"Drug Rehab & alcohol rehab placement given independently by rehab professional. If you're the type of person who thinks independently and expects excellent natural individualized rehab & detox programs that are successful, as a very experienced Drug Rehab Advisor with over 15 years of professional service, I've got something for you." See Core Values.

Drug Rehab Referral

Drug rehab placement advisor

"I've consulted over 50,000 people regarding pharmaceutical dependency, addictions, family enabling, intervention, rehab programming and have the experience and connections to help you. I help people like you gain health and happiness. Anyone willing and capable of following my counsel can get well and restore life again"

I help individuals and family members by discovering what their situation is and matching their needs and wants to the unique services that specific rehab and detox treatment center offer across the US and Canada.

Core Value #1 - "No introduction of mind altering substances during the rehabilitation cycle." Detox may require time and / or medications as medically necessary.

Core Value #2 - "To follow only policies that enhance the health and survival of people in our realm of influence regarding drug prevention, education, detoxification and rehabilitation."

Core Value #3 - "Hab Health is in the practice of using only natural health principles in fostering self-determinism through drug education, detoxification and rehabilitation."

Guiding Principles:
1. True Recovery involves the person in cooperation with treatment facilitators with the goal of abstinence and self reliance:
Guiding principles include: Informed Consent, non-provocation

2. Holistic treatments are as natural as possible and should include natural diets, supplements, exercise, therapies, education, counsel, empowerment and self discovery

3. Assisting a person to achieve personal responsibility and control over their life. Self determination is the goal of all therapies and treatments.
Guiding principle: interdependence and accountability are key to maintaining the structure of our social community.

4. We disagree with labelling and psych assessments for the purpose of increasing mind altering drugs to patients / participants in rehabilitation treatment. We acknowledge that tapering off of harmful medications may take time.
Guiding principles: health conditions have measurable tests. Labelling a person without indicating likely cause is bad medicine. Blanket labelling a condition that could be generated from multiple sources is bad medicine as the label then clouds investigation into the actual causes of the condition.

5. We do not reply or comment on rumours but instead ensure you are presented with balanced assessments of facts, not opinions.
Guiding principle: PR companies and negative PR efforts cloud effective and ineffective treatments and treatment centers. We look to facts, statistics and client good will as indicators of results. We ignore positive or negative PR feed to news sources.

Here is how Drug Rehab Advisor can help you get the best drug rehab program for your specific situation...

First I establish if we can help you; next, I listen to you about your situation and then provide you with one or several detox or rehab program recommendations which will best achieve the goals and expectations you have for rehab and detox.

I recommend private pay & PPO insurance covered holistic drug & alcohol rehab & detox center programs only.

I privately help individuals looking for excellent inpatient detox and rehab centers; programs far better than any traditional rehab and detox facilities known by the GP, MD or public person.

Drug Rehab Advisor recommends in-patient holistic drug rehabs and detox centers to over 40 independent and results focused rehab centers. We recommend in-patient and some intensive out-patient centers specializing in healthy detox and holistic rehab programs. Only detox and rehab centers producing excellent results and outcomes are considered. I've established relationships with health focused rehab and detox centres starting at $6,500, averaging $20,000 per month and going up to $95,000 per month. Your private insurance should help out in reducing costs at many of these centers.

People We Help with Detox or Rehab:

  • individuals wanting a healthy detox and rehab center specializing in resolving their unique drug problems
  • individuals wanting holistic non-12 step or alternative programs
  • individuals looking for inpatient holistic 12 Step programs
  • responsible yet pharmaceutical dependent people who want to end their drug dependency
  • drug / alcohol abusers who want to end addiction or alcoholism
  • family members of drug or alcohol abuser or a pharmaceutically dependent person needing treatment
  • people who aren't responding well to traditional 12 Step and medical detox programs and need non-12 Step and non-traditional medical detox and rehab programs

We consult individuals needing honest help off of dangerous pharmaceuticals or other abused drugs or alcohol. Also family, friends and clients are advised on the best alternative drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs and centers known to resolve that specific condition. These alternative detox & rehab programs are primarily private pay rehab and detox centers which I work with or represent.

I refer clients to over 50 different independent integrated detox and rehab centers which meet up to the standards of effectiveness, service, holistic natural care and produce much better than expected results for you and your loved ones.


“We are an affiliate that contracts with rehabs and placement services that connects people in need of behavioral health services with organizations that can direct them to a program that best meets that person’s individual needs. We do not charge callers for a needs assessment and may have a contract with the treatment centers or placement services to refer clients there."

Fee For Service:
We also offer private telephone consultations for callers needing more time to get to that all important next step toward entering rehab. Coaching and consultations to help through difficult issues can help you or a loved one get to their next step. The charge for this service is:
$500/ 4 hours consultation. Payment must be made and received by Paypal or Bank draft before consultation begins. Call 800-650-8776 to arrange times and payment.

The 1st step to end drug and alcohol addiction requires an assessment of the situation. I'll need to ask many questions of the family member about the drug / alcohol abuse problem and the needs of the person getting treatment. After this in depth assessment of the situation and needs, detox and rehab planning can be remarkably productive and effective. Honesty at all times is expected and required during this stage.

Rehab & Detox Advisor Initial Questions:

  1. Are you needing detox / rehab help or are you calling on behalf of another? I refer people to holistic private drug, pharmaceutical  & alcohol  detox and rehab centers. These may cost $1,000's and produce remarkable turn arounds in recovery
  2. Have you or they attempted detox or rehab in the past? Where and how long was the service? Which method was used?
  3. How much money are they spending on drugs / alcohol? Or exactly what drugs are they taking and how much?
  4. What is the physical, mental and emotional condition?
  5. Are they desiring to go to a detox or rehab? If not, that is not a problem as we work with the best Interventionists in the US and Canada. Yes, there are extra costs for this, usually a couple of thousand dollars. Interventions can take a day or more of telephone consultation, 2 days on location working with family and drug abuser, or may take longer. Interventionists work differently and some won't leave until the person goes with them to rehab.

Be Prepared For Detox & Rehab

Simply put, you should be prepared to take action when you contact Drug Rehab Advisor. My objective is to end pharmaceutical dependency, alcoholism or addiction that may be killing a loved one, you or destroying the family. We generally work with people who desire to try to change but are not responding well to the usual: traditional drug treatment, medical detox and rehab, more drugs, meetings, police or just neglect.

Drug Rehab Advisor successes are excellent. We often aim for 100% success, and when clients and families take our advice and run with it fully, the successes are excellent! I've been working as a professional rehab advisor, intervention consultant, drug prevention educator and health advocate for over 15 years. I've learned what works and is necessary for detox and rehab to be really effective.

  • Pharmaceutical dependency is ended and natural health is achieved
  • Long-time drug abusers who've resorted to criminal behavior are rehabilitated,
  • Those addicted who came for help but were told to "just go to meetings", another form of neglect, find amazing success once they are offered real natural detox and rehab.
  • Families are reunited and former drug and alcohol abusers regain the trust of their families by demonstrating trustworthiness.

If you're not ready to Enroll a Loved One into Rehab

Sometimes families need a longer period to learn and warm up to new ideas and get more comfortable with rehab advice, recovery planning, intervention recommendations, and healthy recovery.

To hire me as a professional family addictions recovery coach to work with you over the phone or teleconferencing, see the above link to get started that way. After working over 14 years professionally as a rehab advisor, interventions consultant and holistic detox specialist, I'm opening up professional exclusive one-on-one Family Addictions Recovery Coaching services to readers of DrugRehabAdvisor.com for the 1st time now in 2013.

Contact Us At: 1-800-650-8776  in Canada and US

About The Drug Rehab Advisor

The Drug Rehab Advisor and Detox Advisor is Tibor A. Palatinus. For the past 35 years I've immersed myself into many different Holistic health and healing fields. My strengths are in nutrition, proven and cutting edge recovery treatments, natural health, fitness and intuition.

I gladly summarize and share these 35 years of holistic knowledge with callers and clients.

As part of my ongoing training I tour rehabs all throughout the USA and Canada, discovering first hand what type of clients are best fitted for those programs and getting the inside track of best practices in the recovery rehab field.

Where I started my Holistic Drug Rehab career

I have worked with and for long-term (3-6 months) holistic abstinence based centers, Narconon Drug Rehabs, in the USA & Canada. However, not all people are able to attend these private pay long-term drug-free programs.

Therefor I searched extensively for drug rehab & detox centers which provided better than traditional rehab & detox services. After 16 years of research, trial and error and assessing success and results I have found insurance covered, private pay, and co-pay options for every dependency problem.

What makes a rehab or detox worth referring people to? The main qualifying standard for a drug rehab or detox facility is: they use integrative and natural alternatives to medical drugs and psych models of treatment. Drug Rehab Advisor is focused on getting people to detox and rehab programs which focus on nutritional / natural supplementation, rehabilitating physical health, improving analytical thinking and increasing personal determinism.

Costs & Compensation:

My rehab advisor placement services are free to you and may even save you money. Compensation is sometimes given directly to a non-profit company from the rehab and detox centers Drug Rehab Advisor affiliates with. I am the Executive Director of this non-profit company. Our non profit funds drug prevention and educational programs for Canadian and American teens and families.

However, a placement to a center is in no way an indication that a business partnership exists or doesn't exist between ourselves and that center.

Our non-profit sends out 100s of drug education programs to schools and delivers live drug prevention education for no costs to these schools. Obviously we also give regular news interviews on trending drugs, create educational videos, give out tips on our websites all for the public benefit and we hope you make use of these discoveries and advices to living a healthier and drug-free life.

Contributions to our Non-profit work

Families receiving services from Drug Rehab Advisor may make donations to our non-profit or charitable organizations at their own discretion and we encourage these contributions. Please ask for directions on how to best get your contributions to the work you wish most to support with your dollars, and thanks for doing this. The kids love you for it!

Pharmaceutical Drug Dependency

I've noticed a pharmaceutical drug abuse crisis: doctors and pharmaceutical drug advertising is creating legal drug dependency faster than cocaine or heroin drug dealers. Although we live in a free market economy, prescription drug addiction is a societal threat. Some pharmaceutical drugs create more dependency and addiction problems than street drugs.

Pharmaceutical drug dependency requires different types of holistic and natural detox and rehab programs and centers because most pharmaceutically dependent people are NOT addicted and don't want to be using drugs. Good people are being hooked by over-zealous prescription doctors practicing 10 minute diagnostic medicine.

The fact is you probably have never experienced a proper medical exam by a doctor who searches for causes, not symptoms. You may have been brushed off or avoided by your doctor and not given the help you needed. You're not the problem but you've got a medical or emotional problem which isn't being resolved by contemporary medicine.

Drug Rehab Advisor recognizes that pharmaceutical drug problems are different than street drugs and has found a number of effective drug treatment centers which incorporate the best of western medicine and nutritional or natural medicine. This combination, usually called 'Integrative Medicine' has surpassed any and all western medical standards of safety, client comfort, speed of rehabilitation and compassionate understanding. People are treated like vital individuals, not 'addicts'.

I want to help you regain your health and help you make living worthwhile and fun again

(c) all rights reserved, Tibor A. Palatinus aka Drug Rehab Advisor, 2016

You may contact me for inpatient detox and rehab placement for yourself or a loved one today at

DrugRehabAdvisor 1-800-650-8776


  1. Melissa W:

    Hello, I am so happy I have finally found a website that is understanding and says exactly what I feel is happening with over perscribing people with medicine.
    I would appreciate feedback on how to start this process. I am taking 60mg of Geodon and 300 mg of Trileptal and I want to get off of them desperately. It has been three years and this year has been totally heartbreaking and I dont know where to turn to for help. I do not want to “switch” medications. I want a holistic approach and to use natural substances. I have medicaid insurance though and they always let me know the door is shut and that I can not get off of them.
    I am 32 years old and I had my mom come with me to an appointment to tell him I wanted off and he yelled at us. My mom then took me into a rehab facility in Brighton and they said they would not handle these psychotropic medicines.
    Please get back to me about the detox facilities that you work with. My parents had the money to pay for the Brighton facility and would pay again if there is a way.
    Thank you again for your humility and understanding nature of this website!

    • Melissa,
      thanks for your kind words about DrugRehabAdvisor.com
      We are more than a website, we are a continental holistic health movement designed to free people from drug dependency and addiction.
      Contact me anytime you or your parents are free to speak about psychotropic drug prescription dependency. We can recommend private detox facilities for most any dependency problem.

  2. Jamar K:

    re: At home drug withdrawal program: Hello Tibor I’m having issues taking all the vitamins at once makes me feel jittery taking all at once any suggestions ?

    • Jamar,

      please check your emails. I’ve given a more detailed answer. Also, there is a confidential direct access to me via email, through the at home drug withdrawal program. You can use that access confidentially any time.
      We have several recommendations to prevent vitamin edgyness. Always eat food with vits, you may need reduce B vits, depending on which drugs you’re withdrawing from. Some detox’s require lots of B vits while other drug withdrawals should reduce B’s. See email for greater clarifications.
      Glad you’re still working on this Jamar. You can get through this hiccup.

  3. Donny:

    Hi this is Donny age 41 male from South east Asia, Myanmar.
    I took methadone 70 mg for 6 years. Could u pls help to suggest how to stop. In our country there is no rehab station and advisor. I extreamly want to stop Methadone but psycian talk that very long suffer. could u pls advice me how am i do to pass this i will follow instruction.

    • Tibor Anthony - Drug Rehab Advisor:


      drugrehabadvisor.com created an at home withdrawal program for methadone detox. Go to the site, scroll over ‘Medical Detox’ -> a drop down menu will come up. Click onto ‘At home withdrawal’. Follow the directions to purchase the online program, good luck!

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