires a correct and complete detoxification and rehab to be effective. There are underlying issues, physical / chemical / emotional which got you onto Clonazepam, so they also need to be fully addressed.
      Recommend: begin our at home program today or get into an inpatient detox this week if you can get away for 2 to 4 weeks minimum.

  2. Joelle:

    I have been on clonazepam for 10 years, and am also addicted to trazadone. What would you recommend for me to do to get off these drugs. I am suffering a depression that has gotten worse over the years. I am currently on 4mg of clonazepam, and 4mg of trazadone. Thanks again.

    • Drug Rehab Advisor:


      start our Benzo at home program and then get to one of DrugRehabAdvisor’s recommended Clonazepam detox / rehab centers.

  3. eva:

    Hello , I was on 2 mg Clonazepam for insomnia . Now I am 7 months taper from 1 mg to 1/16 == .125. Now I dont’ have all horrible w/S like before , but have very bad panic attacks , ER many times, because very strong attacks . 10 minutes after , all test very good . What should do , switch to valium or continue slow taper for next 6 or 10 months ? Thank you.

    • Eva,

      1st; never ask for or take medical advice over the internet. We NEVER give medical advice out, except to advise people to get to the right doctors. 2nd; I’d recommend you starting our AT Home Withdrawal program and do your detox faster and safer. 3rd, please don’t go to the IN for medical advice again. People end up in danger by breaking away from proper holistic medical procedure.

  4. Renee:

    i was taking 3 mg a day for about two years. Yeah. I’m into my second week of going cold turkey. Man I feel like shit! I really hope this doesn’t last much longer.

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