Factor #1 - How Addiction Starts:

When a person finds no solution to a persisting problem they may turn to drugs, sooner or later, to relieve symptoms. This, of course, does not handle the underlying cause, it just relieves the symptoms temporarily. We will look at several ways of how addiction starts and offer addiction rehab solutions.

A good example is someone who is experiencing lack of self-esteem, discomfort around people, anxiety or depression. They may sooner or later find that drugs relieve their emotional pain - for awhile.

female drug addict relapsing on heroin

Heroin addict relapsing to drug abuse

Here is another common example of how addiction starts. A person finds it difficult to cope with life’s current pressures imposed upon him. Partying and getting high is another way to escape temporarily.

Unfortunately, these examples describe a good number of our youth today, and that is why they are especially vulnerable to drugs, even when they come from good families. You can discover how addiction starts by looking at ways people avoid life problems. Kids use drugs to avoid pressures and difficulties.

High school and college can be difficult times. Drugs can appear to be an easy escape or a way to cope with their immediate challenges. Drug abuse may appear to be a way to "fit in" with their peers who are into drugs (peer pressure). Drug prevention education echo kids testimonials of how addiction starts. They say 70% is peer pressure.

Before they know it, they find themselves dependent on their drug or medication of choice to cope with their problems and escape reality.

Until we resolve the initial problem itself, drugs addict the person just like daily handouts create entitlement dependencies.

An effective rehab program would have to teach the necessary life skills. As a result the addict feels competent and capable of resolving his initial problem without drugs, alcohol or medication. When we know how addiction starts we can provide adequate solutions.

But now that the person has abused drugs, two new factors enter the equation which we also need to resolve.

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