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Alternative, Holistic Rehabs for Millennials, Minors, Professionals; Non 12 Step & 12 Step

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  • Your personalized rehabs consultation will give you clarity on the rehab results required
  • Uncover hidden challenges to recovery that may sabotage rehab success
  • You'll get certain about real recovery and know your next steps to successful rehabilitation for you or a loved one
  • *Private insurance, PPO Insurance and cash pay programs 


photo of the Drug Rehab Advisor, Tibor Palatinus My name is Tibor Palatinus and I am the Drug Rehab Advisor. I believe in helping you achieve a healthy drug-freed lifestyle. "I've consulted over 40,000 people regarding pharmaceutical dependency, addictions, family enabling, intervention, rehab programming and have the experience and connections to help you. I know what it's like to be dependent. I help people like you gain health and happiness. Anyone willing and capable of following my counsel can get well and restore life again"

We find you healthy integrated rehabilitation centers for your specific needs.

My purpose is to help create a healthier sober community by providing the best rehab options for a callers unique needs.

You will get the ideal rehab program to help you or a loved one to full recovery. Success is expected.

Personalized Rehabs Consultations call 800-650-8776

We match your needs to the right integrated detox and recovery programs for you. Get 4 times better results than traditional & medical detoxes and rehabs. Imagine being healthier, happier and freed from pharmaceutical, alcohol or drugs.

Drug rehab services begin with a professional consultation call. We will ask questions to determine: un-resolved problems, extent of dependency or addiction, consequences of drug use on family, costs of not resolving the problem, advantages of achieving full recovery.

Our rehab consultations help those make the next steps into a residential rehab program.

When you're ready for residential rehab and you have mental health or behavioural health issues we can help. If you're not ready for residential rehab you will be directed to purchase the At home drug withdrawal program. This gives a full brief on how to discover and begin to handle underlying causes of your unresolved behavioural health problems.


Drug Rehab Referral call 800-650-8776

You will get recommended proven effective drug rehab programs that are client centered and focused on your full recovery. We believe in helping you reach a healthy abstinence with drug rehabilitation and recovery. We understand healthy living is the path and destination. We have researched and followed recovery programs for 15 years. This enables us to give you individualized recommendations, depending on your particular situation.

Drug Rehab Locations:

There are about 15,000 Rehab and detox centers in the USA & Canada. We can assist you to find the right drug rehab location you're looking for. Unfortunately, statistics show that traditional rehabs deliver programs with a national average success rate of only 20% or less. Tibor Palatinus, founder of, has spent several decades educating people about healthy solutions for alcohol, drug and medicine addiction.
Our goal is connecting people to truly effective treatment centers that help end addiction.

See Rehabilitation Program Locations for many areas served

Read and Watch Testimonials Now

"You helped me and that's something I can't say anyone has done when it comes to this monster that takes a hold of me. I do want to change but I don't see drugs the way everyone else does.. I want to. My biggest issue is how addicts are perceived and especially judged. I'm no different than anyone else, everyone has their demons; only mines are visible on the surface. I'm looking through the Viejo site right now and I feel so good about this right now. It's exactly what I imagined I'd want in a rehab. I need a place that reminds me of how beautiful the world is and after reading about it and seeing the pictures, this place is exactly that 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you so much. I'll keep you updated. I'll be calling my mom soon so that I can obtain Aetna insurance by latest tomorrow morning. I'll be calling Henry then to inform him of my situation so that we can begin making preparations. With your help regarding insurance, I have no problem now with staying there until mid-end of September (I received a scholarship and I can't let that slide) if that's what's needed. I only feel this way because of your help in finding me the perfect place with the perfect pricing matched with the insurance company that'd be most compatible with it. I needed everything to fit into place like this, and now it has. Thank you!!! :-D"

"I have no problem now with staying there until mid-end of September if that's what's needed. I only feel this way because of your help in finding me the perfect place with the perfect pricing matched with the insurance company that'd be most compatible with it. I needed everything to fit into place like this, and now it has. Thank you!!!
- Hayder"

"I started using drugs when I was 13. I tried many times to get clean and my life was a constant struggle for survival. I've been homeless. I've been crazy. I've been anything under the sun because of drugs.

I first met Tibor nearly 5 years ago when he came to a detox center to show me some options for treatment. He was right on the ball with everything. It's been a rocky road to getting clean and at every bump in the road Tibor was there to help. Not only with me but with my whole family. He has worked alongside my mom, my grandparents, my aunt and more to really help me get to where I need to be.

Whenever something came up, he had a solution and for that I can't be more grateful for his dedication and support through my journey. Whether it was words of wisdom or a real tangible solution for what to do. Because I'll be honest, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and Tibor helped me correct those mistakes.

He's been working with my family for 5 years! He doesn't just send you on your way and forget about you. He follows up. Keeps it working and is in it for the long run. I am forever grateful. Thank you! "

- Danarai T

Why Some Holistic Rehab & Detox Programs Are More Successful

Holistic means addressing the whole person: socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, educationally, nutritionally, and medically. Holistic rehab & detox programs treat the whole individual. We'll help you discover what to look out for so you can expect a 60% to 85% likelihood of success!

Conversely a non-holistic rehab program tends to focus on behavior and perhaps medical assessment. These non-holistic rehabs may include group meetings and medication, but that’s not holistic even if they have an exercise or yoga class and call themselves ‘holistic’. Often a for-profit or insurance based rehab program is about numbers. We’ll help you spot those and avoid them before even calling them up.

Rehab means rehabilitating a person back to health and recovery. Achieving a healthy recovery requires more than dry or clean time plus meetings. Rehabilitated applies to the whole person's life. Drug Rehab includes treatment, aftercare and follow up.

The Right & Wrong Way to Measure Success in Rehab

There are several types of 12-step programs as well as alternatives to 12-step, and all define success differently, so it is important to know how a rehab program that boasts a high success rate measures its success.

For example, a typical 12-step rehab center defines a success as someone who agrees to go to meetings and perhaps completes Step 1 and maybe up to Step 3 of a 12-step program within 28 days, and is then sent home to complete the remaining steps. But you know that person is not yet worthy of your trust and stable enough to be considered a success.

In-effective rehab centers prescribe substitute drugs, which can be highly addictive, for months and years. A person complying to using 'their' drugs is a 'program completion or success'. Obviously that is not a success!

A Drug Rehab Advisor Success is:

At Drug Rehab Advisor, a 'Rehab success' is someone who is off ALL addictive drugs
and capable of living an honest and productive life after the rehab program is finished.
A medical 'Detox success' is someone who is stably off ALL addictive or abusive drugs with minimal to no withdrawal symptoms.

Over the past decade we have sent over 500 people to specific rehab and medical detox centers across North America and spoken to about 50,000 people who went to other rehabs. We know the centers people go to and don't work! Over the past 15 years, we have vetted out over 50 private rehab and detox programs across North America that meet our standard of success and some that boast impressive success rates that are 4 times that of the national average. But they are not right for everybody. Even these centers confided in me and told me their best clients and most troublesome. Each center found a particular type of person easier to treat with their methods!

Our Services at Drug Rehab Advisor are Complementary


Drug Rehab Cost: our services are complimentary. PPO insurance or cash pay cover rehab costs. We recommend alternatives to 12-step and 12-step rehab programs. All these rehab and detox programs are Holistic, which means they help the person deal with their life situations. Holistic programs also use the latest scientific breakthroughs to treat underlying medical conditions as well as the source of emotional distress. This is far more effective than merely treating symptoms with more medication.

In your personalized rehabs consultation you'll get:

  • Which programs represent the best hope of recovery for your loved one?
  • Which centers accept PPO or POS Insurance?
  • Where can you find a loan to finance a private rehab program?
  • Is one of these centers in your local area?
  • Will the center use medication to help recovery?
  • How can you convince a loved one to reach out for help?
  • How to increase the likelihood of success by 40%
  • How long is the program that we recommend for your loved one?

And we will answer questions you didn't even know you needed to ask.

Contact an Independent Rehab Intake Counselor by filling out our form to the right or calling us toll free at:


To your health

Tibor Palatinus

Drug Rehab Advisor

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