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Many drug abusers who hit rock bottom, ask to go to detox. Ecstatic with this news, family members begin to look for a suitable detox program, not knowing that they are already sabotaging their loved one’s chance of recovery.

How Are They Sabotaging Their Loved One’s Recovery?

Detox is great for people who have adequate skills to deal with life, but were prescribed addictive medication to deal with the pain of an injury or an operation and now need a quiet place to help them during the withdrawal period.

Detox is best described as keeping someone away from drugs long enough to get them through the withdrawal symptoms. It is not rehab.

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Who Needs Rehabilitation:

If a substance abuser has used drugs, alcohol or medication to get high and avoid reality, then you have someone who finds it overwhelming to deal with life and its challenges.

If the abuser has begun to lie and steal, and has kept their addiction secret for as long as they could, then you have a potential addict who lacks the ability to deal with situations in an honest way, and who lacks the ability to deal with all the punches that life throws at us. This is the "drug personality".

These types of drug or alcohol abuser tends to relapse within days, weeks or months after their detox. And for the very few who don’t relapse, you can see them struggling with some parts of their lives where they lack adequate life skills.

They need life skills to deal with life’s challenges. They need complete rehabilitation.

What Type of Rehab Should We Look For?

You are looking for a rehab program that will help your loved one feel mentally and physically able to:

  • Confront and tackle life’s problems in an honest way and regain their self respect.
  • Comfortably communicate with others and resolve problems through communication.
  • Study and improve their skills as needed so they can maintain a good job or get a better one.
  • Spot the bad influences in their life and take appropriate action.
  • Regain the trust of their family and friends.

A good rehab program concentrates on rehabilitating people while they are still in the program.

Effective rehab centers do not prescribe another addictive “legal” drug to help the abuser with their addiction, thereby simply substituting one addiction for another. They do not just help during the detox stage and then send the addict away to finish their rehab at home.

At Drug Rehab Advisor, we know this as we have sent over 500 drug and alcohol abusers to rehab and detoxes and spoken with another 15,000 individuals, both addicts and former addicts, over the past 10 years. We have seen the results of each type of detox and rehab program. We know which ones work and which ones have failed the people who needed help.

Call us today or fill out the form to the right and we will listen to you. We will then let you know which private rehab or detox program represents the best home of recovery for your particular situation.

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