Drug Addiction Rehab - The Right Way to Overcome Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol

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We now have answers to some of the most vital questions that family members ask. Addiction rehab facilities should help end addiction. Yet why do some go back to drugs after rehab? Was it the treatment or them?

Will placement to a specific addiction rehab center help overcome drug addiction or alcoholism?

What drives a person to abuse drugs and alcohol when they know it is destroying their lives and their family?

Why do addicted people continue to manipulate, deceive and lie their way out of getting help until they get into a bigger mess and maybe experience their next rock bottom?

Is it too late to help them recover from their addiction; have they passed the point of no return even with addiction rehab help?

Truthful answers to these questions have lead to the solutions that we needed to overcome addiction itself and the emergence of addiction rehab programs with success rates 3 to 4 times that of the national average. Some addiction rehab centers even offer guarantees with treatments!

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Addiction Rehab Testimonials from callers:

Mother of daughter with former crystal meth addiction

"Tibor,I wanted to follow up with a thank you letter. I don't know that my beautiful daughter would be where she is today had I not found your web site, drugrehabadvisor.com. When Heather decided enough was enough, she was no longer in control of her life and I no longer in denial. We had to find her help and save her.I started looking on line for rehab centers in our home state of FL. The choices were undaunting, there were so many I didn't even know where to begin. I got lost for hours looking at one then another. I was very fortunate when I came across your website. Your quick action in responding to my email along with your encouragement I find Heather the help she needed, helped to save her life and give her the second chance she is living now!

"Your help in finding me facilities that would work with my insurance and assuring me that you only recommend facilities with 75% success rate was the confidence I needed to take the next step. I believe you even contacted two facilities and had them call me. Encouraging me to take necessary action to save my daughter, which I greatly appreciated.

"After talking with some really great people at both facilities, I chose a holistic rehab center that offered a 90 day holistic program. I wanted somewhere she could learn to live a drug free life, get her health back and address her demons. I am so thankful you suggested Heather leave the state and go far away, this was great advise. Sending my only daughter to the middle of the dessert to strangers was one of the hardest things I've had to do, but it turned out to be the best thing we could have done.

"For the first 30 days all she wanted to do was leave and I believe if she were closer to home, she would have.

"Thankfully we got her to just stick it out for 30 days. The fog began to lift and she committed herself to the full 90 days. What the rehab program taught her, the twelve step program, coupled with the counselling she received while there helped her realize and accept she was where she needed to be.

"The people at the drug rehab center were wonderful. They gave Heather the tools she needed to go out and live a clean sober life. She Embraced everything she learned and was so committed to her progress decided she wanted to make a new start at a sober living home in CA.

"Her father and I just returned from a visit with her. It had been 4 months since we last saw her. We met a women we had never met before, she is changed person. She has grown so much and learned so much from her experience. I'm very thankful for AA as it turned out even though she moved to a strange town, she has a huge support group of instant like minded friends.

"We are very fortunate.

For all this, you have our sincere gratitude. I will never forget you or the change you help to bring about in my family.

"Best wish and kindest regards,  Doreen H."

Caller Finding Perfect Rehab for Themselves:

"You helped me and that's something I can't say anyone has done when it comes to this monster that takes ahold of me. I do want to change but I don't see drugs the way everyone else does.. I want to. My biggest issue is how addicts are perceived and especially judged. I'm no different than anyone else, everyone has their demons; only mines are visible on the surface. I'm looking through the Viejo site right now and I feel so good about this right now. It's exactly what I imagined I'd want in a rehab. I need a place that reminds me of how beautiful the world is and after reading about it and seeing the pictures, this place is exactly that 🙂 🙂 :)Thank you so much. I'll keep you updated. Next I'll be calling my mom soon so that I can obtain Aetna insurance by latest tomorrow morning. I'll be calling Henry then to inform him of my situation so that we can begin making preparations. With your help regarding insurance, I have no problem now with staying there until mid-end of September (I received a scholarship and I can't let that slide) if that's what's needed. I only feel this way because of your help in finding me the perfect place with the perfect pricing matched with the insurance company that'd be most compatible with it. I needed everything to fit into place like this, and now it has. Thank you!!! 😀

"So I have no problem now with staying there until mid-end of September if that's what's needed. I only feel this way because of your help in finding me the perfect place with the perfect pricing matched with the insurance company that'd be most compatible with it. I needed everything to fit into place like this, and now it has. Thank you
- Hayder"

Ending Chronic Relapse:

"I started using drugs when I was 13.  I tried many times to get clean and my life was a constant struggle for survival.  And I've been homeless.  I've been crazy.  I've been anything under the sun because of drugs.I first met Tibor nearly 5 years ago when he came to a detox center to show me some options for treatment.  He was right on the ball with everything.  It's been a rocky road to getting clean and at every bump in the road Tibor was there to help.  Not only with me but with my whole family.  He has worked alongside my mom, my grandparents, my aunt and more to really help me get to where I need to be.

"Whenever something came up, he had a solution and for that I can't be more grateful for his dedication and support through my journey.  Whether it was words of wisdom or a real tangible solution for what to do.  Because I'll be honest, nobody is perfect.  We all make mistakes and Tibor helped me correct those mistakes.

"He's been working with my family for 5 years!  He doesn't just send you on your way and forget about you.  He follows up.  Keeps it working and is in it for the long run.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you! "

- Danarai"

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So Why Do Drug Abusers and Addicts Choose to Live With Drugs?

There are 3 main factors that cause the drug abuser or the addict to do everything they can to get their hands on more drugs.

Addiction rehab professionals developed effective treatments for each factor. We will briefly go over these factors and the solutions to resolve them, starting with: Factor 1: How Addiction Starts


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