Core Values and Guiding Principles of Drug Rehab Advisor

Guiding Principles:

1. True Recovery involves the person in cooperation with treatment facilitators with the goal of abstinence and self reliance:
Guiding principles include: Informed Consent, non-provocation

2. Holistic treatments are as natural as possible and should include natural diets, supplements, exercise, therapies, education, counsel, empowerment and self discovery

3. Assisting a person to achieve personal responsibility and control over their life. Self determination is the goal of all therapies and treatments.
Guiding principle: interdependence and accountability are key to maintaining the structure of our social community.

4. We disagree with labelling and psych assessments for the purpose of increasing mind altering drugs to patients / participants in rehabilitation treatment. We acknowledge that tapering off of harmful medications may take time.
Guiding principles: health conditions have measurable tests. Labelling a person without indicating likely cause is bad medicine. Blanket labelling a condition that could be generated from multiple sources is bad medicine as the label then clouds investigation into the actual causes of the condition.

5. We do not reply or comment on rumours but instead ensure you are presented with balanced assessments of facts, not opinions.
Guiding principle: PR companies and negative PR efforts cloud effective and ineffective treatments and treatment centers. We look to facts, statistics and client good will as indicators of results. We ignore positive or negative PR feed to news sources.

Core Values:

Core Value #1  "No introduction of mind altering substances during the rehabilitation cycle." Rehabilitation is not detox. Detox may take time.

Core Value #2  "To follow only policies that enhance the health and survival of people in our realm of influence regarding drug prevention, education, detoxification and rehabilitation."

Core Value #3  "Using only natural health principles in fostering self-determinism through drug education, detoxification and rehabilitation."


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